A complete guide to Dream 11 clone app development

drem 11 clone app development

By the 21st century, people’s dependence on electronics was so much that no one could have imagined their life without them.

Now it is the year 2021 and the Internet has taken over most of the aspects of our lives. Entrepreneurs saw this as an opportunity and started many businesses around the idea of delivering people things they desired.

Be it an on-demand food application or Fantasy sports application, all of them have the basic idea of allowing people to get things they need directly from their mobile.

Some of the applications are there to allow people to get spotlights as well as make money. Fantasy sports applications such as Dream 11   are the same.

The only difference here with traditional ways to earn money via betting on matches is that it is legal.

Soon after its launch, the application gained some serious spotlight. In a country like India where Cricket is considered equal to religion, everyone saw a chance to make money while enjoying their favorite sport.


Dream 11 is one of the first few Fantasy sports apps with over 20 million active users. 

Soon after becoming famous, Dream 11 added other sports such as Football, Kabaddi, and Hockey.

Other than adding more games, they also added more cool features and functionalities to allow people to participate in contests more efficiently. 

If you are also someone who is looking to invest in a Dream 11 clone application but not sure how to get started then keep reading.

Today we are going to share a complete guide to Dream 11 clone app development. Here we will discuss features, panels, technology stack, development cost, and how to choose a perfect development company.

So, without any delay, let’s get started with A complete guide to Dream11 clone app development. 

What is Dream 11?

Dream 11 is a fantasy sports application founded by Bhavit Sheth and Harsh Jain in the year 2008 that allows players to create their own team consisting of 11 players (might be different) and participate in contests. 

  • Once the user has created their team and participates in a contest they will be charged with a small entry fee. The entry fee from every participant is collected in a pool and given as a reward to the winners. 
  • After the match starts, each player earns points based on their performance in the real match. If you have chosen that player in your team then you will earn points. 
  • Once the match is completed, your total points will be compared with other participants in the contest. Whoever might be the winner as well as runner up, gets all the prize money after Dream 11 takes their 20% commission. 
  • Any user can also create their own contests and invite their friends and family to compete against each other. In addition to this, other users can also join their team. 

What is the Dream 11 clone?

Dream 11 clone app is a term used to describe a ready-made script or ready to use solution that can be used to create your own Fantasy sports app.

The application script is already built-in with all the Dream 11 features that the original application has. 

How does the Dream 11 clone work?

Once you have developed an app like Dream 11 you will have to publish it on the play store as well as on the App Store to target both Android and iOS users respectively.

Before getting any further in the blog, let’s look at How does the Dream 11 clone app work:

  • Users can sign up on the app using their email ID, and mobile number. 
  • Once the registration is completed, they can log in to their profile. Users will receive some cash reward on their first-time registration. 
  • After logging into the app, they will land on the dashboard. Here they will be able to access and control all the functionalities of the app. 
  • Users will have the choice to find contests or create their own. 
  • Now, they can create their team to participate in the contests. The team will be up to 7 or 11 players (as you want). They will be given almost 100 points which will be used to purchase players. The better player users will purchase the more points they will have to spend. 
  • Once the user has created and finalizes their fantasy team, they will be asked to pay for their tournament fee. The tournament fee will be deducted from the user’s bank account. 
  • Each user will have limitations to the total number of teams they can join as well as the earning they can earn from per contest. 
  • Once the match starts the user will only have to wait and pray that the players they have purchased play well. After the match ends, all the players will be reward points based on their performance. Users with the highest number of points will win the tournament and money will be distributed to their accounts. 

Business model of the Dream 11 Clone app

Before you invest in the development of the Dream 11 clone app, knowing about their business model is important. 

As I have already mentioned above, each user has to pay their participant fee before entering the contest.

This money can be anything from 10 to 50 to 100 rupees. Depending upon the total entry fee and the total number of participants, the prize money will vary. This means the higher you invest the more you will earn. 

What’s more to this, you can also offer some extra cash up to 500,000 rupees for players. This will attract more. 

How am I going to pay the bills, you asked? 

From each pool of money that is gathered by participants, you can take up to 20% as platform charges to pay for your bills. 

This means, depending upon the total number of users your application will have the more your app will generate the revenue. 

Things to know before starting on a Dream 11 clone script

You can invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in the Fantasy Cricket app development but it won’t guarantee success.

To get the success you want there are a few things that you should know about before starting on a Dream 11 clone script. 

1. Research

Before spending a single buck from your pocket, you should java complete market research. It is the number 1 step towards getting into any business.

This research will conclude the most essential features of the application and why the app is in high demand. 

Once you have completed the proper research, only then you will be able to achieve your business goals. 

