Benefits and Drawbacks: Mean stack development vs PHP development

Benefits and Drawbacks: Mean stack development vs PHP development

Over the years businesses around the globe used web and app development as a way to ensure streamline the process. On the other hand, web app development also has helped companies with decreased cost, and improved efficiency. In addition to this, smooth processes and operations, as well as reaching out to customers are other benefits of web development services. Today there are many popular technologies that can help you achieve these results. Mean Stack development vs PHP development are two of these popular technologies for web and app development. Both of these developments offer app development that is best suited for a number of reasons and requirements. 

However, it’s not always sunshine and Mean stack development and PHP development also have disadvantages too. If you are thinking about investing in web app development and wondering which one to choose. Well, that is why we are going to share with you mean stack development vs PHP development comparison. If you are an aspiring developer who wants to learn web development services, you can use this blog as a reference. Welcome to the Tech Pathway blog, today we are going to share with you Mean stack development vs PHP development comparison. you will get a complete idea about the Mean stack development vs PHP development.

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Mean stack development

Mean stack development

Mean Stack stands for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. You can also say that Mean stack development is like an open-source Javascript software stack. Mean stack development holds great importance among the developer community when it comes to web app development. All technologies including MongoDB, Express js, Angular js, and Node js are open source technologies. In addition to this, you can also say that Mean stack is a full-stack Javascript development to quickly and securely create web apps. Developers continue using these powerful technologies together for maximum results. 

Benefits of using Mean Stack development 

Benefits of using Mean Stack development 

Quick and easy switching between client and server

Mean stack development is usually used for cross-platform development. And when it comes to cross-platform apps, developers can directly use a single code for every available platform. In addition to this, Mean stack also allows developers to use the same code for both client-side as well as server-side simultaneously. Other than this, you can also use Node js, to directly deploy apps on the server. 

Isomorphic coding

With the assistance of Mean stack, transferring the code from one framework to another has become so easier. This has made Mean stack one of the top leading technologies when it comes to development. So much that full-stack development services are thinking about adding more technologies in Mean stack to improve its functionalities in web and app development. 

Higher flexibility

After the successful completion of the development process, developers can easily use Mean stack to test the app on any cloud platform. In other words, developers can not only easily develop apps using Mean stack but also test and deploy them on the cloud services. Developers are also allowed to add more information by simply connecting the field to the form. Cloud services like Automatic replication and full cluster support are provided by MongoDB.  

Use of JSON

JSON stands for Javascript Object Notation is utilized by both Angular JS as well as Node JS. In addition to this, MongoDB is another component based relational database that allows the developer to save the document in Javascript Object Notation format. However, this can only be used by small companies. Generally, developers prefer to Mean at different stages of the development process. 

Lesser development cost

 Developers that work on the Mean stack are generally experienced and proficient with Java. On the other hand, compared to other technologies, there are fewer developers required to work on Mean Stack. Both of these things together drop the overall investment amount for the client. In other words, we can also say that Mean stack development is cost-effective. This is one of the reasons clients often prefer Mean Stack for their web app development. 

Reuse and high speed

Node JS provides an inherent non-blocking architecture that is both ascendable and fast. On the other hand, Angular JS also provides maintenance, reusability, and testability.

Open-source and cloud compatibility

All of the Mean stack technologies are open-source as well as free to use by anyone. Developers can use the public repository, and libraries to drastically drop the development cost. In addition to this, Mongo DB deploys the entire app on the cloud to reduce the disk space. 

Best for real-time web apps

Mean stack development offers the best solution for web apps. Unlike other technologies, it uses SPA (Sign page applications). This comes in handy because this way web pages do not have to constantly reload for every server request. 


Whenever you have to finish a project before the deadline, the Mean stack development is surely a way to go. It provides numerous libraries and functionalities to help with the development process and even speed things up. It’s ready to use libraries to speed up the development process even more. In addition to this, whenever any function of your app gets broken developers are instantly notified. This results in the developer solving the problem before deployment rather than checking it himself after the process ends. 

Drawbacks of Mean stack development

Drawbacks of Mean stack development

Possibility of losing records

Sometimes when developers are doing heavy load scenarios a network partitioning occurs. This is why even it is claimed that Mongo DB has a strong consistency. Sometimes data is lost even after it was successfully written by MongoDB itself. 

Isolation from the server

Express js provide prevention to the app from the server which is really bad from a business point of view. This happens because Express js has poorly designed isolation from the server. However, you can also fix it by going through the entire Express js middle chain. 

