How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Cloud Storage App-like DropBox?


Dropbox is a cloud storage app that allows its users to store and share files, videos, and photos. The idea came into reality when the founder of dropbox forget some important files and thought that there should be someplace where he can store files and should be able to access them from anywhere. Dropbox sync with your mobile phone or you can choose important files to upload onto the dropbox. The dropbox app is connected to a server from where all the files are stored for the user to access them from anywhere. Also, anyone can send large files through Dropbox even if the receiver does not have any dropbox account.

Therefore application like dropbox has made it possible for any user to share files or taking backup for later safety purpose.

Dropbox can be used by a mobile app or through a computer using a website. That means with only one account users can take a backup from their computer, mobile phones and from the tablet. 

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How does an app like dropbox works? Read this if you’re looking to create one

Creating an app like a dropbox can work as a lifeline for your computer in case the hard-disk of your computer get crash or your computer dies. Apart from sending a large file, dropbox has so many other features too which makes it incredibly reliable and successful in users.


With the assistance of the security feature of dropbox it is easy to identify who received the files and also this information can be revived later if needed. Also, dropbox offers some of the best ways to recover files which too in a protected way and simple way. 

Cloud storage applications always keep duplicate of user data and once a user has made changes in data changes into server data are also made. 

Must-have features to add in cloud storage app

File storage

Dropbox app allows its users to upload data in the form of files, photos, and videos. any user can upload up to 2gb data free once they have reached their limit they will have to purchase extra storage in the dropbox server.

File sharing

Dropbox allows its users to share large files. Users can easily upload a file that they want to share on a cloud server and once the upload is successful they just have to share the link with the receiving person. And they can download the file by using that link.

Allow user to use a different device 

Dropbox users can use different devices like mobile, computer and tablet for the same dropbox account. All users have to do is log in to dropbox application and website using their device and allow sync option and dropbox will automatically sync all the important files, images and videos.

Team folder 

All the files of an organization can be stored in the dropbox business app and the admin feature of the application will allow you to control and keep track of all the activity of employees. 


Dropbox development team is always updating its app for new features and solving bugs in the application.


Dropbox is one of the most secure cloud storage out there. Also, it notifies the admin once anyone accesses the account or made any changes into the data stored.

Backup and retrieval 

With dropbox, it is easy for users to undo their actions over the data they have performed and they can recover their old data easily.

Cost of developing a cloud storage app like dropbox


Well like every other app out there dropbox development cost also depends on various factors like how much features your app will have, how big size of app will be and for which platform you want to develop the application. Android development is more expensive than iOS development cause more coding has to be done. All these factors make a huge impact on the complexity of application which means more development time and higher the cost. Both features and  Dropbox-like app development is not possible by only one or two developers and it will require a team of developers each s[ecilist in certain sectors like developing cloud management, database, and security. And all this directly affects how reliable your application would turn out.

If you are thinking about hiring an IT development firm for your project then you can contact Tech Pathway, here we have an experienced team of developers each specialist in different fields mentioned above. We have also developed cloud storage applications before so you can always count on our experience in cloud storage app development.

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