2. Planning

Once you are done with the research of the app. The next step toward your app’s success will be planning.

Same as the research, planning is also an essential part. However, while focusing on the planning part, you should be very careful with all the lists that you will be making.

The list will include target audience, sports, team members, budget, launch date, development company, and other important factors. 

3. Choosing platform

Choosing the right platform for your fantasy cricket app development is crucial. If you have completed the second step carefully.

Then you will not face any issue while completing this stage. If you want to target all of the smartphone users then investing in both iOS app development as well as Android app development is important. 

In addition to this, you can always create an on-demand website to reach more users.

4. Terms & Condition

Because you are the one who is going to handle everything related to the development, making the rules for the users about the game will also come on your shoulder.

However, you should be considerate while creating rules, too difficult and no one will play the game. On the other hand, it’s too easy and users will start complaining. 

If you are not sure which format or set of rules to adapt then you can choose from the Dream 11 app. 

5. Marketing

Marketing is the backbone of every business. Unless people would not know about your app, no one’s gonna install your app.

You can try combining both offline and online marketing techniques to increase your user base. Hiring a digital marketing team like Tech Pathway will also help you along the way and reach your target customer base. 

How to develop your Virtual Game Platform with Dream 11 clone app

To develop your Virtual game platform with the Dream 11 clone app, first, you will need to hire a mobile app development company.

1. Hire a development company

The right answer to your how to create a fantasy app like Dream 11 is to hire a development company to do it.

Hiring any company won’t do the magic. While hiring a company you should be careful about the communication, experience, and development cost.

Once you have selected a mobile app development company, the next step will come. 

2. Choose the features

Once you have selected a Fantasy cricket app development company. You will have to select the features you want in your app.

Although, remember that the more features you will be choosing the more your development cost will be. 

3. Choose Tech Stack

Choosing the right tech stack for your mobile fantasy cricket app development is important. Too old tech will make your app unreliable and too advanced might cause some imbalance. So, finding the perfect balance between both will be the way to go. 

4. Development stage

Once you have selected over the tech stack for your app. The process will go in the development stage.

During this stage, the MVP for the app will be created based on your preferences. The actual app development also happens during this stage. 

5. Testing

The final development stage for any app development project is testing. A whole lot of testing. You will have to test your mobile app on every possible module of android and iOS to ensure that your app is bug-free and support all the available devices in the market. 

6. Publishing

After you are done with the testing stage, it will be time to publish the app on the App Store and the Play Store.

Once you have published the app, you can run all the advertisements, and campaigns to get people to know about your Fantasy cricket app. 

Distinguish features of Dream 11 clone app

There is so much going on when it comes to the features of the Dream 11 clone app. However, like everything else, this too can be divided into categories.

There is a user panel where users access and use the app and the other one is the admin panel which gives the control of the app and its content to the admin. Let’s look at the user panel as well as the admin panel. 

A. User Panel

1. Registration

Once the user has installed the app for the first time, they can register themselves on the platform using this feature. The user will be required to enter an email ID and his/her mobile number to register. 

2. Sign in

Once the registration process is completed, they can sign in onto the platform from here. The user will have to enter their credentials to log in to the account. 

3. Dashboard

After login into the account, the user will land on the dashboard. From here they will be able to navigate through the complete application.

In addition to this, the platform will also show all the kinds of information including live score ongoing and upcoming matches.

The user will also be able to access their profile and other features of the application. 

4. Search contest

The User can search for a contest to join from here. The fantasy cricket app will also have a search filter that will allow the user to search for the tournament based on their preference. 

5. Join contest

Once the user has found a tournament that he/she wants to join, they can do so from here. 

6. Create team

After joining the tournament they will be asked to create a fantasy cricket team. The user can choose from players that they think will be playing in the match. 

7. Payment gateways

Once the team creation stage is complete, they will have to pay the entry fee to join the tournament. 

8. My contest details

This feature will allow you to check all the contests you have joined in the past and the ones you are currently participating in. 

9. My profile

My profile feature will allow the user to check their profile. This will let them also edit their current information if they wish to do so. 

10. Upcoming matches

This feature will allow them to check all of the upcoming matches. 

11. Create own contest

The users will also be able to create their contests based on their preferences. After creating the contest they will be able to invite their friends to join the contests. 

12. Withdrawal 

This feature will allow the user to withdraw their winning amount. Although, they will have to maintain a minimum of 200 rupees amount to withdraw their money. 

13. Settings

The user can check the settings of the application and edit them. The setting will show features like push notifications, languages, themes, and such. 

B. Admin Panel

1. Login

The admin can log in to their account from here. They will be required to enter their login credentials. 

2. Dashboard

The dashboard feature will allow the admin to check all the features of their panel. They will also be able to perform different kinds of tasks from here. 

