Dairy Management System: Features, Panels, and Benefits

Dairy Management System

The dairy management system is an application software to create communication between rural area people and dairy management. The main goal of this healthcare blog is to aware the people about the application software that has automatically completed the operations of the Dairy Distributor Office. It maintains the records of members, i.e., name, gender, contact no., address, email id, etc.

Problems of dairy management system:-

  • Long waiting times
  • Rude behavior of shopkeepers
  • Poor service delivery
  • Inefficiency
  • Deterioration of perishable food items

Solutions for dairy management system  

  • Facilitate easy maintenance of records of various accounts of members
  • Maintain daily inventory reports and record of members
  • Quick access to all the records
  • Generate regular basis  salary
  • Reduce manual work
  • Prevent and reduce human error

Implementation of solution

Dealer’s App

Dealers use the app to track all the services done in all areas. This app can trace all the transaction i.e., milk orders, milk supply and received payments from customers. The dealer’s app provides information about the quantity of milk required by every particular customer and all the orders come one day before the requirement because it will be easy for the dealer to provide the milk in every area.

Customer’s app

In this first the user needs to login the email-id or contact number. After he can create profile i.e., name, address, phone number,etc. In customer app they will be provided with many options like-

  1. Those consumers who need milk on a daily basis can opt this option
  2. Customer can view the monthly payment receipt
  3. The consumer can select the type of payment, such as online or offline payment as per their preference

Benefits of Dairy Management system:-

  • Rural area people survive option
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Lessen transportation expenses
  • Lower gaps between demand and supply
  • To improve capital and labor productivity
  • View reports on a daily basis

    Limitations of dairy management system:-

  • It requires the lighten connection
  • Computer required
  • Good command of English and computer

The Dairy Management System has 5 kinds of users:


1. DMS Admin

The DMS Admin panel focuses on the overall system.

  • Average Sales- Admin panel can see the reports of average sale on today, weekly, monthly and yearly
  • Actual earnings after deduction of expenses- The reports are maintained to know the total earnings on a specific day.
  •  Accounts- The records should be maintained in the cash book, bank book, profit and loss, and the balance sheet.
  • Subscription report- Total number of subscribers in every particular dairy
  • Payment report- Records of the dairy who has paid the subscription fee with their
    • Dairy name
    • Dairy code
    • Payments received by dairy and
    • The total number of payments received
  • Defaulters- the one who doesn’t pay subscription fees yet with their Dairy names, Dairy code and the total no. of the pending amount
  • Product sales reports-
    • Records of the area in which product is sold
    • Week, Month or year in which product is sold in that area

2. Dairy Admin

Every dairy has one admin who manages all the records

  • Dairy summary- It will show the total members of the dairy, active members, inactive members, members on the credit side, members on the debit side and so on.
  • Milk collected yesterday and today- Quantity of milk collected in 24 hours
  • Local sales today– It displays the total sales done in every area.
  • Sales to the plant today– The total quantity of milk sold to the plants at a different region

3. Dairy employees-

  • Milk collection report- the Dairy employee will collect the milk in containers and supply it to the dairy with a record of the total number of milk collected from dairies
  • Payment report- The admin will give payment to his employee when the employee supplies the milk at every dairy in one route.
  • Shift report- Employee gets the shift in which they will work i.e., morning shift or evening shift.
  • Expense report- In this, all the expenses incurred by the employee in delivering the milk will be shown with their name, code.

4. Dairy member:

  • Milk supply report- Dairy members maintain the report of
    • Date of milk supplied
    • Name of dairy
    • Total amount
    • Member name
  • Rate Card report-
    •       Rate chart entry
    •      FAT base
    •      FAT and SNF base
  • Shift summary-
    • Name of members, code, type of milk and shift i.e.,
    •      Morning shift
    •      Evening shift
  • Members passbook- It displays the member’s details, type of milk preferred quantity and the amount.
  • Payment report- After creating the report of members with full details. Then the amount will be credited from their account.
  • Purchase report- It will show the
    •    Total items purchased
    •    Quantity if items purchased
    •    Amount

5. Dairy plant-

Total number of plants incurred in one region

Screenshot of Dairy Management System:


Sales Report
Rate Card
Milk Collection Request
Report Generation


As a result, this application software will be easy to modify the information, if any. This application is created in such a way that it should suit all types of distributors in the future. Every effort has been taken in a way to implement this project in many areas.  And it will increase the use of the dairy management system. To manage all this requirement, they need software which will work and take care of it.

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