Difference between fantasy app like Dream 11, My Circle, & My Team 11

Difference between fantasy app like Dream 11, My Circle, & My Team 11

Besides football, Cricket is the only game which is most enjoyed by people all around the world. Regardless, if it’s T20, World Cup, International cricket, or a simple Gali cricket. Because cricket has many varieties of tournaments, that’s why the audience always wants a little more approach to the game. In the age of technology, just following and watching games on TV and cheers in the stadium is not enough. If you are tired of trying out different fantasy sports apps and want to know the difference between apps similar to dream 11. In this article, We are going to discuss the difference between fantasy app like Dream11, My11Circle, and My team 11. Also, know about how these apps became so popular, and what fantasy sports are? First, let’s start with understanding Fantasy Cricket.

Knowing Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket it’s an online virtual game where we have to make up to 11 members of a virtual player team by selecting real-world players. Once you have created a team you will have to enter the tournaments. You can earn by a live performance of your team players in cricket matches. The better your players perform, the more points you get. To win a tournament the player of your fantasy in a real-life match has to perform well and make maximum numbers of runs. The more runs increase your more points, and it will make the player the highest rank player on the leaderboard. That’s why these betting apps became more and more popular with the audience.

These applications are made for an audience who loves watching cricket as complement these apps bring entertainment to the audience and joy of playing cricket online. With the introduction of 4G internet speed and high-performance smartphones, the craze for online entertainment is increased. Because of online betting apps, people think this is an illegal app, but this is the game of your strategies, skills, and game plan and most important knowledge of real-life players’ gameplay. So, that’s a legal segment. Therefore, many cricket players are promoting this type of gaming platform. If you are also thinking about investing in Fantasy cricket app development. Then by the end of the blog, I am going to share something interesting with you. 

The Three Popular Fantasy Cricket In The Market

With the increase of audience on online fantasy cricket applications some of the applications became more and more popular and had the maximum numbers of downloads. We are talking about Differnence between fantasy app like Dream 11, My11 Circle, and My team 11. Let’s discuss the difference between these applications by knowing their gameplay and different user interfaces.

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Before discussing how to create a fantasy app like Dream11, let’s look at some of its important factors. This is India’s first fantasy cricket gaming application platform. It is dubbed as their leader segment in the market of Indian applications. Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth are the co-founders of Dream 11 in 2008, and it became the premium fantasy cricket application for cricket fans in 2012. More than 1 million users registered on Dream 11 in 2014 and as of 2016 users have increased to 2 million. The estimated count of 2018 is more than 45 million users. According to 2019 calculations, the number of registered users will cross 50 million, and it became the most popular and India’s biggest sports game.

By utilizing their knowledge of cricket users can make their fantasy cricket team with 11 players according to their cricket strategies and skills. Usually, You can say it’s a platform for showing your cricket skills. You can earn points by the performance of your fantasy team players in real-life matches and make the highest rank on the leaderboard. After winning points, you can easily convert them into real money and transfer it to your wallet by an easy step-by-step process.

Dream11 was the first fantasy sports company that made the idea of earning from sports (legally) too much fun and popular. This is why later we saw many Dream11 clone apps in the market. 


Along with Khelchamps, the other popular fantasy cricket application was launched which is known as My11Circle. And like any other Dream11 clone app, it became one of the most popular fantasy sports applications. Bhavin Pandya and Trivikraman Thamy who are the founders of Play games24x7 introduced My11Circle in 2019. As the youngest application segment in the market, it became a challenging app for other fantasy apps like Dream 11 and My team 11. Because it has an easy user interface and a great credit budget. Users can easily be attracted to its easy controls and understanding features.

It also proved that the market has chances for learning more things and the market has less competition. Because of the larger number of cricket fans, it also has national and international cricket tournaments. Users are more excited to play matches and have an international players team. By adding other sports elements into the game. Users from other sports interest backgrounds are also registered to these applications and earn real money. 


If you are trying to play another popular and well-known fantasy cricket application segment we prefer you MyTeam 11. As Dream11 or My11Circle you can easily make your 11 real-life player fantasy team and earn points by their real-life performance and convert the points into real money. You can also enjoy other games not only sports but some different types of games. This makes this app more interesting and entertaining. MyTeam11 can allow users to join different contests or tournaments to win amazing and wonderful prizes and bonuses. If you are not interested or lose your credit points you can easily create your own tournament and make your team easily and play as you want. Because they offer a lot more than regular play it will help you to increase and enhance your overall gaming experience. Vinit Godara created this application, and Sanjit Sihag and the users are rapidly increasing and this application approaches 10 million followers in a very short time. 

