A complete guide of an on-demand doctor appointment app

A complete guide of an on-demand doctor appointment app

Every clinic and hospital has to hire a staff just to take calls and make appointments. Although this traditional approach is effective. Paying that extra staff seems like a waste of money in the era of on-demand doctor appointment app. . Today, not everyone feels like calling to the doctor’s office. Waiting for the line to connect, and then try to explain the reason for which they want to make an appointment.

However, picking up your smartphone, opening an app, and making an appointment would be just as easy as booking a movie ticket. So if you have an idea about a doctor’s appointment app in your mind and would like to see it come to life, then keep reading because today we are going to walk you through a complete guide of an on-demand doctor appointment app as well discuss the cost of developing the app. Welcome to the Tech Pathway blog, today we are going to share with you a complete guide of an on-demand doctor appointment app

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Benefits of developing an on-demand doctor appointment app

Benefits of developing an on-demand doctor appointment app

  • Having an on-demand app installed in the patient’s mobile will provide them with 24 hrs convenience to make an appointment. 
  • Once patients have made their appointment. They do not have to wait for hours for their turn and simply show up on their time. 
  • On-demand apps allow its user to make an appointment schedule anytime and from anywhere with ease. 
  • By simply updating your schedule on the app, you can do a better job at the management of your schedule.
  • Developing an appointment app is a one-time investment and will allow you to save a great amount of time and money in the future. 
  • On-demand applications allow multiple users to make appointments at times rather than talking to patients one-by-one.
  • A smart on-demand app with AI and machine learning built-in can also help with avoiding overbooking & will also reduce the number of no-shows patients.
  • The on-demand application will also help manage patient registration, patient history, patient journey, etc online in their database.
  • The on-demand application also eliminates the possibilities of human errors like misspelling a name or providing a wrong appointment time.
  • You can also integrate direct online payments in your app.
  • On-demand appointment applications also provide doctors with ease of communication for minor issues by allowing them to take the appointment on video calls as virtual visits. 

Key features of an on-demand doctor appointment app

Key features of an on-demand doctor appointment app

Patient Panel

  • Registration & Sign in: Patients can use registration and sign in option to register and login into the application using their credentials such as Name, address, age, email ID, medical history. 
  • Check for doctor’s availability: Once a patient is logged in to the application, they can use this feature to check for doctor’s availability as well as doctor’s profile.
  • Book and manage appointments: Once patients have found the doctor for whom they want to make an appointment, they can use this feature to select date and time and make the appointment. 
  • Reminders: This feature will give a reminder to patients for their doctor’s appointment. 
  • Payments method: This option will be used by patients to make online payment using their credit card or wallets. 

Some more important points are as follows

  • Online consultancy: In case a patient simply wants some advice or is unable to visit the hospital or clinic, they can use in-app video call features for their remote virtual visits. 
  • Cloud-based record storage: Cloud-based record storage is a necessity in cases of regular patients. This will allow the clinic to store patients previous medical records as well as patients can also upload documents from their side. 
  • Medication tracker: This feature will track patient’s medication and remind them when it’s time for a refill. 
  • Health tips & insight: Health tips & insights can help patients with on-going treatment to help them with their lifestyle as well as allow them to check on their progress. 
  • SOS/emergency: In case of emergencies, patients can book their appointments on their way to hospital. This is a handy feature that can also let patients know if an emergency doctor is available or not. 
  • GPS tracking: GPS tracking option can help patients to find their way to the clinic. 
  • Push notification: Push notification will allow patients to know if there is any new notification from doctor’s/clinic side

Doctor’s Panel

Registration: Doctor’s can register and login using their credentials provided by the admin. 

Update schedule: Doctor’s can use this feature to update their schedule on the app to avoid any confusion or clash between patients appointments. 

Check appointments: Check appointments will allow doctors to check current day’s appointments. 

Admin Panel

Analytic tools: Analytic tools will allow the admin to check the app’s growth and other related data. 

Push notification management: This will allow admin to send push notifications on both doctor’s as well as patient’s devices.

Content management system: This will let admin manage the content of the application as well as allow them to make changes in features of the application. 

User management system: Admin can add or remove users using this feature. 

The development cost of an on-demand doctor appointment app

The development cost of an on-demand doctor appointment app

The final development cost of your application will depend upon following factors:

  • The geographical location of the company:-Depending upon the geographical location of the company that you are hiring to develop your application. For example, if you hire a developer from the USA. Then the developer cost will be around $200 to $250 per hour. However, on the other hand hiring a developer from a country like India. It will cost you around only $40 to $50 per hour for both Android app development cost and iOS app development cost.
  • The complexity of UI & UX: The smoothness of the UI and layout will determine the complexity of your application. The complex your application is the costlier it will be.  
  • The total number of supported platforms: Depending upon the total number of platforms your application will need to support is also going to affect your application’s final development cost. 
  • The total number of features and panels: The total number of features and panels will also decide the final development cost of your application. 

The final design and development cost of your on-demand doctor’s appointment application will be anywhere around $10,000 to $50,000.

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