Angular vs React vs Vue: Which open-source JavaScript framework is the best for your next project?

JavaScript framework

JavaScript is a type of multi-paradigm language that carries event-driven, functional, and imperative (including object-oriented and prototype-based) programming styles. It was initially used only for the client-side. However, these days, it is used as a server-side programming language as well. To summarize, in just a simple sentence – JavaScript is the web development language. JavaScript framework is written in JavaScript language. It differs from a JavaScript library, a library offers functions to be called by its parent code. Whereas a framework defines the entire application design.

Before you choose a web app framework to apply, you need to take multiple factors into consideration, the requirements of your project, or the strengths and weaknesses of the frameworks. You can not start working on the project without preliminary research, which will meet your needs.

What is the JavaScript framework, and why to use one?

The popularity of javascript grows every day. It is definitely the best script language, which allows creating exciting interfaces and simplifies the development of web applications, being a perfect open source app development software and making the sites interactive and convenient to use.

JavaScript framework is an application framework written in JavaScript where the programmers can manipulate the functions with user-written code and use them.

Frameworks are more adaptable for the designing of websites, hence, most of the website developers prefer it. Javascript frameworks make working with JavaScript easier and smoother. There are many javascript frameworks available but Angular, React and Vue are most popular among them.

Cost: Javascript framework decreases the cost of app development for the website because they are free and have open-source code.

Development Speed: Some of the JavaScript-frameworks are supported by such well-known giant companies such as Google or Facebook. Due to this, the speed of development increases.

Efficiency: Javascript frameworks provide some pre-created function or templates that allows to carry out the projects more effectively. The developers have to write less code.

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Angular vs React vs Vue

1. History


It was first released in 2010 and developed by Google. It is a TypeScript based JavaScript framework. This is the oldest framework among the three. After releasing several versions, now, AngularJS has just released its stable and latest version AngularJS 1.7.8 on 11-March-2019. 


It was initially released in 2013 by Facebook. Besides, Facebook, it is used by Instagram and WhatsApp. The currently available version is 16.8.6, which was released in March 2019.


Vue is the latest member of the group and also known as ‘Vue.Js’. It was developed by an ex-Google employee ‘Evan You’ in 2014. 

The current stable version is v.2.6.10, which was released in August 2018. Vue’s contributors are supported by Patreon. The upcoming version of Vue is 3.0.0.

2. Performance

Talking about performance, there is a thing called DOM which can be understood as UI, that’s called the user interface of your application. Whenever you update the user interface, it will change the DOM as well. This represents the changes that are made in the Application. It tends to be utilized in two different ways, either as virtual DOM or a real DOM. The performance of the framework is highly affected by them.



This framework of Javascript uses real DOM. The real DOM affects its performance and ability to make dynamic software applications. It results, the slow performance of this Javascript framework.


This Javascript framework uses virtual DOM. It is not browser-specific and lightweight. It eliminates the issues of slow performance of real DOM.


Vue has taken all the good attributes of the framework. Vue also uses Virtual DOM as an adopted concept of React. This ensures faster and bug-free performance.

3. Top use cases

 Top software development companies(Companies like Facebook and Google) are utilizing these three best JavaScript frameworks.


It was developed by Google and now Google utilizes Angular in AdWords applications.

The Guardian – A leading publishing sector firm – Leading website for weather forecast


React was developed by Facebook for the maintenance and coding of its ad campaigns.

Twitter – A global micro-blogging site

WhatsApp – The most popular messaging app

Instagram – A photo-sharing social media platform


9GAG –  9GAG is the best Social networking site for sharing trending videos and memes.

Gitlab – A repository manager that enables a team to develop code. 

4. Frame size

Angular vs React vs Vue framework size

The sizes of the libraries are as follows:

  • Angular: 500+ KB
  • React: 100 KB
  • Vue: 80 KB

Vue is the smallest among all three frameworks. That’s why it is suitable for lightweight application development. In case, you need a library that smaller than Vue, then you can go for Preact(Preact is a fast 3kB alternative to React with the same modern API).

5. Learning curve

The learning curve is the ability of users to write codes in particular programming languages.

Angular: The steepest learning curve

Angular has the steepest learning curve since it uses TypeScript( a subset of JavaScript). Angular consists of powerful features which makes developers use certain coding pattern that helps them in building web applications.

React: medium learning curve

The learning curve of React.js comes in between that of Angular and Vue, that is, it has a medium to a steep learning curve.

Vue.js: The easiest learning curve

The Vue is the easiest learning curve because it is closest to the JavaScript basics and HTML. The initial stages of getting started with Vue.js is very simple. However, it gets complicated as you build more and more complex apps. To resolve this issue, you need to work with ‘.vue’ files that require a complex project setup.

6. Scalability

Scalability means: to increase the size of an application in terms of user interactions, data, workflows, and architecture. To perform scalability, we usually use frameworks, despite using core programming functionality. Talking about scalability, it all comes down to the fact that how well the code is organized.

Angular is a type of Javascript library that comes with the concept of feature modules. This permits the developers in arranging related segments with their conditions (product module with a product card, product search page, product services, and so forth).

React can basically be alluded to as the library which is utilized for making reusable components on a page.

Discussing scalability, everything comes down to the way that how well the code is organized.

Vue is a lightweight JavaScript library, so it is only suitable for small size applications. It is not suitable for building scalable applications.

7. Flexibility

Angular- offers everything you need but it is not flexible,

React- the most flexible, 

Vue- not much opinionated or flexible.


After reading and researching in-depth about Angular, React and Vue, we can conclude these things:

  • The performance and flexibility of Vue and React are better than Angular.
  • Vue and React are more suited for light-weight applications and angular are the best for large UI applications.
  • Angular is highly opinionated, and unlike Vue and React, it offers everything from routing, templates to testing utilities in its package.
  • Vue is the most popular and growing framework of Javascript.

I hope, you are clear about the best Javascript framework for your next software app development project.

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