How Much Does it cost to develop a Fantasy Sports App like Dream11


Is it your dream to develop a fantasy sports app for playing online leagues and earn money? 

Then, you’re in the right place!

There has been a high tide storm of fantasy sports game lovers all over the world. The fantasy sports industry has gained immense popularity over the last two decades. The fantasy sports app can be seen as a perfect partner for a sports fan who wants to get involved in sports in any way.

The popularity of mobile app development enables users to play their favorite sport on their smartphones with an unforgettable experience.

Are you planning to develop a fantasy sports app???  It is a good business idea with the highest probability to succeed.

What is Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports are online games that allow players to play a virtual game or a virtual season of any sport. In the sports fantasy app, players digitally collaborate and form a virtual group of real players for an ongoing professional sports activity. These teams compete with each other on the basis of the results of real players in the games. 

How Dream11 works??

Dream 11 is the fastest-growing fantasy cricket league platform. It is also available as an application or in the form of a website. Dream11 is a very popular sports fantasy app in India that allows users to play fantasy games like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Kabaddi and many more.

It is an Indian-based app that allows users over 18 years of age to create a virtual cricket team based on real-time players. The chosen group of players earn points based on their actual field results. The user can win cash rewards and prizes if his virtual team scores the highest. This is the main concept behind the Dream11 Fantasy Cricket app. Team11 and Dream11 allow their users to give wings to their cricket fantasies.

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How to Plan for a Fantasy Sports App?

Here are ways to plan an app:

  • Top Fantasy Sports apps
  • Features of a Fantasy Sports app 
  • Cost of Developing a Fantasy Sports app

Popular Sports fantasy apps are:

  • Dream11
  • MPL( Mobile Premier League)
  • My11Circle
  • Team 11

Features for Website and Application like Dream11

For Users

• Login/Signup

• View player stats

• Profile setting

• My Winnings/ My offers

• Create/join leagues and tournament

• Select tours (upcoming tournaments/leagues)

• Create a team page as per skills/ positions/ formats/points

For Admin

• Admin login

• Manage results and points

• Payment/ Transaction Management

• Fantasy points Management

• Notification and request management

• Manage leagues, player and player assignment

• View and manage lists of users, payment, a transaction with history

“Additional Features that can make your app a hit”

Live Match Score

Users can check live scores for a variety of games and sports.

Live Score API Integration

The API provides easy-to-use, ready-made data for developers that can be easily integrated into their platforms.

CRM integration

The software is integrated with the back-end service provider, it helps to manage tickets, user location, send emails, push notification and seems useful in many other ways.

Push Notification

Alerts and notifications are sent to users to notify them when it’s time to set up a team, when the match starts, etc.

Real-time Analytics

This technology is important in applications when data needs to be captured in real-time. The data is continuously stored and updated in real-time.

GPS Location Tracking

This feature notifies users about upcoming or ongoing matches at their nearby location.

Payment System

Different types of payment modes are available and users can easily make payment by using Debit/Credit Card, Net Banking or e-Wallet.

Innovative technologies that can be incorporated into the Fantasy Sports App Development

Chatbot API Integration

Our expertise in Chatbot development will help you to integrate custom Bot for cricket, football or any sport. Such chatbots will be useful to gather important details for players and current updates. A chatbot is a virtual assistant that allows players to communicate with your application instantly.

Machine Learning-based Algorithm

Machine learning-based algorithms can be developed and implemented on a fantasy sports app platform. This will help Admin to set the odds for app users based on their behavior patterns.

Blockchain-based secure transactions

We are a Blockchain App development company and will help to build a distributed network to track transactions of your fantasy sports business model. It will empower users of the fantasy app and Admin in many areas of payment processing.

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Popular Sports Fantasy Games We Develop :

  • Sports Fantasy cricket app for Android 
  • Fantasy Football-Soccer app 
  • Fantasy Basketball mobile app 
  • Fantasy Hockey app development
  • Fantasy Kabaddi mobile app development
  • Fantasy mobile application for Golf
  • Fantasy Rugby mobile app

Why Tech Pathway for Sports fantasy app development?? 

  • Our gaming platform comes with massive scalability, it is capable of handling millions of users.
  • We serve in this industry for many years, and we know the rules and laws of all continents.
  • Our Sports platforms are secure and reliable.
  • As a team of domain experts, we have delivered different kinds of sports fantasy apps with all possible gameplay variations.
  • We provide free deployment and guaranteed approval.
  • Affordable cost of fantasy app development.

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Tech Pathway is the leading mobile app development company. We have many years of experience in building mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. 

We have dedicated and experienced developers, designers, QA, project managers, and business analysts to create high-performance fantasy sports applications with creative designs and deliver high-quality applications on time.

If you are going to develop a fantasy Sport app, we are here to help you. We have developed a Sports fantasy app development platform.  

The development cost of our Fantasy Sports Application is somewhere around $2500-$5000. We will deploy your Sports Fantasy App within the timeline of 25 days.

Want to know more about our Sports Fantasy App???

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