Event Ticket Booking APP Development: Benefits, Features & Cost

If you are running an event booking business, the increasing competition and the trend of online booking event tickets would compel you to come up with an app-based solution.

Digitalization has brought revolutionary changes to our activities, then how Event ticket booking is stay behind. Unlike the traditional booking system, now people don’t require to travel to the booking station. Your customers will surely love to book tickets with a robust event ticket booking app solution. And, here we at Tech Pathway drive best results through a combination of deep understanding of your business requirements and our web & application development expertise.

Features of Event ticket Booking App

There are some basic features a mobile app development company should add in an Event ticket booking app:

Basic Features of User Panel

Location- The location of the user can be identified with the help of GPS technology. The app shows information regarding nearby events and programs based on the user’s location. The user can also manually pick a location to proceed.

Registration and Log-in- Users can register either by mobile number or they can directly register by social accounts. Users have to do their personal information like name, email id, and mobile number.

Filter- This feature allows app users to select events or movies through various options such as the location, time, and reviews.

Event Listing – This feature shows the list of ongoing and upcoming events as well as movies in a particular city or region. The app shows timings and places of events on the basis of filters applied by the app users.

Rating and Review- This feature is specifically for users. Here the app users can give reviews and ratings to the event after attending it. 

Ticket Booking/Download- Users can book event ticket or send the eTicket and mTicket on the email address and mobile number respectively. 

Booking History- This feature helps user to view their previous booking details. 

Booking Screen- It allows users to see their booking and ticket status. In addition, the booking screen will show them the real-time open positions when it comes to selecting the seat, so that users can choose seats according to their preference.

Payment- Users can make payment of their bookings through credit/debit card, net banking, and E-wallets.

You can also add loyalty program and social media integration to enable your users to share their thoughts through a social network. 

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Admin-Panel Features

Dashboard- The dashboard comprises of all information about all bookings, business stats, number of services available, earnings, and so on.

Log-in- The admin can login through the required credentials.

Managing Users and events- In this feature, admin can view active users, listed events or services, and make changes of ongoing service, their venue, time, etc.

Booking Manager and Earnings Manager- Through this, the admin can manage bookings, view the reservations, and also see overall earnings, and manage promotional offers.

Benefits for customers:

  • Open around the clock
  • Last-minute reservation
  • Save time
  • Easy cancellation
  • Quick response
  • Check Ratings & Reviews

Event Ticket Booking App Development Cost- Factors Determining the Cost of Ticket Booking Apps

  • App platform
  • App UI/UX Design
  • Features Integration
  • Mobile wallet integration 
  • App developers

Online ticket booking apps usually have a vast volume of data, images, and videos generated by the user. The development cost of Event ticket booking app depends largely on the features and functionality to be included in the app. An Event ticket booking app with basic functionality will cost you somewhere around $8000-$10000. 

In a nutshell

With the help of mobile applications, we can do almost everything we wish for, in a few clicks. For instance, we can order medicine, food, and online grocery, and buy items, we are also able to get appointments with the best doctors across the world and book flights, cabs, hotels, and tickets for the most entertaining events.

If you are looking for a reliable and cost-efficient mobile app development company to develop an Event ticket booking app for your business, then get in touch with us. Tech Pathway is a top-notch mobile and web app development company, we provide app development services at affordable prices. All you have to do is share your app idea with us and we will develop a mobile application with the same.

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