Develop Your Own On-Demand Car Wash

We can’t dispute that technology is changing the way people do business. In terms of technology, a small firm competes with a huge corporation. That is why the popularity of on-demand services is growing by the day. According to reports, 51% of those who used on-demand services made more money than the previous year.

We would be discussing one such on-demand economy that is taking off in this article. People are growing more interested in the on-demand vehicle wash software these days.

You must plan on cleaning your automobile at least an hour ahead of time. And it doesn’t stop there; you have to wait in line to receive your turn. It is a time-consuming process, thus several vehicle cleaning firms devised a solution. When it comes to vehicle washes, the on-demand car wash app is quickly becoming the user’s first option.

Furthermore, because it is a developing on-demand business, competition is minimal. Before delving into the mobile vehicle washing system, consider some of the compelling facts.

The cost of developing an on-demand car wash app is determined by the mobile platform chosen, the position of your application development team, and the number of features you desire to include in your custom app.

If you follow a few simple steps, you can begin a car wash business in no time. To begin, develop a list of the features you wish to add to your car wash business. Once you’re satisfied with the features, choose a strategic plan for your car wash. Choose a platform to develop your on-demand car wash app in the technical section.

Some trends & stats regarding on-demand car washing apps

People in most areas of the world want to have cleaner cities, as well as a spotless and well-maintained automobile that says a lot about their unique sense of style. A  great majority of people get their vehicles cleaned at least three times each month. That certainly opens up a slew of new business opportunities.

By opting for on-demand car wash app development, you can ensure a lot of success for your company. When your app is well advertised, you might not only gain direct consumers from it but also extra customers via app referrals and social media networking.

The expense of having your automobile expertly cleaned might range from $30 and $50. That implies the ordinary person must pay between $80 and $100 each month to get their vehicle cleaned. In the United States alone, up to 60% of individuals utilize vehicle wash services. The income earned by any of these services was substantial. In 2017, the on-demand car wash market grew to USD $800 million. People in the United States spend around $5.8 billion on vehicle washes on average, and there are approximately 1,00,000 car washing establishments worldwide.

The global market demand for vehicle wash services was expected to reach USD 34.19 billion in 2019 and USD 35.34 billion by 2020. From 2019 to 2025, the global market for automobile wash services is expected to rise at an annual growth rate or CAGR of 3.2 percent, reaching USD 41.0 billion in the last year.

A list of features that your on-demand car wash app must have

Here is a list of the features and functions that must be included during the car wash app development process. It features three major sections –

  • Customer or the recipient of the service
  • Detailer or the one who would conduct the car wash
  • Admin or the provider
  • Customer or recipient of the service
  • Register/Login

The Sign up/Login function is shared by all apps. Consumers must log in to use the app (if they have previously made an account); alternatively, customers must sign up for the application to use it.

  • Car Wash Package

Customers could use this function to choose any bundle from the provided list based on their budget.

  • Choosing a Car Location

Customers may use the auto location selection function to choose a local service center that meets their needs.

  • Option for Multiple Vehicles

Customers can use this option to choose several automobiles for servicing if they wish to service more than one vehicle.

  • Payment Gateway

Customers can use this option to make payments using credit or debit cards, or net banking. Customers can also choose any payment channel if one is made accessible.

  • Ratings and Reviews

Customers can use this feature to offer their feedback on the services they received as well as rate the application. This tool will assist developers in improving their services based on what their consumers think.

  • Detailer or the one who would conduct the car wash
  • Location of the service 

Usually, car wash app developers limit their operations to a specific location; hence, they can only give a service location for car wash demands from that area.

  • Accept or Reject requests

A vehicle washing business should be able to accept or reject requests based on the nature of its items and personnel.

  • Status of service

A vehicle wash could go through several phases; therefore, it is critical that service providers keep each customer updated on the state of their service’s progress. This will assist them in gaining consumer confidence.

  • Push notifications

An application with push notifications should be configured. Push alerts assist in receiving updates from vehicle washing businesses whenever someone requires assistance. The details of the transactions should also be displayed on the devices.

  • View History 

Here, detailers will be able to see the complete history of all the car wash jobs they have undertaken.

  • Payment Request

The detailer could use this feature to seek payments based on the requests that have been executed.

  • Admin or the provider
  • Control User Registration

This function represents the platform’s tracking of the number of vehicle washes and users. This section contains data about regular users and vehicle washers, as well as contact details for them or support personnel.

  • Control Service Time Zones

Admin will guarantee that users are connected to car washing service providers who have also been operating at their premises using this feature of the app.

  • Manage Your Payments

Because the user pays the admin on the car washer’s account, this function manages all payment-related information. This entails keeping a record of consumers who make real-time payments, service providers that requested the charge, as well as others who have already been invoiced.

  • Control Ratings and Reviews

This section of the mobile app admin panel ought to be able to monitor and examine technicians, as well as user comments and opinions, and function correctly in the best interests of the company.

Cost of developing your on-demand car washing apps

The cost of developing an on-demand car wash app is entirely dependent on your needs. Some elements that might help you estimate the costs of your mobile car wash app are listed below.

  • Documentation for technical purposes
  • The platform you choose: You may develop your own car wash app using Android, iOS, or a hybrid UX/UI design.
  • Backend and frontend development
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Your app’s complexity
  • The functionalities and features included in the app by you
  • The nation in which you want to use the on-demand car wash app
  • Your project’s timeline

Thus, using the aforementioned factors, you can estimate the cost of your own car wash app development.

How does a car washer app work?

  • Sign in: The user logs into the app using a social media login or an email address.
  • A car wash request is placed. At the time of making the order, the kind of vehicle wash is chosen.
  • The request for a vehicle wash is matched to local car wash service providers based on the user’s real-time location.
  • The request is accepted by interested vehicle wash service suppliers.
  • The user receives a push notification stating that the request has been accepted.
  • The vehicle wash service provider arrives at the user’s location according to the washing schedule.
  • Upon arrival, a request for the car key is made via the app.
  • The software also takes a photo of the automobile before it is washed.
  • The vehicle washer completes the wash in accordance with the service request.
  • A photo of the automobile after it has been washed is taken and posted to the app.
  • The software allows the user to track progress and completion.
  • The app displays a rate card for completed services.

Some benefits of having a car-wash app

A specialized car wash app that connects car owners and washers  has numerous advantages, including:

  • Vehicle owners may get an instant car wash service.
  • A simple method of paying for the service
  • A new revenue stream for vehicle washes
  • A sure-fire strategy for them to grow their business
  • It is a deliberate move for administrators to capitalize on market possibilities.

Developing a car wash mobile app necessitates a significant investment of time and money. It’s not just a matter of time in this case. You’ll also need the proper crew to create the on-demand car wash software without skipping a beat.

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