Unable to defeat relational Database

When Mean stack development is compared with the relational databases, it does not provide nearly similar functionalities. Big companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon still chose relational databases over Mean stack. The relational database is also more stable than Mean Stack. 

Absence of community support

Although the community for Mean stack is growing as newer and newer libraries are being added to the stack. It is still smaller than many technology communities. The Mean Stack undoubtedly works best when it comes to both front-end as well as back-end. However, technologies like Apache, Python, PHP, Perl, Linux, MySQL, have been around for decades. Hence bigger community support. 

Security issues

Often Mean stack is considered less secure and reliable when compared to its alternative. However, Google is providing its support as well as a run-time environment for it so it’ss becoming more and more capable. 

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What is PHP development

What is PHP development

PHP is a reliable general-purpose script language developed in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. The programming language is mainly used for server-side script programming for website development. However, programmers also use it for general-purpose programming too. Developers can use PHP programming language code and embed it into HTML code using Script Tag. However developersers do need to execute this complex code on other frameworks first, and later implement it into the main program. Developers can use different PHP frameworks to create a basic structure for web apps using PHP. Often these framework offerer functionalities and tools to make the web app more feature proof. In addition to this, they can also do complex web development tasks without using complex and lengthy programming coding. 

PHP’s developers can choose from many available frameworks. Most of these frameworks are open-source and free to use. On the other hand, some are paid. However, frameworks works also support full-stack web developing the PHP programming language. 

Benefits of PHP Development

What is PHP development

PHP is essentially a cross-platform app development language that can create web apps for a different platform feature is important since it saves important resources like time and money. Developers can create web apps and later use the same app on different platforms. 

Inbuilt modules for database connection

Being a server-side pro language offersHP offers another advantage of providing inbuilt modules for the database connection. The main reason behind this is because of different types of websites including e-commerce services and the required database. Developers can easily use inbuilt modules for the database connection. 

Strong library support

PHP programming languages also offer functional modules. These built-in makes make it easy for programmers to create web apps from scratch. All it requires is to call functions and a little bit of modification. 


Since PHP has been around for more than two and a half decades, offers offer much better stability than Mean Stack. Most of the bugs that PHP had have been removed over the years with added extra functionalities. 

Easier to use

PHP programming language is quite easier to learn and implement even for new developers. The programming language is developed on C programming languages so it also offers hyper processors or syntax. AnyPHP developer with a decent grasp of C programming language can easily start working on PHP. Speed

When it all comes down to one of the most important aspects of web development. PHoffersers faster development as well as faster loading of websites. 


PHP is an open-source programming language as well as free to use by anyone. This is the main reason behind its massive community support. 

Faster custom web app development offers 

PHP offers a fast custom web and mobile app development. In addition to this, the complexity and framework assistance help developers to create smoother applications. 

Easier web app maintenance 

Different PHP frameworks offer MVP architecture to help developers write readable and maintainable code. This is because PHP does not emphasize code maintainability. Developers can even use MVP frameworks to keep UI and backend separate from each other. 


Some PHP frameworks also offer automation of common web app development tasks. This comes in very handy when developers create applications that require heavy coding. 

The drawback of PHP development

The drawback of PHP development

Not suitable for large web app development

PHP wasn’t created for web app development which means applications developed in PHP have a hard time maintaining. This because the reason isn’t a highly modular language. However, for small web app developers’ works, PHP works like a charm. 


The open-source nature of PHP has both advantages as well as disHackersages. Hackers can easily look through the code of a website that compromises the security of the websites. 

Bad error handling

Due to a shortage of debugging tools in the PHP programming language, many programmers state that it has bad error handling. When PHP is compared with other programming has a shortage of debugging tools. 

Behaviour of modification 

All these years considered is considered a programming language for website development. This is why when developers try to develop web apps, there’s so much that they can do. Sometimes developers different to use different frameworks to change the entire behavior of the entire code change. 


When it comes to choosing a language development language Mean stack development vs PHP development both technologies have their own fair share of advantages as well as disadvantages. You can consult with your app development company about which would be better for your project. You can also contact Tech Pathway for any inquiry regarding PHP development as well as Mean stack development. We would be happy to help you with any sort of development inquiry as well as on-demand solutions. In addition to that, if you looking to hire a PHP developer, full-stack developer, or Mean stack developer then contact us. We have some of the best PHP developers, Full-stack developer, and Means stack developers in the industry.

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