How to Develop an App like Headspace


Today, smartphones have influenced every aspect of our lives and have both positive and negative impacts. Many claims that we are distracted by our smartphones. But what if I suggest it depends on how you use it?
Look at meditation apps, Some of them such as the Headspace app or Calm, reached more than 10,000,000 downloads nowadays. These apps are an example of how your smartphone helps you to stay focused, restful, and productive all day long. Meditation is an extreme form of concentration. This allows the mind to focus on one thing and separate you from all worldly things. It gives you all the inner peace and refreshment needed to perform the daily task.

After reading the article, you’ll find out the answers to a lot of questions, such as… What is a mindfulness app? How to develop meditation apps? Cost to develop the meditation app? And so on!

What is meditation apps?

Close your eyes, relax, calm down, and talk about nothing … This way, every meditation seems to begin. Meditation is becoming popular because everybody has a stressful life, whether it’s children, teens, or adults, almost all of the people in their lives face pressure. Talking about children, they have the pressure of learning while young people and adults face their career and work stress. Therefore, through sessions, everyone needs guidance in meditation. Amid the bustle of daily life and constant stress, meditations are particularly relevant. Thanks to meditation apps like Headspace and Calm. 

What are the benefits of meditation?

  • Stress reduction
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improve sleep disorder
  • Better brain function

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Convert your Meditation app idea into a successful application?

In this thriving self-care industry, developing a meditation app like Calm app or Headspace appseems to be a great idea. To develop a successful Meditation application it is necessary to know what type of stress and anxiety people are facing.

If you have any questions about how much does it cost to build a meditation app like Headspace or Calm, how to make money with a meditation app, just fill out our contact us form.

Features of the Meditation Apps like Headspace

Profile Creation

Unlike other applications, you have to submit additional information in meditation apps like:

  • Age of the user
  • The Time they would be able to invest in the app in a day
  • If they would like an email reminder of the newsletter and the course
  • (Optional) Their understanding of their stress level

Introductory course

Add an introductory course, it helps users to get to know how meditation and mindfulness process works. Making courses is typically the most cost-effective thing for Headspace like app development. So what we suggest is to incorporate ready-made courses within the app or you can add  YouTube links in the app.

Session sets

An essential feature that you can consider while developing a mindfulness app is a session on different topics like stress, stress management, insomnia, depression, happiness, peace, relaxation, forgiveness, walking meditation, and more. These sessions will help people to fight against depression.

Audio and video playback

In addition, the audio and video function would be an important part of the session sets. It allows users to record voice/video of their meditation practice to see how their breathing has changed from day one to now.

Push notifications

Push notification plays an important role when it comes to keeping users engaged and connected with your application. You can send reminders that it is time to start meditation, encourage users to visit the Discovery List, and report on various types of promotions (such as the subscription costs in honor of a specific holiday).

Activity tracking

It helps users to know their daily time that they spend on mediation, listening to music, reading stories or listening sessions. They can even track their progress and compare it to know whether they have improved or not.

In-App purchases

This feature allows users to pay for subscriptions or purchase advanced features of the application through an in-built in-app purchase option.

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Revenue Model of Meditation Apps Like Headspace

Subscription: Headspace offers 10 free lessons and if you want more, you have to buy subscriptions plan:

  • $12.99 per month
  • $94.99 per year

In-App purchase: This is another way to earn money. The essence is simple: creating a free application and adding interesting paying sections to it: a special collection of meditations, cool sound effects, beautiful animations, etc.

Advertisements: These days, mobile ads are the easiest and most common way to generate revenue. All you need to do is to show advertisements inside your mobile apps and get paid from ad networks. You will get paid every time the ad is displayed, per click on an ad, or when a user installs the advertised app.


Generally developing an app like Headspace would cost you around $12000-$15000, depending upon what features you want to add. There are some factors that affect the cost of an application:

  • Mobile platform(Android or IOS)
  • App features
  • UX/UI design
  • Application size
  • Quality

Summing up

With the increasing demand for meditation application, meditation app development seems a good idea for startups and entrepreneurs. Are you looking for well-skilled developers to create meditation apps? 
The Tech Pathway team would be pleased to provide you the best solution with the top-level service provided by our vast experience and expertise. We are willing to discuss your idea of developing the meditation app and offer the best ways to bring it to life.

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