10 Best Useful and Demanding eCommerce Services to follow in 2019

We are already in 2019 and the trends and customer preferences constantly changes as people come up with new ideas and solutions and fast evolving technology. And eCommerce services is definitely has a wide scope.

To succeed in eCommerce business you require three things- profitable and in-demand products to sell, skills to market them and the drive to succeed. So let’s have a look at some of the best eCommerce services which are going to rock this year!

E-commerce Future Trends

  • Digital Healthcare Services:

As this trend of healthy lifestyle and healthy food is increasing, people pay more attention to their health. This has increased the scope for companies to sell their products and services and experience increase in sales, growth, loyalty and engagement.

  • Education:

Online education is a new phase in eCommerce services as it is the next platform for growth. Many companies have become famous using online courses available for users having internet connection. For people it is much easier to buy an online course rather than go to a physical course.

  • Image Search:

Various search engines like Google and Pinterest allow users to search for products by taking or uploading a photo. This visual search will allow users to find similar products and compare them.

  • Chatboats:

Today chatbots have started replacing certain eCommerce roles, especially in the customer service sector. Many big eCommerce brands have started using chatbots to enhance the user experience. These chatbots also suggest customers about the relevant products.

  • Fast Shipping:

Earlier, customers were satisfied by getting their deliveries within 2-5 days after ordering. But now the things have changed. Nobody wants to wait for a whole long week to get their products. They want fast shipping of their products. For example, Amazon has started using drones for delivery.

  • Machine Learning:

Machine learnings have made human life much easier than ever with the help of automation, streamline updates and improving daily functions by saving time and reducing human error. It also used to increase conversion rates as well.

  • Artificial Intelligence:

eCommerce services are greatly disrupted with the artificial intelligence driven technologies. With AI, there is increased use of natural language processing to bring up the best results.

  • Big Data:

As millions of customers are buying things online this result in infinite amount of data that generates every day. Every action performed by the user turns into data and this data can be used by various eCommerce sites to target their relevant audience.

  • Voice Search:

As Google Assistant and Alexa have become more popular, voice searches are frequently used to make purchases. Optimizing your eCommerce with this option can position your business to receive more traffic.

Just imagine designing your home or office without even purchasing the products first. Yes, with AR and VR this is possible. AR and VR have significantly enhanced the eCommerce services to a great extent.


So these are some of the hottest and most demanded eCommerce services of 2019! If you are struggling to get your first sale or want to take your eCommerce store to a next level, then Tech Pathway can give you the exact tactics you should be using.

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