E-Learning Mobile App Development Cost and Features

Every industry has embarked on a digital transformation journey, with something new in the tech world every day. Mobile apps have pushed learning to new peaks with e-learning software, as cellphones have become an indispensable part of our life.

Almost every task may now be accomplished with the use of a mobile application. You may start learning whenever and wherever you choose with e-learning mobile applications.

The nice aspect is that most of them offer features that can be used offline as well. As a result, you do not need a constant internet connection to access these courses.

It cannot be denied that the majority of students spend their time on devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, and other similar devices. These e-learning tools wind up being a fantastic method to make the most of your time.

Furthermore, these programmes are readily available to students, allowing them to take advantage of them without having to worry about exorbitant educational fees.

Over the years, we at Techpathway have gained experience in developing educational learning software, e-learning applications, and other software with enhanced features and performance.

Features That Is Included In Th An E-Learning App

Video-Based Content

Elearning applications for mobile devices are one such platform where students can watch and listen to pre-recorded lectures or module-by-module lessons offered by instructors. Students will have easy access to the classroom at all times of the day in this manner.

Students can use the application function to zoom in on a certain image, continue watching the movie, or even go back if they don’t understand something. The educational app market is at a fork in the road since video-based material is in high demand.

Interactive Workshops and Online Tutorials

Even the mobile app should have the feel and look of a standard web app, allowing you to offer interactive live sessions as well as guided lessons to help students improve their abilities and concepts.

Students have the opportunity to connect with instructors in real-time and ask questions during live tutorials. A ‘chat now’ option might be included in the mobile app, allowing for immediate conversation.

Bulletin Board  

Using bulletin board functionality as a technique to increase learner motivation will be a smart step.


Implementing this improves the app’s effectiveness. Learners can use the app to acquire premium video lecture books and other learning materials.


Notifications are extremely important in determining the success of an eLearning mobile app. Learners can be informed about new videos or materials that have been posted. They can also be notified about any special sessions or activities planned by the tutor for the students.

Payment Integration 

When an application includes numerous payment alternatives, payments may be done quickly and easily.

Tests and Quizzes 

Learning isn’t complete without tests and quizzes; otherwise, there’s no way to know how well a pupil is doing. Because a student may not have access to a laptop or PC, it is not necessary for them to have access to the online application.

In such circumstances, your education app should include a section with mock tests and quizzes based on the modules. Students can test their knowledge on their mobile devices and see if they need to study more in that area based on their results.

Offline mode

Having a stable internet connection might be difficult, especially if your students are in remote rural areas. The application must be constructed in such a way that it can run in offline mode and download modules.


In order to attract the most people and provide a fantastic user experience, eLearning mobile applications are critical. According to studies, kids are fascinated by gamified modes of learning and test-taking.

As a result, incorporating gamification into the digital classroom through the use of digital badges can be a fantastic concept. Students are also encouraged to conquer obstacles by earning badges. Gamification aids a student’s cognitive development while also increasing engagement with an eLearning mobile app.

Analytics in Real-Time

Students, tutors, and parents can use this feature to access e-learning insights and performance reports. The analytics capabilities of the mobile app can include real-time assessment scores, assignment completion time, assignment scoring, and so on.

These elements will offer your app a strategic advantage, but there are a few other features that every eLearning software should have. The features have been grouped into categories based on the type of user.

App Monetization 

Advertisement: You can engage 3rd parties to place advertisements on your app. Advertisers can be charged a commission fee for every ad click.

Subscription/ Premium: Users will pay to access the additional features and functionalities if you opt to start with a subscription-based service and offer a premium edition of your app. For example, the textual content can be provided for free, but students who wish to view videos or participate in webinars must pay.

In-app Purchases: An in-app purchase approach is an effective monetization method that involves charging for unique courses or study materials.

E-learning Mobile Apps– Benefits 

E-learning Mobile Apps Have the Following Benefits:

  • The online method of learning is most ideal for everyone, and the e-learning app development industry has exploded as a result. This sophisticated upheaval has resulted in significant changes in the way content is used, expended, discussed, and shared.

Various authorities working in corporations, as well as housewives, can enrol in online e-learning courses at their leisure.

  • Unlike classroom lectures, you can download the course curriculum several times via e-learning. This is especially important during the hour of correction while preparing for a test.

If you are unable to attend a lecture in the traditional learning model, you must prepare the full topic on your own. In contrast, in e-learning, you can access the desired topics lectures whenever you want.

  • One of the most significant advantages of e-learning is that it assures that you are in sync with other students who are utilising the same platform. This gives the student the ability to access updated content or curriculum as needed.
  • E-learning is a method of delivering short lectures. This mode is somewhat speedy when compared to the typical classroom teaching style.
  • Custom e-learning development is less expensive than traditional instructional methods. The courses are provided swiftly and easily with the use of visuals and videos, allowing learners to grasp the material rapidly.

E-Learning App Development Cost 

Three elements have a key impact in determining the development cost of an E-learning application.

Features and complexity of the application include:

If the programme merely has the most basic features, the costs will be lower when compared. Furthermore, if an app has complex functionality and audio-video integration, it may be expensive.

The following are the platforms on which the app is being developed:

The cost will be lower if the programme is just created for one platform, such as iOS, Android, or the web. On the other hand, if the app is being designed for numerous platforms, the cost would be higher.

Size and location of the development team:

The hourly pricing for developing the application varies by area. Developers in the United States and the United Kingdom charge between $150 and $250 per hour.

Developers in Eastern Europe charge between $80 and $180 per hour.

As a result, Indian developers charge between $20 and $70 per hour, which is the most acceptable pricing.

Furthermore, the overall development cost of E-learning mobile applications is estimated to be between $10,000 and $30,000. The cost of development may rise if sophisticated features are included.


E-learning smartphone apps are becoming increasingly popular, and now is the perfect time for you to join the digital revolution. If you have a great idea for an app and want to make it a reality, hire the best eLearning mobile developers or hire the best app development firm, and get ready to expand.

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