A Complete Guide on how to build a Courier delivery app

The world is becoming digital and people are moving towards the digital medium. Nowadays, people are usually paying their bills, booking tickets, and ordering food from their mobile phones. The courier company is one of the market’s long-lasting and on-demand businesses. There is always a desire in the local people for courier service. Courier service delivery app & tracking app automates the entire process and gives the customer the advantage of tracking their shipment. It allows users to check the complete tracking details in just a few clicks.

The courier app lets people move their stuff from one place to another. Generally, shipping a parcel from one location to another takes 2-3 days. Although there is a lot of technological development, it is one of the most profitable businesses in the market to start a courier company.

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How does it Work?

The on-demand delivery app offers a convenient way to track your packages in real-time.

  • Install the app and create a profile
  • Provide pickup and delivery locations.
  • Provides details about the package like package dimensions, weight, and other details.
  • Requests to pick up the parcel from the pickup location.
  • The delivery guy can accept/decline the request and pick-up the package from the pick-up location
  • Get your parcel at your doorstep
  • Make payment either by COD or through online mode.

How to build an On-demand courier delivery app

1. Choose the business model

You have to understand which business model works best in your case. Consider your company, your long-term goals, your market, available resources, etc. to choose the right approach.

2. Define your business requirements and goals

You need to understand the specifics, requirements, and opportunities of your business model, as well as the technical limitations of your app.

3. Development your app

As with any other application, the creation of on-demand package delivery apps involves UI / UX design, technology, and testing. This is a pretty standard procedure, but what can differ is the tech stack you pick and the resources you use along the way. You can develop your mobile application in two ways:

  • do it yourself, i.e. by hiring an in-house team; or
  • Choose an experienced mobile app developer to handle this process from A to Z.

The latter might come in handy if you don’t have a technical background or experience managing a software development team, then you can hire professionals. They help you to choose the right tech stack and all other aspects of design/development/testing. 

4. Identify the right scope of features

The functionality of your application can vary according to your business model, there are some basic features that every courier delivery tracking app should have. Some of them are:

Tracking: The On-demand courier app development includes the tracking feature in the map view that helps the customer to locate the packages in real-time. 

Push notifications: It notifies the customer when the parcel is dispatched and when it is delivered. It also informs the customers about new offers. Push notification keeps the customers constantly updated about courier services.

Payments: Customers can make payments via various modes: net banking, credit/debit cards, or Ewallets, they can choose the “CASH ON DELIVERY” option too.

Ratings & Reviews: In this feature, customers can rate the delivery agents according to their service experience. It also helps service providers to improve their services.

Feedback: Feedbacks in the form of scores by the customer acts as data on which the analysis can be done. Service providers can improve their services according to customer’s feedback.

Selection: The customers can select any delivery agent based on convenience, price, and ratings. Multiple delivery agents are listed that gives the customer a lot to choose from.

Rewards & Offers: There are many customers who actively search for promo codes and offers when making a request. It helps to make your app popular.

Booking history: The customer can view the previous bookings that help him to repeat his bookings when needed.

5. Launch, learn and improve

To prioritize the features and incorporate only the most important features in a minimum viable product (MVP) would be a more effective and risk-free option. Once your MVP is uploaded to the App Store or Google Play live, you can collect feedback and app analytics data from users, and can improve your app according to your customers’ requirements.

Benefits of having a courier delivery tracking app

  • Fast delivery

        Deliver the couriers on time, every time.

  • Secured service

         Reliable payment option & smoothly accessible.

  • Worldwide shipping

        Domestic or Global, we go the extra mile.

  • Package Tracking Aggregators

Package aggregators aggregate the data from all of your packages into one place. You need only one app to track your packages. You can add the package manually using its ID and the app will keep you updated with its delivery status.

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Points to consider before developing a courier delivery app

Advertise your app: Launching an app is not sufficient. Promote it so that people know about it before its entrance. Market your app via social channels and connections.

Satisfy the local requirements: Identify the target audience and make a great customer relationship so you can get remarkable feedback which will help you to boost and organize your business.

Provide Offers to customers: To attract users for using your app, you can provide some profitable offers. Think about what kind of offers can attract your target audience.

Feedback: Reviews and ratings assist you to see the backlogs in your client service. Take immediate action on the client’s feedback, it will help you to boost your business.

Customized messages: Customized messages about discounts and offers instantly connect a customer to your mobile app. 


The development of the on-demand courier delivery app is now on a hike. Many investors have already invested in this field. If you’re an investor, it could be a great choice for you.

All you need is a complete solution for the courier app, and then you can make money easily. Courier service is a service that is valuable to everyone. 

If you are going to develop a courier delivery app clone, according to me, it might cost you somewhere around $25000.