Best On-Demand Grocery Delivery Mobile Apps in United States

Best On-Demand Grocery Delivery Mobile Apps in United States

The on-demand apps are taking care of our daily needs, whether it is related to e-commerce, medicine delivery, or grocery delivery mobile apps. These on-demand apps exist because customers have no time to go outside and purchase things in today’s lifestyle, they are so busy in their life. Now, for grocery shopping, you don’t have to go outside instead you can get the grocery delivered at your doorsteps through grocery delivery mobile apps. You can get fresh groceries whenever and wherever you want through a single click. You just have to register on the grocery development app then you are good to go. 

In the U.S. market, there are different processes and varieties you can see in the grocery development app. Either you can give the order to the intermediate person that is hired by the company. Or you can directly operate virtually, also like Walmart you can shop from brick-and-mortar stores from their inventory without going to the there are lots of variety you will get in grocery delivery mobile apps. It is all started from the U.S. market and this initiation is spreading all over the world now. Today, on this blog of Tech Pathway we are going to give a listing of the best on-demand grocery delivery mobile apps in the U.S.

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Here are some most popular on-demand grocery delivery mobile apps in US


Walmart Grocery Delivery App

Introduction:- Walmart grocery store was introduced in the year 2007 to enable customers to buy groceries online. The app of Walmart permits you to shop online for food and household products also, it provides you an option of home delivery or curbside pickup. At present Walmarts is available for home delivery from about 1,600 stores. It charges the delivery cost in the range of $7 to $9 per order.

Availability:-  Walmart operates in various countries in the U.S. it is available in 50 states with Puerto Rico offering low prices.

Features: –Walmart is adding new advanced features apart from basic grocery delivery features like there are hundreds of new time slots for online grocery pickup, it has expanded notifications through the app, in-app communication facility for pickup and delivery status and there is one more different feature, it allows aged people who are suffering from a medical condition can first responders to reserve “ at-risk time slots” apart from this shoppers can also reserve a no-contact pickup or delivery time. It also offers a two-hour express delivery service. There is a facility of touch-free payment at any Walmart stores via the Walmart pay tool, this feature was introduce because of a pandemic.

Revenue:-  Last year Walmart increased its online sales in the U.S. by 40% and the estimated revenue generated by the company was $138.8 billion with earnings per share is $1,4. Walmart claims the strong e-commerce growth with the expansion outfits grocery businesses.



Introduction:- Instacart has become the first choice of online grocery app in America. This app was launch in 2015 by Apoorva Mehta. Instacart hired a team of local shoppers to deliver the products to your doorsteps within an hour. The shoppers will shop from a variety of stores like Fairway, CVS, and more associated with instacart. You can schedule your orders as per your comfort. If you are interest in membership then this app will let your delivery free when your order is above $35. The annual membership of instacart will cost you $149. 

Availability: – Instacart started its services in various cities in America that includes Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Miami, LA, Houston, and more.

Features:-Due to this Covid-19 outbreak, instacart has added more than 15 upgraded features apart from the basic features like contactless deliveries including alcohol, incident reporting for shoppers,  automatic cancellation of out-of-stock orders, rating forgiveness for shoppers, mobile checkout for shoppers. This app also offers aisle mapping with certain stores in case of user wants to navigate a quick set of huge products. This app also provides you a fast and flexible order-ahead option that will shift lower-priority orders further.

Revenue:- This covid has become the reason for good revenue for instacart, it has become basic services for many U.S. people this company has almost received the funding of $150 which raised the total amount of funding received to $350 million. This company is hiring 30,000 more shoppers and aiming to have 750,000 shoppers in 2020.


Shipt grocery delivery app

Introduction:- This grocery app was started by ace entrepreneur Bill Smith in Birmingham four years back. This app will deliver the best groceries at your doorsteps. Shipt is offering products from grocery stores like Kroger, Fry’s, Publix, and more. It included a monthly fee of $14 and an annual membership of $99. There is a facility where shoppers can fix their schedules of delivery the groceries. It will provide you fresh products with 24-hour availability. 

