Fantasy Football App Development: Cost, Features, and Marketing Strategy


Around 400 million people in the world is a big fan of fantasy football in 2017. In the USA and Canada, 70% of people prefer to choose fantasy football from all other sports. 

Fantasy football started in 1963 but fantasy sports don’t make his name at that time because of a lack of technology. But from the end of the last century, technology is gradually increasing and technology is connecting with more and more sports fans and people start choosing up fantasy football. 

All the investors who are looking forward to investing in some sports then fantasy football app development is best to raise their revenue. NFL (National federation league) is a top sports influencer in India. NFL’s revenue is expected to touch $28 billion in 2029.

The business model of a fantasy football app

  • First, the new user needs to sign up the app through email id or from any social media like Facebook.
  • Second, while signing up the app user can do a new start or user can enter the code received by their family, friends, etc. for rewards.
  • Third, to start game users need to enter a league i.e., public league, private league or pro league which for participation users need to pay entry fees and if wins then give the cash payment to the users.             
  • Fourth, the user needs to make a football team.  There are many ways of making a football team i.e., Auction based, serpentine and offline drafting.
  • Fifth, for making a team user has a budget of only $100 million and every player has its own price tag so the user needs to stay in the budget while making the team.
  • Sixth, before the game starts if the user wants any modification he/she can do but the user cannot make any modification after the game starts.
  • Seventh, the user can evaluate the performance of her/his team while playing the game.
  • At last, after the game complete, the player gets points according to their performance and the one whose team points are highest that team will win the league.

Why should people invest in a fantasy football application?

The Football game is the biggest earning source all over the world. This app is full of opportunity for the user, when we join an online game against friends or strangers, we earn from it. There are many features are coming into the marketplace of Whichever app has the best features; users will start using that app for games.

Features for users

  • Home screen- When a user opens the app after sign in, the screen will open that contains all the shortcut of season updates and news and the menu.
  • User profile- A user needs to create a profile in that his/her data is kept. A profile contains all the related data like the total number of matches played, joined and created league and rewards.
  • Player info-  Fantasy football is a skill based game and winning depends on sports strategies. These features provide all the information about the player and by this user can take the best of the best and get a chance to win it.
  • Join league- In this, it allows users to join the different league that is public league, private league, and pro league and participate in the contest.
  • Create league- This feature allows the user to make his/her own league and invite family, friends, to play with them.
  • Drafting team- This feature allows users to make their own team and participate in the league.
  • Reward points- User can earn money if the player scored well and get rewarded. It will help in buying more features for the app.
  • Live Scoreboard- User can stay updated with the game which is going on.
  • Push notification- This feature helps users to stay updated with the news, updates, and activities through notification.

Features of admin

  • Dashboard- Admin is the who requires management to help him to manage the app
  • View earnings- Admin can view the earnings from the app. Also to know about the spending done by the user in the game.
  • Cash prize management- admin can create contests like pool league, submit entry fee amount, play the game and according to their ranks get prizes.

Team members required for a successful fantasy football app development

The team should have the members who can quickly grasp your idea through work effectively and efficiently on a model that will help you to achieve your company goals and objectives.

Structure of a team: –

Technologies to Use

  • Sports API- Goalserve,, Sportsmonks, Entity Esports
  • Payment- Braintree, PayPal, stripe, E-Wallet, E-Banking, PayUMoney
  • Front End- jQuery, Angular, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, Bootstrap
  • Cloud Environment- Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, Salesforce, Cloud Foundry
  • Database- MYSQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, HBase
  • Push Notification- Amazon SNS, Urban Airship.

The revenue model of fantasy football application-

League entry fees– Entry fee covers the largest part of the revenue from a fantasy football app. Some of the best gaming websites are DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo, ESPN. Users love to win and earn prizes, which also motivates them to participate in the Pro league which has an entry fee.

Freemium app– Fantasy football app is free to download. But there are some functions which contain a certain amount of money. These functions increase the user experience. And there are people who spend their money to buy it.

How much does it cost to build the fantasy football app:

In the world, the fantasy football app is very popular. Different countries have different economic systems. In the USA, the hourly development cost is around $150-$200 but in India, it will cost around $30-$90. The overall fantasy football app development will cost you around $25000 to $30000. The fantasy football app is built with a number of features so that will also affect the cost of development.

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