How Much Cost is Required to Develop a Coffee Mobile App like Starbucks?

How to develop a Starbucks like app

Nowadays, everyone is crazy about coffee and competition in the market. Starbucks is the most profitable coffee store in the world. It manages to remain the number one coffee choice for most of the customers. A customer chooses Starbucks coffee rather than other coffee houses because of the services are very good. Starbucks app plays a very important role since almost 25% are made online with 17 million signed up. It launched the mobile app in 2009. Around $24.72 billion in revenue. With this, people can also order food and beverages. 

Accordingly, Starbucks is the most powerful mobile payment app leading over Google pay, Samsung pay, Apple pay. Starbucks coffee stores are mostly in the USA and North America and in other countries.

Loyalty Program is one of the most effective keys for the customer to purchase from Starbucks. The consumer receives two stars for each $1 spent. When they collect around 125 stars they can redeem them to buy free goods from the Starbucks shop. Additionally, User receives a free drink from Starbucks on their birthday. 

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Starbucks app also has some levels to achieve it. If the user earns 5 stars then the user can unlock the Green level. And when the user earn 30 stars it will unlock the Gold level through which user can get-

  •   Free drink for every 12 stars
  •   A personalized Gold Card
  •   Special offers only for Gold cardholder

As you can see, Starbucks not only provide coffee but also allows users to play games through which users can earn rewards that they can spend on goods. Starbucks’ main competition is Dunkin Donuts and others.

Features of Starbucks-

  • Registration- User first needs to register and make their profile via contact no., email id and also from social networks.
  • Mobile payment- The main reason why people like Starbucks because of the payment facility. It is easier for the user to pay money and save time. One of the innovative ideas done by Starbucks it to provide wallet through which the payment process will be easier.
  • e-wallet: The e-wallet holds an electronic card through which the user can transfer the money from a debit/credit card. It allows users without their own bank cards like teenagers. It is necessary to add payment options.
  • Menu- This feature help users select what they want to eat with various options. Starbucks app not only contains unique photos of food but also provides information about dishes.

Starbucks divided the menu into two categories i.e., must have an additional.

  1.  Here, Must have menu features in Starbucks menu
    • Item description with photo and titles.
    • Search option
    • Customized item( choose the size, add toppings and etc)
    • Click to action button(buy immediately, add to order and add to favorites)
  2. Additional features in the Starbucks menu
    • Nutritional details include protein, fat, carbs, calories, and vitamins.
    • A social sharing button to share the details with a friend.
    • Information on potential allergens
  • Find a store- There should be a map in the app because if there are many stories in the city then the user can easily see the store nearest one and it will also help for customers to reach there if they want.
  • Order pickup function- If the user orders the food and options for self-delivery where users go to pick the order. For that, if the order and payment will be done in advance, it will be easy for a user to go and pick the food and can save time by not standing in a long queue.
  • Push notifications- In this, the user gets notification of the deals and offers. Also, it tells about how much time it contains to deliver the goods.

Opportunities for Starbucks-

  • More business
  • Less stress on employees(i.e., to take an order, etc)
  • Increase in Revenue

How does Starbucks app work?

Starbucks is a mobile app for Android, iPhone, Windows10. By these, users can order drinks pay and pick up from the store without standing in a queue. There is a system called order and pay by which users can quickly opt for the option to pay with their smartphones. Many users get a gift like a card through which they transfer their money in the card and also collect rewards. 

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Technologies used to make an app like Starbucks-

Mobile- Android, iOS, and Windows10

Programming languages- HTML and Microsoft.Net

Javascript framework- React.js., JQuery

PHP application framework- Laravel 

Data and transaction security- Symantec SSL 

Development cost to make an app like Starbucks?

If you are planning to develop an app like Starbucks the price would be around $8000 per one platform like iOS and Android. It may increase or decrease depending on the company to whom you choose to make the app because it will contain designer, developer, business analyst, project manager or so on. We may deliver your own on-demand app with a unique design.

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