Effective Ways To Lower Mobile App Development Cost

In recent days, it has been seen that mostly businesses are using their own mobile app to engage more users to buy their products and bring them highly customized services that will increase their experience. After all, it is not a low-cost proposal to make a mobile app for your business.

Hence, if you are going to hire an Android developer to create a mobile app for your business, you have to keep this major points carefully in your mind to lower the total cost of mobile app development. Here i am going to mention some of the necessary point which will help you to keep the cost of app development to a least possible.

1-Make great strategy

This is one of the most important key point which you have keep in your mind to start a any new task and is also true when you are going to hire an Android developer to make a mobile app for your company. It is also helpful if you are invent a plan with your other teammates to reach out different ideas and atlast prefer those that you trust will give the customer with the great experience while using your app.

Likewise Inventing plan with your teammates will help you in frequent ways:

  • You have to contain more good ideas as two head is always better than one
  • You should take a different person viewpoint about your own ideas
  • You can take more data to reach at an flagship decision

2-Design First, Build Later

This tip is find as very universal and obvious, but mostly developers didn’t follow this major key point. Before start to writing any code you have a good knowledge of app development. In a very early stage you need to work on the blueprint of app’s interface and workflows.

Sketching is known as one of the easiest ways to get good initial design and also good to find out product requirements. It will really helpful to give you a generous idea of what you are looking for in an app and what kind of combination you want to give the customer.

These points will help you to designing an app and its assignment in such a way that it will indulge all your points. As you have given him a rough sketch of what you want from him, he will complete the task thereby reducing the cost of developing the app automatically.

3. Choose a Good Platform for your App

Mobile app development is a very costly operation and if you are a startup and are looking to reduce costs, then you have to choose the right platform for your app. Mostly Companies build apps for iOS, Android and Windows. After All, if you are short on cash and are looking to cut some in the app development process then we recommend that instead of focus all the three platforms try one only.

If you creating apps for three platforms it will cost you thrice nearly developing it for one platform. So first of all try to find out which platform is liked by your targeted users. After you identified then you have to make an app for that platform to boost the ROI.

4-Outsource your App

Nowadays, the word ‘Outsourcing’ has become more than familiar.

If you are looking a good idea to make your app in-house as you will have more control over the development and design process, it can turn very expensive. If you outsource the app development process for a third party then you have to pay them by the hour while they are making your app, while if you are making the app in-house then you have to pay them only a fixed salary irrespective of the hours which they used to building your app.

In addition of, outsourcing the app development process also has a lot of advantages:

  • You get a chance to work with professional app developers
  • Your cost is lower as you don’t have to pay daily salary to an expert for developing one app for your company
  • You have a option to choose from great many designs

5-MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

MVP known as a development process in which a new stock or website is advanced with good pattern to content early adopters. Last and complete set of features only invent and developed after considering feedback from the product’s initial users.

MVP useful to find out that your app idea will reason thrill among users and make them pay for it. According to demand for your product, you can think of going along and developing secondary set of detailed features. This approach not only manage development cost but also security for your future investment.

Besides, MVP has three key characteristics:

  • It has sufficient value that people are happy to use it or buy it initially.
  • It establish sufficient future benefit to keep early adopters.
  • It arrange a feedback curve to guide future development.

6-Testing the framework

Before you are going to launch your developed app in the market, It is important to know about the flaws. This is useful to save your reputation and also it will cut down on the cost of redesigning and developing the app. To follow this you can test the framework to find out the which part of the app is not working perfectly and then find out the glitch and fix it.

Advantage of Test Automation Framework

  • Code Reusability
  • Maximum analysis
  • Scenario Recovery
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Basic manual effort
  • Easy reporting

7-Don’t make a complex app

Don’t try to do many things with your app. If you are adding more things in your app, then you have to pay more cost in the developmental process. Along with, it will make your app very slow. Only try to focus on major key points which are really helpful to growth your business.

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