A complete guide to develop an AI Chatbot


Curious to know what is Chatbot technology? Want to know why it is becoming quite popular these days? – Then this post is for you.

Artificial Intelligence is the face of modern-day technology, conversational AI is the key for better customer interactions. Chatbots are extremely helpful to organizations looking to create a strong brand identity and offer the best customer service possible.

People are constantly fascinated by AI-driven devices that work automatically. With so much research and development in this field, programming is winding up more human-like. The combination of immediate response and reliable accessibility makes an engaging change to the trend in web applications.

Automates your business with our AI Chatbot.

What is chatbot??

A chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate a conversation, especially over the Internet, with human users. A chatbot communicates in the form of messages or voice with your customers via the internet. The chatbot does not set instructions here, it simply helps users to provide solutions by using the most natural form of communication, i.e. talking in the language that the user understands.

Organizations use AI chatbots to reduce the cost of recruiting customer support executives. The digital chatbot is quicker and more appropriate than manual chat support.

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Where are chatbots used?

  • Online ordering
  • Product suggestions
  • Customer support
  • Weather
  • Personal Finance Assistance
  • Scheduling a meeting
  • Search and Track Flights
  • News
  • Send Money
  • Find a Restaurant

How it works??

Depending on the functionality chatbots are able to answer different user’s queries. It also helps users to get the right information whenever they need it. AI-based bots are able to detect, analyze, and respond accordingly to the user’s intentions from the input request.

For instance, if the user asks the bot to “Book a flight to Canada on 8th December,” the bot will be able to detect the destination(Canada) and date(8th Dec.) from the request.

What Can a Chatbot Do?

A chatbot can automate tasks in terms of basic terminology. The task can also be divided into other segments, such as customer support, surveys, lead generation, scheduling appointments, and much more. Here are a few examples where many companies have been successfully helped by chatbots.

  • A Chatbot helps customers solve their brand-related queries. Answer FAQs or provide product or service information.
  • It also allows them to book appointments, know the product’s availability, help them to plan their journeys, and more.
  • Bots can also respond to multiple requests at a time. This can be seen as an enormous advantage of implementing a bot.

Taking into account the above situations, it shows that chatbots definitely decrease task time and help to increase overall performance.

Chatbots are majorly made up of two types:

Workflow-Based or Simple Chatbot

The chatbots based on the workflow are flow-driven and based on the menu. Users have access to the bot and that’s how the bot works. You set the flows and information related to your product and that flow will be triggered automatically when the customer asks for specific information.

AI or Intelligent Chatbot

With the help of artificial intelligence, intelligent bots are able to recognize user queries. Such bots recognize user queries ‘ keywords and respond accordingly to the user. These bots can also communicate with people in natural language with the help of NLP.

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Benefits of Our Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

Keeping Up with the Trends: 

Businesses now have the opportunity to reach more customers through Chatbots while remaining trendy for their customers to connect with brands via chat – as it is easier and faster to use.

Since users have their core apps like Facebook Instagram, Whatsapp, and so on, they don’t look for new ones. Therefore, Integrate your own chatbot into one of the popular platforms that your customers use every day can be better than building a new app.

Improved Customer Service

A survey shows that while shopping, 83 percent of online shoppers need support. The customers may need help to understand which items suit their needs/budgets. Chatbots can provide real-time assistance like a real store salesman. In addition, Chatbots can provide interactive interaction where users ask questions in order to understand the real problem.

Whether you’re an international or a local business, having a good 24/7 customer service has a positive effect on customer satisfaction. Using chatbots, a customer support system can be improved. Bots can be programmed to instantly provide automatic responses to repetitive questions. It allows you to start a conversation with each customer regarding any issue, any time of the day.

Increased Customer Engagement

Keeping your customers engaged with your brand is important. Chatbots do not provide outdated and redundant data to customers and keep your customers longer on your site and keep the content flowing through the conversation.

Monitoring Consumer Data & Gaining Insights

You can improve the services/products with the feedbacks that Chatbot receives through simple questions. Chatbots can also be used to track buying patterns and customer behaviors.

Easier Approach to Global Markets

Chatbots can address the customer care problems in multiple languages and 24/7, 365 days a year, whether you are an international brand with customers around the world or a local brand that is ready for global business. This allows your business to scale up its operations to new markets without having to worry about multiple incoming requests to be handled.

Automation of repetitive work

Nobody wants to do the same job again and again. These functions are prone to errors in humans. Chatbots help to simplify tasks that need to be done regularly and at the right time.

Cost Savings

Implementing a fully functioning chatbot is much cheaper and faster than building a cross-platform software or hiring employees for each project. Since Chatbots are automated solutions, many customers can be handled simultaneously and at the same time. You will not only save employee costs by using chatbots, but you will also avoid the problems caused by human errors.

Summing up

Artificial Intelligence will definitely mark its future existence, and users will certainly love chatbots.

If you are planning to develop an AI Chatbot for your business, discuss it with us. Tech Pathway is the leading mobile and web app development company. We have many years of experience in building mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. We have developed a fully customized AI Chatbot, it can be customized to any extent according to customer’s needs.


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