Best Sports Fantasy App Similar to Dream11 in 2021

Best Sports Fantasy App Similar to Dream11 in 2021

The popularity of sports fantasy apps is increasing day by day in India. So, it’s a big problem for users to choose the best gaming app for use with low competition. We are here to give you the best sports fantasy app similar to Dream11 in 2021. From this, you can make your team and win cash accordingly. To know more about how to develop dream 11 clone  you should read further. 

Apps Similar To Dream11 

Many fantasy sports app developers have made the dream11 clone apps. They are good alternatives to this app. So, now I am providing the list of dream11 clone apps below:


Apps similar to dream11

MyFab11 was launched in 2018 and its office is situated in Kolkata. In this, you can choose your captain and vice-captain of your choice. The captain of the team gets 2x points and the vice-captain of the team gets 1.5x points. The player with good knowledge of the game tends to get the higher points. This app offers basketball, cricket, hockey, and football. 


Gamezy is different from other fantasy apps as it has an option to play 2nd innings and it bears 8 languages. It is one of the fastest-growing fantasy apps in India. It is a new app launched this year only so it has very little competition and high possibilities to win.

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Ballebaazi is one of the safest online gaming apps and is a very veritable fantasy app for fantasy players. If you suggest this fantasy app to your friend or someone then you get an Rs.50 free bonus in your wallet. 

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MPL app was launched in September 2018 and crossed 25 million users till 2019. In this users can choose on their own from the three different formats of the games. 

  • Tournaments 
  • 1-vs-1 battles 
  • Fantasy Sports 

If you refer this fantasy app to your friend or relative you will get an Rs.25 free bonus.


Howzat app is a combination of cash prizes and a thriller experience. It is a fantasy cricket development app that has a good quantity of users to play.


Apps similar to dream11

Fanmojo is a fantasy sports app platform or you can say Dream 11 clone app. The app similar to Dream 11 allows its users to play games based on their knowledge and skills to earn money. It allows you to withdraw money from your PatTM at any time. This makes it different from other fantasy sports apps. 



PlayerzPot is a Fantasy sports app where we can use our skills to earn cash prizes and it is a 100% legal app. When we sign up in this app we get an Rs.30 free bonus and the minimum amount of withdrawal from this app is Rs. 200. 

My11 Circle 

My11 Circle app is a fantasy sports app that allows you to enjoy cricket from your mobile and exhibit your skills for the game. This app offers cricket, kabaddi, and football. This app has low competition. 



Halaplay is the smallest and fastest version of fantasy sports apps where users can create a team and win real cash prizes and gifts. If you suggest this fantasy app to your friend or someone then you get an Rs.50 free bonus which you can use 100%. 



FantasyPower11 is the newly launched app in the market. The fantasy app developers have made this game in such a way that we can play cricket, football, and basketball in the same place with real-time players and win exciting cash prizes. 

What is a Fantasy App? 

It is a virtual gaming app that allows users to create their team and win real cash prizes and gifts. It is a pursuit of betting on live matches. If we have good knowledge about sports than we can win a high amount of cash from these sports fantasy games. There are many companies for these sports fantasy app development that have many fantasy app developers who develop many apps similar to dream11. 

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How to earn from Fantasy Sports Apps? 

  • Create an account on the fantasy sports app 
  • Sign up with a phone number and get some free bonus
  • Create your team for the upcoming match 
  • Play the game 
  • Win award cash for your game 
  • Withdraw the cash from your bank account 

Growing Market of Fantasy Sports App 

The total market size of fantasy sports is valued at $18.6 billion in 2019. The market of fantasy sports is seen to be growing in the last few years. The reason behind that is the craze of sports is increasing between the youth and with the love from their sports they can win real cash prizes also. The fantasy app developers have made this app in such a way that it keeps complete transparency between the users regarding their monetary transactions. This is a mobile-friendly game that you can play from anywhere. 

The legality of Fantasy Sports in India 

Since fantasy sports are the game of betting and gambling they are always surrounded by the question of their legality in India. Some states permit gambling as it is the game of skills, but some states banned all gaming activity of money. It is a game of luck or based on the player’s skills, knowledge, and experience. This means this fantasy sport does not fall in any gambling law though the laws of the state may differ. The fantasy sports app developer says that every single money which comes to our account comes after deducting the taxes from it. The legality of fantasy sports in India depends on whether the game is accomplished as a game of chance or a game of skill. The fantasy cricket app developers say it is a game of skill not a game of chance. The players themselves choose the team which is going to perform in the game of a live upcoming match if their team performs better than they win the cash prizes and rewards.

How to develop a Fantasy app like Dream 11 

If you are thinking about investing in the development of to develop dream 11 clone app then hiring Tech Pathway is probably the best choice for you. Their stand-alone develop dream 11 clone app has all the features and functionalities of the actual Dream11 app. Also, one of the major perks of hiring Tech Pathway is that they have already developed Dream 11 clone, which means you will not have to waste essential time waiting for the development of your fantasy sports app. 

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