3. User Management System

The user management system will allow the admin to control, manage, edit, add, or remove all the users registered on the app. 

4. Match Management System

The match management system will allow the admin to manage all the running and upcoming matches. 

5. Games Different Category Management

Different category management will allow you to manage all the games that users can play. If you decide to add a new game or delete an existing one, the admin will be able to do that too. 

6. Earning Management

Earning management will allow the admin to manage everything related to earning and revenue. In addition to this, the admin will also be able to check whether which source is generating more revenue and which is not. 

7. Rewards and Cashback Management

The admin will be able to manage all the rewards and cashback they have on the app. 

8. Payment Request Management

The payment request management feature will allow the admin to manage all the withdrawal and payment requests made by the user. 

C. Additional features

Additional features will allow extra functionality in the app. Let’s take a look at what are these different features. 

1. Integration of APIs

Different kinds of APIs are required to make your Fantasy Cricket app development work. For example, you will need a Google and Facebook API to allow direct login to your platform using Facebook and Google accounts. Also, you will be needing a live score API to offer live score checking to your users. 

2. Live Match Score

The user will be able to check the live score of the application using this feature. 

3. Real-time Analytics

Real-time analytics will allow the user to manage the data recording, uploading, and other things in real-time. 

4. GPS Location Tracking

GPS location tracking will allow the tracking of the location of any user that has the app installed in their smartphone. 

5. CRM integration

CRM integration is the tool to provide service to the business customers or in your case your app’s users. This will allow you to manage all the complaints and feedback and work on them. 

6. Push notification

The push notifications will allow you to manage all the push notifications. 

Advantages of developing an app like Dream 11

Several facts make investing in the Dream 11 clone development beneficial for your bank account. Let’s look at those benefits:

1. Legitimate app

The number one benefit of having a Dream 11 app is that you will not be violating any laws against betting or gambling.

Fantasy sports is a loophole that makes it technically legal and allows you to let your users bet their money on the chances by using their skills. 

2. Unique business model

Dream 11 is still a unique and new business model which makes it an amazing investment option.

Building a complete platform including a website and mobile app will allow you to stay ahead or even outside the competition.

And, since the concept is new people are eager to jump on the next amazing Fantasy cricket app. This makes growth and stability much easier. 

3. Endless events

Other than IPL, Cricket is played almost every single month of the year. And, when there is no big cricket match happening anytime soon, other games like Football or Kabbadi are always there.

So, to sum it up, you are never going to go out of ideas of earning money as long as you keep up with the trend. 

4. The immense number of users

I can say for the fact that Cricket is like a religion in our Country. And, there are millions of people who follow that religion. This means you will be able to access a huge pool of users after launching your app. 

Strategies for successful growth in Dream11 Clone App Development

There are 3 major strategies that you will have to follow to make your fantasy sports app investment a success among the competition. Let’s look at those strategies:

1. A single stop for all fantasy sports games

One of the best ways to target all the potential users and make them try out your platform is to have all of the fantasy sports games on your platform.

Although, I do understand that you cannot add so many games otherwise the app will become unstable.

But what you can do is, add the top 5 most popular games. You can have Football, Cricket, Kabaddi, Hockey, and Badminton. These 5 games are going to attract almost 80% of the complete fantasy sports market. 

2. Development for both Android & iOS

You can also invest in the development of both Android & iOS apps. This way you will not have to worry about losing on any user base. Android covers almost 79% of the market whereas iOS covers almost 21% of the market. 

3. Website

After launching the app for both Android & iOS, investing in website development might seem like a waste.

But, let me assure you that it isn’t. Having a website with your mobile app will allow you to stand out from the crowd and keep the gap between you and the competition wider. So, remember that investing in a responsive and interactive website is a must. 

Why choose the stand-alone app?

We have more than 10 years of experience with building software, mobile applications, and websites. And, our main focus is always on quality product delivery.

We focus on one of the best available custom-made solutions to help your business grow in a short span of time while spending within their budget. We are a fantasy cricket app developer. 

Dream 11 clone app development is one of our finest products that are available for anyone to purchase.

fantasy app development cta

The solution is integrated with all of the latest technologies to allow entrepreneurs like you to start a fantasy sports journey. 

What’s more to all this is that we have developed a white-labeled solution. This solution will allow you to add or remove any feature you want if required. Let’s look at some of the key points:

  • Mesmerizing UI & UX Design 
  • Open Customization
  • Budget-friendly features
  • On-time deployment
  • 24*7 year-long support
  • Marketing consultation
  • seo
  • Regular Analytics Reports
  • App Store Publication
  • Security compilation 
  • Different payment gateways

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