Fitness App Development|10 Must-have Features before Developing a Fitness App


Fitness App development is a great startup idea, mainly for people who have expertise in this domain. The popularity of fitness and lifestyle apps is on the rise as more and more people today are becoming health-conscious. Are you looking for fitness app development for a startup? Then, this is the perfect time to enter in this industry.

To develop a user-friendly app for a startup, take a look at some essential features that your fitness app developer must include:

A personalized experience

When it comes to tracking the activity of the user and further determining the health of the user, the application requires personal information such as age, height, gender and weight of the user. It helps in determining the exact details.

 You may include features like:

  • Planning personalized exercise routines
  • Saving the statistics he/she gets
  • Setting goals
  • Comparing the performance/progress

Geolocation Integration

This feature allows the user to track, build and record his/her walking routes. Your fitness tracking app will create an invincible place in the hearts of its users by using this tool, as it will allow them to monitor their fitness progress over longer periods of time.

Push Notifications 

Anyone who regularly works out would never want to skip a session. However, keeping up with busy lives; it drops out of our minds sometimes. In such situations, it may be very helpful to have a push notification from the app to remind us of our workout.

This is the reason why many mobile app development companies are investing a lot of capital and time in the notification system.

Note: Pushing too much of the Push Notifications might annoy your users; they might even quit your app to never come back.

Workout Programs

A variety of workout programs based on different levels, i.e. beginner, intermediate and advanced, is another essential feature of the fitness application. 

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Music in the gym and fitness stations makes it more fun to lose calories, right? What if in a mobile app you could get the same feeling? Mobile app developers can easily add fun features into the fitness app’s processing with the gamification concept, making it more engaging. It can increase the user engagement and retention rate by integrating various elements such as Badges, Rewards, Leaderboards, and Progress bar.

User Interface (UI)

The best part to notice is that the fitness app must have a user interface that is smooth and engaging. This is the must-have feature of a fitness mobile app development company should include.


This feature is useful for users who climb stairs instead of going with escalators. The feature measures the stairs climbed and the change in height (altitude).

This feature is also useful during jogging or running to measure the efforts that have been made and the result that has been determined.

Wearable Device Integration/Multi-device synchronization

Another important feature that plays a vital role in the development of fitness apps is wearable device compatibility, allowing users to connect with different external devices properly. Users can keep track of their activities and exercise routine by connecting the application to wearable devices. Tracking and keeping an eye on their daily exercise schedule will be easy for users. 

Water tracker

Apps for fitness tracking can include water tracker feature and take advantage of it. Water is a very essential yet neglected element of our diet. We all know the fact that approximately 60% of our body is made of water. A human body needs 2-3 liters of water per day. This app reminds users to drink water and stay hydrated throughout the day. 

Customized Diet Plans

Customized diet plans are one of the most important features a fitness app development company needs to include in the fitness app. It will allow users to create a customized diet plan according to their body needs. By introducing this feature, you can allow app users to keep an eye on their food intake. This will allow them to monitor their calorie intake in real-time and the exact body requirement.

Online consultation & chat

In the absence of a trainer, exercise is difficult. The user may have lots of queries about various exercises. An online consultation & chat feature will support your users in such cases. Via online consultation, users can get answer any of their questions at any time. Additionally, with the chat system, users can speak to their work out buddies and can share their experiences and progress.

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For both users and developers, the review page is very useful. Through collecting feedback, developers can easily find out what problems users face when using the app, what the fitness application’s shortcomings are, and how they can work to improve customer experience.

Now,  as you know the features that could make your fitness app popular and useful, take no time to plan the process and invest in the process of development. If the project plan is ready, but you are still confused about the development cost of the fitness app, Tech Pathway team would be happy to assist you. Our experts understand your market needs and suggest the best tech stacks to be included in your development project as well as the cost of building a fitness app.

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