How much does it cost to develop an app like Olx and Quikr


Are you planning to develop an app like OLX and Quikr?? And want to know the development cost of the Classified app??

In this blog, we’ll discuss the Classified apps and the factors that affect the cost of an app like OLX and Quikr.

The online marketplace has made significant changes as to how companies engage and reach more and more customers, the online marketplaces have become more popular among the users, thanks to the technology for making the shopping experience easy, convenient, possible, anywhere and anytime.

Classified applications provide online purchasing and selling options for old things like cars, home appliances, channels, laptops, computers, mobile phones and much more. Some people are very concerned about selling their old products and some people are worried to buy expensive products, the online marketplace has become solutions for all these problems, people can sell their old products and can purchase used stuff at a reasonable cost.

Key features of the Buy-Sell app

  • Easy registration & login
  • Users can post free ads with verified phone number
  • This app allows to buy and sell used products like mobile phones, electronic gadgets, cars, bikes, property, furniture, fashion items, books, and etc.
  • Users can filter their search to find preferred buyer/seller
  • The app provides a private chatting option with sellers
  • Real-time alerts and notifications about other buyers & sellers who are nearby
  • App attracts users with the most popular and trending deals 
  • Users can save ads or products that he wants to purchase later

Additional features

  • Multilingual
  • Geo-location Integration
  • Social Network Integration
  • In-app Payment
  • Certified Sellers

The integration of the additional features can increase the development cost of an application.

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Monetization Models of Online Marketplace

  • Transaction fees or commission
  • Fees for Listing
  • Fees for Membership
  • Fees for Lead
  • Featured and Advertisement listings

Factors that affect the cost of an application

App Platform

The cost of developing a native app is higher than the cost of developing a cross-platform(both for Android and iOS) app. Conduct proper market research to determine the type of platform that would be most profitable for your business. The development cost for the iOS platform is generally less than for Android.

App Design

The user interface and user experience design of the app are critical elements. A mobile app should have an attractive UI/UX design. If you want your app to stand out from the rest, then pay extra attention to the app’s design aspect. The development cost of a mobile app depends on the quality of the app design. The UI/UX design that features a lot of animations may cost more than a standard design. However, if you want to improve customer experience, then it is important to invest in an app design that perfectly conveys the brand message.

App Size

The size of the app relates to the level of technical complexity involved in the development of the app. Different applications require a different set of features and functionality. The complexity of these features determines the app development cost. The features you add in your application is a big factor in determining the total development cost. Apart from basic features, an app has some additional features that allow it to stand out and perform required tasks smoothly. The higher the number of features you require, the higher the average cost of creating an app.

Type of Company you Hire

There are plenty of app development companies all over the world. There are also freelance app developers taking up assignments and delivering top-performing results within the specified timeline. The development cost of a mobile app like OLX and Quikr may depending on a variety of factors like the geographical location of developers and their years of expertise. 

You should be mindful of the fact that the development costs for apps like OLX and Quikr may vary according to the developer or the mobile app development company you hire for the project. Get in touch with a trustworthy mobile app development company to get an app developed at affordable rates.

Summing up

Buy and sell apps like OLX and Quikr are becoming more popular day by day, therefore, it is the best time to start your own Classified website or application. As we discussed earlier, the development cost of an app like OLX and Quikr depends on the features and functionality of the app. The app with basic features would cost you somewhere around $3000-$5000 if you add advanced features then the cost is somewhere around $8000.

All you have to do is share your app idea with us, our developers will develop a mobile application with the same. We have well-experienced and well-versed developers. We develop feature-rich mobile applications with advanced technologies at an affordable cost. 

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