Google Express:- A complete guide of Shopping Service From Google

Google Express:- A complete guide of Shopping Service From Google

One of the best things in today’s world is to purchase items like groceries, dresses, electronics items, and much more. In the digitalized world, online shopping from mobile apps as well as websites makes the users’ life very easy. As people, there is no need to step out to get their favorite items. 

So, if you are a citizen of the USA and want to purchase items online from the retailers then this blog shares you about a complete guide of shopping service from Google Express.

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What is Google Express?

Google Express is an on-demand delivery service powered by Google where the users can place their orders from stores like Walmart, Target, Costco, Walgreens, PetSmart, and many more. Identically, Google Express was launched in San Francisco, on September 25, 2013. Google provides an easy to use User Interface where the users can interact with its websites and applications. And it is available in both Android or IOS app store. And now Google Express provide their services across the US states and has continued to grow. 

How do I place an order from Google Express?

Unlike the Grocery Delivery services like Amazon, there is no requirement for any membership fee or the long term commitment. If you want to place an order from Google Express, then you have to visit the Google Express website or the Google Express App to start browsing products and make your first purchase. 

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free if your order is above the minimum. Different stores have different shipping rates. It depends on which city you live in and you can expect that your purchase will arrive at your home within 3 days. If you don’t enough items that meet the minimum amount which qualifies for free shipping. Then you have to pay a small order services fee of $4.99. 

Which stores can users shop from?

As we mentioned earlier, Google Express is a marketplace platform that connects all the buyers to their sellers. Google Express provides B2C programs for 50+ merchants of local and nationwide retailers. Google Express has some best retailers such as Walmart, Walgreen, Target, Costco, PetSmart, and Fry Electronics overstock. Local Merchants are also available here like Tennessee, Kohl’s, Road Runner Sports, Sur La Table, L’Occitane, Guitar Center, and Payless ShoeSource.

Google Express serve their delivery services in the selected areas of the USA. But to compete with the top shopping marketplace like Amazon and eBay, Google Express expands its reach to every metro area in the USA. 

According to research, Google Express covers more than 90% of the USA population. Now, this service is also available in Chicago, Boston, and Washington.

Want to sell products on Google Express

If you want to sell your products on the Google Express, then you must follow these easy steps:-

  1. Before selling your products on Google Express, you need to sign-up in the Google Shopping Action Programs.
  • After the approval, the sellers need to set up their store. You can select the product that you want to sell through Google Shopping Programs.
  • Afterward, you can upload the banners and logo of your storefront. Provide all the necessary information like payment details for receiving payments and for invoicing.
  • Make sure, you are collecting the sales tax in the right amount from each user where you deliver. Set up your shipping details, price of your products, default return policy, and return address.
  • Provide your email address, if there is any issue Google Customer Team will contact you.
  • Provide your URL for the privacy policy. Google will review your URL and ensure that your policy meets their requirements for sharing the user email address.
  • Review and accept the Shopping Actions Merchant Program Addendum and it will provide you the commission rate schedule.
  • All the orders can be viewed from the Google Merchant Center Order page or you can also use GoDataFeed’s Order Sync tool to get orders in the shopping cart platform.

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Benefits of Merchants in Google Express

  • Local Integration:- It offers to the local store owners with local integration options. Local stores require to enter all the products and inventory details via the product and inventory feeds. Google manages all the shipping of these items. If you run a small scale business, then you can increase its reach easily.
  • Customer Service:- Google offers Customer Service Support to users. All the issues regarding customer service are handled by the Google customer support channel.
  • Google Training:- Google provides training for the process of uploading the inventories and order packing.
  • Cost:- A monthly commission invoice will be delivered by Google to the retailer of completed sales.
  • Centralized cart:- With Google shopping, the customer purchases their items from different retailers that are being taken out to the individual retailer’s website to complete a purchase. But now it makes it easier for the users. It offers a centralized cart to add items. The customer will automatically redirect to the delivery address page by clicking the checkout option available on the cart page.

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Wrapping Up

So, we have discussed the complete details of Google Express. Google Express helps the customers to purchase from different retailers with very little effort. The customer can shop from multiple stores by using the Google Express mobile app or websites. It helps retailers to enhance the visibility of the retailer’s products, boost your sale, and in return sellers need to pay commissions only for their conversions.

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