What is Dream 11 and how to develop a Sports Fantasy Cricket app like Dream 11?

What is Dream 11 and how to develop a Sports Fantasy Cricket app like Dream 11?

Both Barcelona and Real Madrid are ready to play the next season of the UEFA Champions League. And, with this, the IPL season is nearby too. Whatever the sport is if your favorite player is playing the game you just can’t stay away. This was one of the major reasons why Dream 11 became a huge success today. Let’s ask you, did you know that Dream 11 is part of the unicorn club now? Dream 11 is rolling over a billion dollars and investors are lining up to get a piece of the company. If you are also thinking about investing in a Sports fantasy cricket app like Dream 11 then keep reading. You might not know this but Dream 11 was first founded in the same year when IPL was in its first season 2008. And, from that moment when the concept of Fantasy Cricket was alien to India, Dream 11 came a long road where it is sponsoring the IPL. Welcome to the Tech Pathway blog. Today we are going to share with you What is Dream 11 and how to develop sports fantasy cricket app like Dream 11. 

What is Dream 11

Dream 11 is a Fantasy sports app that allows its users to create their team consisting of real-life players. Once the fantasy team is made, users participate against other users in the tournament and contests. The one with the most points wins, and the winner gets to win real money. The application was first launched in the year 2008 when the sole idea of fantasy cricket was alien to Indians. However, soon after its inception, the company was able to get its sole domination on the market. Currently, Dream 11 is one of the few unicorn companies in India with over 800 million registered users. Even their revenue has increased from 224 INR in 2018 to 775 INR in 2020. The company holds over 90% of the total market shares too. you will aslo know about the how to develop sports fantasy app with the features and tech stack.

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How do Dream 11 works

How do Dream 11 works


The very first step of using the Dream 11 app is to register on the app. The user is allowed to register on the platform using its email ID or mobile number. 

Log in

Once the registration process is completed, the user can log in to their accounts using their credentials. 

Complete KYC

To perform money transactions on the platform, the user will need to complete their e-KYC. e-KYC will be done via uploading any government-issued ID for verification.

Search Contest

Search contest allows the user to search for running and upcoming contests. These contests are based on different participants’ capacity, entry fee, and such factors. The user can then proceed to join any contest. 

Create Team

Once the user has found a contest that he/she wants to join, he/she will have to create their team. The team will be created by choosing players from players that are going to play in the match. 

However, there are two types of gameplay #1 where the user will have to create the team before the playing team is announced. #2 where the user will have the choice to create their team by the time contest starts even after announcing the teams. 

Join Contest

Once the user has created their fantasy sports team, they will proceed toward joining the contest that they wanted.  

Joining fee

Before joining any contest the user will have to pay the joining fee to the platform. This entry fee is taken from each member and collected in a pool. Once the match is over, the money is distributed among users after Dream 11 takes its 20% cut as a platform charge to pay their bills. 

Match end

When the real match ends, all of the participants will be rewarded with their points. The points will be rewarded based on the performance of the player they choose. The pointing system for each fantasy sports app is different. Although, most of the fantasy sports apps follow the one Dream 11 has in place. 

After each participant has been rewarded with points, the prize pool money will be distributed among the winners. 

How does Dream 11 makes its users keep coming back

One of the major strategies that Dream 11 uses to make its users keep coming back on the platform is by keeping the minimum withdrawal to 200 INR. This way users come back in the hope to win more and more to maintain their minimum withdrawal balance. 

How to develop a Sports Fantasy Cricket app like Dream 11

How to develop a Sports Fantasy Cricket app like Dream 11

Now when you have read all about Dream 11 and wondering how to develop a Dream 11 clone app to get some share of the billion-dollar industry. Well, the actual thing with fantasy sports cricket apps is that there is so much competition among users that is why they are always trying to find new platforms to try their luck. So, investing during this high-tide of Fantasy Cricket app is surely going to be beneficial for you. 

So, without further ado, let’s look at how to develop a sports fantasy app like Dream 11. 

One thing to remember while investing in Dream 11 clone app development is that it is not a game of aggressive graphics and colors. This means it is essential for you to get hold of the inherent features of the Dream 11. 

Collect data

When you are thinking about creating an app similar to Dream 11, you will have to think about how you are going to target your users? Which cities will you focus on first? What will be your target audience? And, many other different strategies. By collecting tons of data related to the fantasy sports industry, you will be able to analyze that and make better strategic decisions for your business. 

The 5-seconds rule

Nope, I am not talking about picking up your food from the ground before 5 seconds are completed. Here, I am talking about the 5-second rule which states that a designer has to catch the user’s eye within the first 5 seconds of their interaction with the app. It is this or the user will simply move on to the next better thing. So, it doesn’t matter which mobile app development framework you decide to go with for your fantasy cricket app development, remember the priorities of the UI & UX of the application. 

