Which one is Best top 10 on-demand Doctors apps.

Which one is Best top 10 on-demand Doctors apps.

Experience the difference in consultation with telemedicine certified health doctors, which one is Best Top 10 0n-demand Doctors apps. In Today era of technology everyone wants to fit so here we will show you the which one is best top 10 on demand doctor apps?. Are you searching which one is Best top 10 on-demand Doctors apps? Read this article to know about the top 10 on-demand Doctors app.In this Blog we will show you the which one is Best Top 10 on-demand Doctor apps development cost and features,tech stack of that you have must in your application.

The healthcare industry is continuously evolving to accommodate new research results and to incorporate new treatments. But the medical industry today is evolving in new and big ways like never before, all thanks to the growth of the Internet and the proliferation of devices such as smartphones and tablets. Healthcare industry is now at the beginning of a massive shift in how providers deliver patient care. An on-demand doctor app allows you to consult with the doctor at any time from anywhere.

There are a number of free and premium doctors apps available, some of them help you to better understand pharmaceuticals while others work to diagnose your symptoms and brace you for an unexpected medical emergency. Here is a list of top 10 on-demand doctors apps.

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1. ZocDoc

ZocDoc is a well-known website that helps you find a doctor in your location that considers your insurance. This is a free application  that does the same from the convenience of your palm. Users can read reviews from other patients, and can check available dates and times without having to call to book appointments.

Development cost of an app like ZocDoc: $25,000

2. Doctor On Demand

Doctor On Demand app is for you if you don’t have the time to visit the doctor or wait to get one to your home but still need to be assessed. The app lets you video chat with a doctor approved by the board, so that they can diagnose your ailment and prescribe medication if appropriate. Doctor on demand app allows you to talk with a psychologist if you are suffering from stress and anxiety, all from the comfort of your own home. The app is free to download, but if a user needs a video chat session, he/she will have to pay $40. 

Development cost of an app like Doctors on demand: $25,000-$30,000

3. HealthTap

This app lets you ask medical questions from a list of more than 65,000 handpicked top U.S. doctors free of cost. Users ask real-time questions from anywhere, anytime; however, the questions are limited to 150 characters. The app has no advertisements, with 100 million active users. The app also provides news and tips and checklists compiled by the doctors to boost your overall health. Users of HealthTap Prime also get personalized medical advice via video chat, prescription refills sent to their door, and a secure place to manage all their health data for $99. You can also consult your primary care doctor for $44, or just stick with the simple free plan.

Development cost of an app like HealthTap: $30,000-$35,000

4. UpToDate

UpToDate is a convenient way to keep track of news and medical advancements. To peruse news you can look at the “What’s New” tab, or search for specific topics. UpToDate offers medical procedures videos and allows you to email or bookmark any page, this app enables you to start a discussion with a colleague or save it for future reference.

Development cost of an app like UpToDate: $10,000-$20,000

5. Medscape

Medscape keeps you updated with medical news, new drug releases, and similar. You can download this to your Android or iOS phone, and get medical information whenever you need it. 

Development cost of an app like Medscape: $20,000-$25,000

6. DynaMed Plus

DynaMed is a tremendous online application for doctors and physicians for clinical information. When choosing the subscription plan that best suits your needs, you can request a free trial to ensure this app is just what you need. The app itself is very user-friendly and you can access it with your Android or iOS phone. You will be given a student discount if you are a med student.

Development cost of an app like DynaMed Plus: around $15,000


PEPID is an online doctor application made specifically for emergency room doctors and paramedics to help them diagnose the patients as quickly as possible. You can see a list of medical conditions and their effects, medicines used as part of treating any of these conditions, multi-drugs interactions , etc. This app allows you to diagnose the patients based on their observations, symptoms and outcomes of the laboratory test.

Development cost of an app like PEPID: $25,000-$30,000

8. Pager

Pager is an on-demand doctors app that connects healthcare providers and patients with different types of urgent care health services. The patients and healthcare providers share information, schedule online doctor visits, talk to a doctor online and manage patient data from a smartphone or tablet. In their area, patients can find a local doctor, schedule in-home visits by board certified doctors, and schedule virtual telemedicine sessions with the app. Doctors use Pager to exchange electronic health records, schedule appointments and monitor patient care through their network.

Development cost of an app like Pager: around $25,000

9. iTriage

This app is free to use, iTriage helps users to get more health information based on the symptoms they are facing. If you are suffering from “cold,” you can search for cold and you get a complete description of possible illnesses, causes, treatments, and more. iTriage provides you the locations of urgent care hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and mental health clinics and allows you to check in when you are on the way to reduce your waiting time.

Development cost of an app like iTriage: $15,000-$20,000

10. First Derm

A dermatology app that will answer any skin related questions you have. You don’t need a password or personal information to login in this app. This app will also provide directions to the nearest pediatrician, dermatologist, or pharmacy. 

Development cost of an app like First Derm: around $15,000

Wrapping up

Medical applications are useful for patients and doctors alike. So if you’re a healthcare specialist, take a look at the best medical apps and make your life easier.If you are looking to develop your own on-demand doctor app, you can visit Tech Pathway. Tech Pathway is a leading mobile app development company that offers app development services at affordable prices. We have successfully delivered many on-demands apps to our clients. Our on-demand solutions are fully customized, it can be customized to any extent according to customers’ requirements.

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