How to develop an e-learning app? here is a complete guide

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Mobile devices and tablets become popular platforms for the development of e-learning applications. There has been a huge increase in people using mobile devices to access the e-learning app. Mobile devices provide instant access to e-learning content anytime, anywhere, unlike PCs or laptops.

It also can not be denied that today when most students spending most of their time on smart devices, these educational mobile apps prove to be a great means to utilize this time more productively. At the same time, these apps are financially accessible to students, hence they can easily use them without worrying about the high tuition fee.

Education-based applications are the future and a business idea worth a billion dollars. We create powerful e-learning tools, learning management systems, M-Learning software, and student e-learning applications with powerful features.

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How Mobile Education Apps Are Helping Students

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Today, educational apps are considered as the most interactive and useful way to attract and improve students ‘ productivity. Such applications have made it easy for educators to control their registers, as well as being convenient and easy to use. In addition, students can give presentations, tasks, enhance knowledge of graphic information, take notes, etc. Let’s have a look at how mobile apps help students to learn and complete their homework easily:

1. Learning Without Boundaries

2. Engaged and Interactive Students

3. 24*7 Availability

4. Instant Updates

What We Do

Develop result-oriented solutions

Through understanding client needs, we examine the core functions of the Educational Areas and create results-oriented approaches.

Web-Based Training

Web-based training is no more a hassle. We provide you with complete web-based training solutions as per your specific needs.

Work With Innovation & Technology

By using appealing graphics and content, we design and create web and mobile applications to make our eLearning solutions highly engaging for students. Our professional developers work with the advanced tools to give the software a unique touch to make products better. To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, the latest and best in class models are customized.

Building revenue

We deliver better solutions by offering different training and e-learning programs in our products to generate revenue from e-learning solutions and services.

Maintenance & Support

We provide development, complete maintenance, and support for your web and mobile applications.

Technical Consulting

Our E-Learning industry experts are always ready to help you regarding E-Learning app design and development.

Features of our E-learning app

Student Panel Features

  • Easy sign-in/signup for the students
  • View & Choose Courses with Subscription Plans
  • Can Search Tutors based on various filters
  • Can Contact and Hire Tutors
  • Users can post questions
  • Connect with the tutor through video chat, text chat, or By posting a question
  • Get course certificates

Tutor Panel Features

  • A tutor can easily register themselves
  • A tutor can enhance his detailed Profile
  • A tutor can respond to Questions and Earn Credits
  • A tutor can connect with students via Video or Audio chat
  • Can Receive Notifications, Reviews, and Ratings

Admin Panel Features

  • Manage Users (Add/Edit/Delete Students & Tutors)
  • Manage the Subscription Packages
  • Location (Country/State/City/Zipcode) management
  • Course Catalog, Content & Enrollment Management
  • E-commerce and Subscriptions
  • Manage Questions and Notifications
  • Chats management
  • Can Manage Subjects (Add/Edit/Delete Subjects)
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • Manage sessions/Badges

Benefits of our E-learning solution

Audio & Video streaming

Use immersive on-demand / live video and audio streaming online learning applications to stream your learning classes or live classrooms. This feature allows you to create and watch lessons videos and live streams. Students can rewind and rewatch videos several times if they need it.

Video conferencing

Use a Video Conference Network to connect with your clients. Make learning interactive through live group conferencing.

Asynchronous learning

The mobile learning app provides an environment of asynchronous learning to your students. It is not necessary to take classes at fix time, students can take your classes at any time according to their convenience.


Provide highly interactive mobile training apps to your users through recorded lectures, lessons, and live classroom sessions.

Quizzes and exams

The e-learning app comes with predefined quizzes and you may be able to create your own examinations.


Selling videos, lessons, books or learning products through an integrated e-commerce platform that is fully protected and easy to use.


The ability to provide learning material in different languages is a great advantage to any educational application. This will allow a lot more people to use and learn from your app.

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E-Learning networks made it possible to learn something from anywhere in the world for anyone with an Internet connection or smartphone.

If you are looking to implement an online education based application or enhance an existing one, we are here to help you. At the Tech pathway, we design and develop custom eLearning solutions according to your needs, customers, and objectives. We can help you to create an elegant user interface, develop and test your software to ensure that everything works the way you want it, and integrate it with all related systems and tools.

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