A Complete Overview of Flutter Technology

A Complete Overview of Flutter Technology

We will show you the complete overview of flutter technology it is a cross platform application development framework developed by Google. It was released in May 2017. A complete overview of Flutter technology develops applications for websites, android and iOS. It uses Dart programming which was introduced by Google in 2011. The latest stable version of flutter is 1.12 which was released on December 11, 2019.  In this blog you will learn about the complete overview of flutter technology. However, we show all the details to readers about the overview of flutter technology.

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Dart is a programming language developed by google in 2011 but it was not that much popular between developers. Dart syntax is easy to understand and learn. You can get help from easy-to-follow documentation on the dart site.

Why Flutter ?

The basic advantages of flutter are:

  • Flutter can develop applications for both iOS and android users, and we do not need to code separately for each application. We can use the same UI design in iOS and android applications and keep our business logic the same on all platforms.
  • Moreover, Flutter helps you in saving time as it builds applications for both iOS and Android. And by features like hot reload we can instantly check changes without losing the current state. 
  • In other words, Flutter uses dart which eliminates JavaScript bridge and compiles it into native machine code. It makes compiling and releasing an application much faster than React Native.
  • Therefore, Flutter gives you highly responsive applications without changing dart code. It enables applications to run both on android and iOS with the same code and design.
  • Additionally, Flutter is perfect for developing MVP (minimal Viable Product). MVP means developing a website and application with sufficient features to satisfy the client or the early adopters
  • Identically, Flutter gives you fast performance. It takes the updated changes and directly shows it in the application with the help of the Hot Reload feature.

Why not Flutter

  • Flutter creates UI on its own way. It is very good at replicating android UI components with iOS components with the help of Cupertino library.
  • As flutter uses dart which creates programmatically UI in the same.dart file, it can become quite confusing.  Much of developers and designers prefer separate files which are provided by native android.
  • Most android users use flutter but iOS developers don’t prefer flutter for app development.
  • On comparing react by Facebook flutter lacks community support as it can because of flutter releasing in 2017 and react in 2015. As flutter late release it has less community support.
  • Developers who know JavaScript can easily code in React Native to make cross platform applications. But if we consider flutter to build a cross platform application, it increases complexity and developers have to learn dart. Developers should know the different concepts of flutter which makes it difficult for developers, and they prefer to react as compared to flutter as dart is not that popular.
  • Dart is not a popular language and does not have big community support therefore flutter lacks in support by many IDE and text editors. Whereas JavaScript has big community support and generally supports many of the IDE and text editors.    

Features offered by Flutter

Flutter introduced version 1.12 and dart 2.2 which focuses more on increasing the quality of the core framework, performance and stability.

Dart version 2.2

Dart whose framework is flutter is playing a major role in it. Dart especially focuses on performance improvement of AOT(Ahead of Time) compilation code. Dart reduces overall type check. It reduces the cost of type check for both AOT- compiled and VM with Just In Time compilation. Dart has one file for both design and development which means it does not need any separate tools for layout designs that’s why it has a unified layout.  Dart library provides the number of collection classes for sets of objects, maps and lists.

  • Each can be accessed by an index and can occur more than once because lists are the ordered sequence of values.
  • Maps are the collection of key- value pairs.
  • In sets each value can occur only for once, where you can check whether the value is in the set.

Attainable Native SDKs and Native Features

As flutter supports third party integration and Platform APIs you can easily access the native features and SDKs on both iOS and Android platforms from which You can easily reuse widely used languages like Kotlin and swift. As well as it makes your app development very easy and delightful.


Flutter widgets are very important which makes the development process of an application glitch free.It has all sets of widgets from material design to cupertino pack which help in glitch free and smooth experience.

Native ARM Code

Advanced RSIC Machine code(ARM) is one of the most important and helpful elements especially for startups and for tech business. You can gain maximum benefit for your projects.

Source-level debugger

IDEs like intelliJ, Visual Code and Android studio support built-in Source-level debuggers with the ability to set breakpoints, examine values, investigate call stack and step through code. It can be enabled with the help of flutter and dart plugins.

Using Logging View 

The logging view displays application-level logging events, events from frameworks like flutter and Dart runtime events. By default, it shows:

  • Stdout and stderr from application.
  • Custom logging events from application
  • Rubbish collection from dart runtime.
  • Flutter framework events.

Number of Benefits in developing a Flutter Application

There are a lot of benefits of developing applications by the help of flutter. It reduces development as well as time of development because it develops hybrid applications. Here are some benefits to develop application 

  • Platform is free to use
  • Identically, Lots of customizable and speedy widgets present
  • It has highly expedited development time
  • Flutter is a hybrid platform which means it builds applications for both iOS and Android with single code. Hence, it provides wider reach than other applications.
  • Flutter development is single code based which saves time the process of testing applications across different platforms.
  • It is a complete SDK(Software Development Kit) for development and designing applications with great user experience.
  • By the constant efforts, needed changes and rich widgets no doubt flutter will be the first choice to develop cross-platform applications by the developers.

Moreover, At the end flutter apps are a great choice for the entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses to develop an application with great features and have comparatively low cost.

Wrap Up

In lastly Tech Pathway offers advanced development services with Flutter framework. This open source framework has been developed by Google, which supports both iOS and Android platforms with a common code base. Packed with rich widgets, tools. Additionally, Tech Pathway is a leading Mobile App and Web development company based in India. We provide On-Demand, AI Chatbot, Cryptocurrency, Salesforce services, Digital Marketing Services, Data Science, Laravel development, E-commerce, Ready to use solutions services to worldwide clients.

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