Difference between Fantasy app like Dream11, My Circle 11, and My Team 11

The number of users


Develop Dream11

When it comes to the total number of monthly active users, Dream 11 without a doubt is the winner here. According to the founder of the Fantasy Cricket app Dream 11, The application had over 100 million users. The application was launched back in the year 2008. During that time the whole concept of Fantasy Cricket was alien to Indian people. However, they have come a long way since then. 

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My Team 11

Develop MyTeam11 app

Launched in the year 2017, the Fantasy Cricket app is fairly younger than its major competition. Although, by any means, it doesn’t mean that they do not have a large number of users. The popular My Team 11 has over 10 million users by the end of the year 2020. And, they are growing at a great speed too. 

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My 11 Circle

Develop MY11circle app

Endorsed by none other than the ex-caption of the Indian Cricket team Saurbh Ganguli and founded by Bhavin Pandya in the year 2019. The popular Fantasy sports application My 11 Circle has over 10 million users. The app is owned by a famous game development company Games 24*7. The company also operates a gambling game for Rummy. 

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Application’s features

Dream 11

The layout of the app is quite clean. After login via entering your credentials, you can use land on the dashboard or main screen. Here they can access all the features and functionalities the app has to offer. Users can play Fantasy tournaments in Cricket, Football, Basketball, and Baseball. 

It also has a section for checking regular feed updates. Here users can create their own fan following, follow other fantasy players, as well as engage with others. Dream 11 also allows its users to create a group where they can discuss matches and engage with each other. 

My Team 11

When it comes to having a cleaner and modern looking design, My Team 11 is not behind Dream 11. It offers a nice looking layout that allows users to enjoy the app and participate in tournaments without getting annoyed by ads or being distracted by other sparkly things. 

Users can participate in Cricket, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Rugby, and Quiz. This means it has 2 games more than Dream 11. 

However, it doesn’t have a community feature like Dream 11 where users can create groups and such. 

My 11 Circle

With a seamless design and clean interface added with a game selection that allows you to participate and start playing games in no time, My 11 Circle offers some cool functionalities. The application is integrated with many features which makes it stand out from its competitors. 

What’s more to this is it doesn’t matter if you have been playing fantasy sports for the last 4 years or just installed your first fantasy cricket app, the app has some to offer to each of its users. 

Fantasy point system

Fantasy point system

Dream 11

The point system in Dream 11 is similar to the My Team 11 application. The app gives you fixed points based on the performance of your players in real matches. Although, your Caption of the team gets 2x points, as well as the Vice Caption, gets 1.5x points. 

However, the point system changes when you are playing in different tournaments i.e. T20, Test, ODI, and T10. 

My Team 11

As I have said that the pointing system for both fantasy app like Dream11 and the My Team 11 is almost the same. However, there are a few differences such as the bowler gets 22 points when they take a wicket and the batsman gets 1 point when he takes a single run. Once the batsman hits century they are rewarded with 10 extra points.

In addition to all this, if any of your plays get dismissed from the game, 2 points will be deducted from your points. 

My 11 Circle

The pointing system for My 11 Circle is different from the other two on the list. For taking a single run the batsman gets 0.5 points whereas the dismissal points for players are the same: -2 points. Also, when a batsman hits a century they are awarded 8 points. 

For taking a Catch the play is rewarded with 4 points and for run-out, they are rewarded with 6 points. Both the Captain and the Vice-Captain are given 2x and 1.5x points respectively. 

Regular & safe play

Dream 11

Dream 11 used to have a regular playing mode where every user had to create their team before 1 hour from the match time. This way users had to create a team by selecting players those might or might not play in the game. It increases the risk and excitement. 

My Team 11

On the other hand, My Team 11 offers both regular and fast play to their users. They can choose which tournament they want to enter based on their risk profile. 

My 11 Circle

My 11 Circle also offers both safe play and regular play same as My Team 11. The users have all the free choices they need. 

Team composition

Dream 11

Dream 11 allows its users to select up to 4 wicket-keepers, 3-6 batsmen, 1-4 all-rounders, and 1-6 blowers. Based on your strategies and playing style you can make your team. 

My Team 11

The team composition for My Team 11 is the same as it is for Dream 11. This means users can select up to 4 wicket-keepers in their team. WIth at least 3 to up to 6 batsmen. With at least 1 to up to 4 all-rounders. And, up to 6 blowers, you can make your team. 

My 11 Circle

My 11 Circle has almost the same team composition as My Team 11 and the Dream 11. Users are allowed to select up to 4 wicket-keepers, 4 all-rounders, and up to 6 blowers. They are also required to have 2 batsmen at minimum or 4 at maximum. 

Looking for a development company

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