Availability:- Shipt is currently operating in major cities like Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Texas, Arizona, and other big cities. Overall Shipt is operating in more than 288 cities in America.

Features :- Shipt is offering you various services through its upgraded features like you can manage product information through the product catalog system. Users can also operate on a fixed grocery budget in case of a low budget scenario. It also offers the products in sale through on sale today feature where the company put some items on sale based on the day. So they are providing their services at reasonable prices. Apart from that, there are various basic features involve such as view history, category list, payment options, and more. Through these reasonable and usable features, Shipt has become the popular grocery app in the U.S.

Revenue :- Shipt grocery app generates its revenue through membership plans, surge on store price, and delivery fee. The yearly estimated revenue of the app is around 1 billion USD. including the employee base of around 604 people. The Shipt has received $65.9 m funding. 


Peapod grocery delivery app

Introduction:- Peapod was introduced by Andrew Parkinson and Thomas Parkinson in 1989 in Chicago. This app is very old and popular. various apps like Instacart and Shipt depend on local stores for the products but in the case of Peapod, they have their inventory of listed products in the app. This app is refer to as a standard grocery store. The online store of peapod is manage by aisles. You can browse their aisles and get organic produce to chef-inspired meal kit and unique local specialties. 

Availability:- Peapod operates in several cities in the United States like New Jersey, Maryland, Newyork, Virginia, Connecticut, and more. 

Features:- Peapod is an old company and well versed with the experience in changing features. There is one feature call“order genius” support by Peapod. It is a search engine recommendation develop to suggest the products that shoppers have bought in the history. You can add that products in the cart in few minutes. This app is sync with recipe-planning API partner gathered table which is helpful in creating a menu of weekly meals base on consumer preferences. Other features in Peapod are meal kits, favourite lists, weekly sales, universal product codes etc. 

Revenue:- Peapod is the popular and oldest grocery delivery app in America. It has an employee base of 2000 people. This app generated a revenue of $392 million. Also got the funding of $37 million.


Freshdirect grocery delivery app

Introduction:- Freshdirect is started by Jason Ackerman 21 years ago. It is a popular grocery delivery app in America. This app is popular for distributing its organic food and locally grown items. You will get the fresh vegetables, chicken and daily supermarket products in this app. They are also offering Kosher foods. Apart for the delivering this app is also focusing on the product’s information. So that you can know the detail of each product before buying. They will charge you $6 on minimum order of $30. 

Availability:- Fresh direct operates in various cities in U.S. specially in the Northeast side like Newyork, NewJersey, Connecticut, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania.

Features:- Fresh direct includes various essential features in their app like you can do the shopping quickly, you can also get inspired by their shopping from recipes list, you can also check about the information of your product, and last there is hassle-free checkout option.  Apart from this there are more basic features they include like Fresh deals, Coupons, gluten-free, organic, account generate and more.

Revenue:- This company has generated the revenue of $600 million last year. The basic source of generating the revenue is through the traditional buy at wholesale price and then sell at retail model. It has a employee base of around 2000 people. Apart from this Freshdirect offers the yearly membership of $119 for unlimited deliveries.

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The on-demands app is getting a tremendous response from the customers, especially in metro cities. If we talk about on-demand grocery apps so I don’t need to prove the importance of that you have practically seen the results especially in this corona pandemic. People are focusing more on their work rather than standing in a queue and wasting their time, especially in the U.S. where there is a huge pile of working people. So by analyzing the response business are getting attracted to the on-demand grocery app deliveries. 

Already various companies have entered into this market and getting huge success. Overall if you are thinking to invest in this business then mobile apps are the basic necessity for these kinds of businesses in today’s scenario. You can find or consult from top leading companies like Tech pathway in the market for innovative grocery apps.

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