7 Fabulous AI Chatbot Trends For Small Business in 2020

7 Fabulous AI Chatbot Trends For Small Business in 2020

Chatbots are fantastic computer programs that perform conversations with people via a messaging interface. As per research, the AI chatbot trends market will increase by approximately $.1.2 billion worldwide in a time span of 10 years. In the year 2019, these computer programs became AI driven. This enables the programs in managing complicated human interaction with no hassle.

AI technology largely enhances the operations of small businesses as these help in communicating more deeply with customers that ultimately results in more sales. Now you can avail the services of a mobile app development company to incorporate AI chatbot trends for small business. Your business can excel in customer service with the help of such technologies.

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What are the AI Chatbot Trends to follow in 2020?


  • Chatbots taking over businesses –One of the most important chatbot trends to lookout for is that. These are capable of taking over numerous business sectors. Additionally, to Apple’s Siri that is a native bot, 3 rd party companies are currently assisting other companies to interact more deeply with their consumers. For example, it is now possible to book Uber rides via the Facebook Messenger application.

  • Rich consumer insights – It is important to follow upcoming chatbot trends 2020. As these computer programs accumulate valuable consumer data for the purpose of analysis. Reports indicate that almost 90% of businesses. All over the world will set up result-driven & customized chatbots by the year 2020. Data collection automation becomes hassle-free with Artificial Intelligence. The analysis calls for focused attention from a robust team for optimizing procedures, decreasing errors, etc. Advanced chatbots also have the ability of enhancing themselves eventually with time.
  • Emergence of conversational bots – Looking at the chatbot industry trends. You will realize that there is huge scope to earn massive amounts of revenue through such technologies. For instance, this chatbot small business trend called conversational interfaces is a real deal breaker. Many businesses nowadays are beginning to experiment with chatbots that are interface-based. So now your small business can substitute annoying forms with meaningful conversations that will definitely appeal customers.
  • AI technology powered automated call centres – With the advancement of Natural language processing technology, it is very much possible that the future will witness the rising of automated call centres. Thinking how it is possible? This is a chatbot for WordPress trend that must not be neglected. When NLP is combined with serverless &AI voice generation technology, this kind of amazing breakthroughs is possible. Conversations will become smoother with customers.
  • Replacing applications for virtual assistants – US users these days download zero apps in a month which means nowadays persuading people to try new applications is challenging. People nowadays uninstall those applications that they do not use. But if you are into chatbot development, you will be amazed to see the various chatbot technology trends that are on the rise. For example, chatbots enable you to combine multiple applications into a single one. Automating business tasks becomes easier with such chatbot uses & it also boosts consumer experience.
  • Natural language processing – A chatbot business model trend that is nowadays catching attention of small businesses’ is the utilization of Natural Language Processing. Chatbots help in understanding the inquiries of the users in a better manner. Chatbot when powered by Natural language processing technology will permit more natural interaction between machines & users.
  • Voice experiences – As per research, almost 111 million US people utilize personal assistants that are voice activated at least once in a month. Google is now striving to make these voice activated assistants accessible on every Android powered Smartphone device and this includes smart TVs and wearables as well. This is a chatbot for business future trend to look for. Voice powered builders are also emerging these days likePullString that are assisting smaller organizations to develop their very own voice-based chatbots.

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Wrapping up

The content contains 7 most important AI chatbot trends for small business. If you still have not implemented the trends. It is time that you hire a renowned mobile app development company. Today’s competition is tough so you cannot afford to miss out on any trend that can flourish your business. Hire chatbot developer today for giving an edge to your business.

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