A complete guide of an on-demand website and app like Dream11.com

A complete guide of an on-demand website and app like Dream11.com

The cricket fever is on its rise due to the IPL season. However, fans are looking for fantasy sports websites to turn their passion towards cricket into profit by winning Fantasy tournaments. On the other hand, Football and Kabaddi aren’t far behind and people have been keeping a keen eye on those tournaments as well. The number of these fans is in millions. Which means, although there are already giants like Dream11 in the industry. There is still space for new and improved versions of Fantasy Sports apps and websites. The other reason behind this is that Fantasy Sports is a dynamic industry. Therefore, fans are always looking to try their luck on different platforms.

So if you also have an idea about developing a Fantasy Sports website and application but searching the Internet for a complete guide of an on-demand website and app like Dream11.com then keep on reading. Welcome to the Tech Pathway blog, today we are going to share with you a complete guide of an on-demand website and app like Dream11.com as well as discuss key features, business model, and history of Dream11.com. 

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History and business model of Dream11.com

History and business model of Dream11.com

Dream 11 is a Fantasy Sports that allows it’s participants to create their own team from recent upcoming matches and distribute the contest prize among users. On one hand, Dream11’s users get to feel the excitement of watching their favorite team play and on the other hand, they also get to make a profit by playing in the platform’s tournaments.  The platform was founded in 2008 by Harsh Jain, in Mumbai to help Indian sports fans keep engaging. As well as, show their knowledge of the sport that they love. Therefore, Dream11 is owned by Dream Sports that also owns a set of different businesses as well like FanCode, Dream X, and Dream Set Go. 

Dream11.com allows it’s players to take part in a variety of sports including Football, Basketball, Kabaddi, Hockey, and Cricket. You can estimate the success of their business model by the well-known fact that Dream 11 is the first Indian startup to enter into ‘the Unicorn Club’. Recently Fantasy Sports app Dream11 also won a sponsorship with IPL till 2022. 

The business model of Dream11

The business model of Dream11

Dream11 allows its users to take part in recent upcoming matches by creating their own team. Participants have to submit an entry fee to enter the tournament. Dream11 takes about 20% of the total entry fee and distributes the rest of the money among participants. The better your team players perform the more points, you will get and the more your chances of winning will increase. Chinese company Tencent has invested about $100 million with several undisclosed amounts from other investors including Kalaari Capital and Steadyview Capital. 

Key features of Dream11.com website and application

User Panel

  • Registration: This feature will let your platform’s users register using their credentials including Full name, email ID, age, address, and user name. 
  • Sign in: Once the registration process is complete, users can sign in onto the platform using their ID and password using this feature. 
  • Dashboard: Dashboard works as the homepage for the website and application. Once users are signed in they will land on their dashboard. The dashboard will show different pieces of information such as live score. In other words, upcoming contests, profile, settings, connection with customer care, upcoming matches, current matches, current contests, etc. 
  • Search Contest: Users can search for the type of tournament that they want to join based on their preferences. 
  • Contest: Depending upon the type of tournament that the user wants to join, they can join using this feature.
  • Different payment methods: Different payment gateway can allow users to submit the entry fee as they wish. 
  • My contest: Once the user has submitted the fee they can create their own team by selecting read-life players that are in the team from here as well as check their score points of the current contest. 
  • Contests details: The user will be able to use this feature to check for the total number of contests they have taken participants, score points from those contests as well as how much earnings they have made. 
  • My profile: This feature will allow users to update their KYC documents to get verified for the winning withdrawals. 
  • Upcoming matches: This feature will show any upcoming matches so users can take their time to research matches and players. 

Admin panel

  • Login: This feature will allow admin to login onto the platform.
  • Dashboard: Once admin is logged in onto the platform they will land on the Dashboard. This Dashboard will be used to navigate throughout the whole panel. 
  • User management system: Admin can add or remove users using this feature.
  • Match management system: Admin can manage matches as well as add or remove different contests using this feature. 
  • Games category management: This feature will allow the admin to efficiently manage all the categories of the matches that users are allowed to take part in.
  • Earning Management: Admin can check and manage all the earning from matches using this feature. 
  • Managing reward and Cashbacks points: Admin can manage the reward and cashback to users. 
  • Managing payment requests: This feature will allow users to manage all the payment withdrawal requests made by users. 

Additional features

  • Integration of APIs: Different APIs are needed to make a running fantasy sports app.
  • Live match score: Users can check the live score of matches as well as the performance of players from here. 
  • Real-time analytics: Real-time analytics helps in constantly storing, recording, and updating data in real-time.
  • GPS location tracking: This will allow the application to know the location of the user. 
  • CRM integration: CRM integration is important to provide customer service to users.
  • Push notification: The push notification management system will allow admin to send push notifications to users. 

How much it costs to develop an on-demand website and application like Dream11.com

How much it costs to develop an on-demand website and application like Dream11.com

Depending upon the following factors the estimated cost of your fantasy app development and fantasy sports website development will be decided:

  • Geographical location of the development company: Hiring a developer from a country like India will cost you around $40 per hour whereas hiring the developer with the same experience from a country like the USA will cost you around $200 per hour. 
  • The total number of features and panels: Additionally, depending upon the total number of features and panels you want on your website and application, the estimated cost of your project will increase. 
  • Complexity of UI & UX: Unless your platform has one of the best UI & UX, users will not want to return. Investing in a compiling UI & UX will surely help you in the long run. 
  • The total number of supported platforms: Depending upon the total number of platforms that you want your Fantasy sports app to support including iOS, Android, desktop, etc the estimated cost will vary. 
  • Cost of designing and developing the website: The final factor will be the estimated Fantasy Sports website development cost. If you want your website to function the same as your application then it will be costlier.  

The average estimated cost of your on-demand sports fantasy app and website will be anywhere around $10,000 to $100,000.

Looking for a company to hire

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