Follow the inverted pyramid

The inverted pyramid is something that news channels tend to use to super-efficiently deal with tons of data and focus on the much more interesting part. In each set of data you will have 3 types of data:

  • The one that the reader will only want to skip. 
  • The one which will interest the reader but only in a moderate sense. 
  • The third type of news or data is something that the reader will read with very much interest.

The exact principle will be used when you will start your Fantasy Cricket app development. The designer will have to focus more on features & functionalities of the app that will interest the user more rather than focusing on features that will just distract the user from their goal.  

Be a minimalist

Being minimalist with sports fantasy app development is going to be in your favor. You will not want users to get distract from their main task which was to have fun and win money. So, this shall be the focus of your app rather than having so many options that the user gets overwhelmed and leaves the app. 

How to create a fantasy app like Dream 11

How to create a fantasy app like Dream 11

There are some factors that you will need to consider as well as steps that will require serious attention. Without getting off-track, let’s look at how to create a fantasy app like Dream 11.

Combine the power of Web and Mobile

You might think that creating a mobile app for fantasy sports will do the trick but it isn’t always the case. Only 90% of the total fantasy sports users’ traffic comes from mobile devices, others still prefer using a website rather than a mobile application. 

On the other hand, by simply investing in the website design & development for your fantasy cricket website development, you will not be done. Investing in mobile app development for both iOS app development as well as Android app development is essential. 

Monetization plan

You cannot pay your bills using only users. You will need to monetize your platform by creating some full-proof plans. Certain ways can help you monetize your Sports Fantasy app. 

Platform charges

Platform charges will be taken from the entry fee that all the participants have collected. This is one of the most popular methods of monetizing the fantasy sports platform.  

Ads sense

By showing advertisements from Google’s AdSense, you can monetize your mobile application.  

In-app purchase

By offering an in-app purchase for extra features or an ad-free experience, you will be able to monetize your platform.

Affiliation links

Affiliation links of products from Amazon or Flipkart will allow you to monetize your website. 

Important features list

Creating a list for both the user panel as well as the Admin panel is important. This needs to be done before you invest a single penny in the sports fantasy app development. 

User panel


This feature will allow the user to quickly sign up on the platform using Google, Facebook, or true caller ID. They can also manually register on the platform using their email ID and mobile number.

Sign in

Once the registration process is complete, the user can sign-in on the platform. 


The dashboard will work as the landing screen for the user. The user will be able to access all of the features and functionalities of the application form here. 

Search contest

The user will be able to search the content from here. They will also be able to set a filter on the amount of entry fee or the participant limit for the contest to search for a contest of their likes. 

Join contest

Once the user has found a contest that is perfect for them. He/she can join the contest by clicking on the join contest option. 

Create team

Once the user has joined the contest, they will have to create their fantasy team consisting of real-life players. The users will be given 100 points that will work as a currency to purchase players for their team. The better the player, the more expensive it will be. 


This feature will allow the user to withdraw their winnings into the bank account. However, the user will have to complete their e-KYC before that. 

App settings

This will allow the user to access and control the general settings of the application. For example, they will be able to change the languages or themes of the application. 


This will allow your users to invite their friends and family for rewards. In addition to this, it will also work as an automatic user adding feature since your existing users will be doing all the work. 

Admin Panel


The admin can log in to their account from here. They will be required to enter their login credentials. 


The dashboard option will allow the admin to check all the features of their panel. They will also be able to access and perform different tasks from here. 

Rewards and Cashback Management

The admin will be able to manage all the rewards and cashback they have on the app. 

User Management System

The user management system will allow the admin to control, manage, edit, add, or remove all the users registered on the app. 

Earning Management

This will allow the admin to make the report of the earnings of the application. 

Match Management System

The match management system will allow the admin to manage all the running and upcoming matches. 

Games Different Category Management

This feature will allow the admin to manage all the fantasy sports games available on the platform. 

Payment Request Management

The payment request management feature will allow the admin to manage all the withdrawal and payment requests made by the user. 

Choosing the correct Tech Stack

  • Front End: Angular JS, HTML5, AWS CDN, CSS3
  • Back End: Codeigniter, PHP, Laravel, Express JS, Node.JS
  • Payment Gateway: PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, Mangopay
  • Database And Infrastructure: Load Balancer, MongoDB, MySQL, AWS
  • Push notification: Amazon SNS, Twilio, MAP
  • Analytics: Spark, Gleam, Google Analytics
  • Cloud: MS Azure, AWS
  • Other stacks: ZOHO, SASS, Sketch, Stripe, Xcode, GeoFence

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Looking for a development company

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