Effective Tips to Generate Sales from Instagram Video Advertisement

Effective Tips to Generate Sales from Instagram Video Advertisement


With the advancement of technology in recent years, online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc have developed rapidly which increases the growth of businesses of all size sand makes it possible to do any promotion of products, services, etc. easily without any difficulty. But it is not easy to increase or generate sales for any Instagram video ads. There are certain effective tips or ways to generate sales on Instagram video ads. In the below-mentioned context, I am going to discuss "What are the effective ways to generate sales on Instagram video ads”.

Effective Tips Required to Generate Sales from Instagram Video Ads

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If one wants to grab the attention of the audience towards him/her through Instagram, then he/she needs to go beyond just publishing photos, and should give preference to videos. Videos drive the highest engagement on this platform (21.2 % more than images). Similarly, video ads generate 7.5X more clicks than display ads. But one most important thing that one should remember is that just publishing any kind of video won't generate any sales. For generating sales, proper effective tips need to be followed while creating video ads.

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Effective Tips Required to Generate Sales from Instagram Video Ads

Effective Tips Required to Generate Sales from Instagram Video Ads

Try to keep the video short and simple:-

One of the biggest mistakes that people make with Instagram. Video ads are that they try to make the video as sophisticated as much they can. They usually try to create long videos with complicated wording in the caption assuming that this will help them to convert better. But this results in causing harm to them. Instead, of creating long videos try to make it short and use wording in the caption like a 5th grader's reading level which results in better communication with the audience and generates sales successfully.

Always use subtitles: –

Using subtitles on the video ads has several reasons. Someone watching the video with the sound turned on won't be able to follow along properly due to lack of proficiency in English or English might not be their first language, some people may be deaf or hard of hearing, and some might mute their devices while watching the video in public places like bus or metro, restaurants, etc. Hence, to make the video more watchable to these people, one has to include subtitles in the video.

Establishing a conversion sent: –

The reason why visual consistency increases conversion is that it gives people an idea of familiarity when they land on the website through an ad When people notice that there is a similarity between the ad and the landing page they will more likely to be converted into a sale or lead.

Create special retargeting videos: –

If one wants to generate more sales, then he/she needs to get very specific about whom he/she is targeting. But if one is retargeting the people who already visited his/her blog or people who have abandoned their cart, he/she needs to create special retargeting videos for the people.

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From the above, we can conclude that if the above steps or tips one follows during the creation of his/her Instagram video ads, he/she is able to generate sales successfully through Instagram video ads.

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