On-demand Healthcare Mobile App Development: Types, Trends, & Features

On-demand Healthcare Mobile App Development: Types, Trends, & Features

Healthcare apps have become a big part of the doctor and patient relationship, doctors use healthcare applications to monitor their patient’s health. Although developing a healthcare app is not an easy task therefore if you are not someone from the technical field you should not try to develop one. Whether you are looking to develop for your already established hospital or a new startup and wondering how much does it cost to develop a healthcare app and what company you should hire, then let me walk you through the whole process and break down key steps such as cost deciding factors. Welcome, today we are going to share with you how much  does  it cost to develop a On-demand Healthcare Mobile App Development.

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Types of healthcare apps

There are two main types of healthcare app 

Professional healthcare app

  • Medical reference & database apps: Medical reference
    On-demand Healthcare Mobile App Development. Mobile applications contain the whole database about the disease, medicines, and how they should be prescribed.
  • Professional networking apps: These types of applications are like social media for doctors where doctors can share news, knowledge, and grow as a professional community.
  • Patient medical health tracking apps: Doctors use these applications to track their patient health such as sugar level, blood pressure, etc.
  • Doctor appointment & clinical assistance apps: These types of applications can be used to make appointments with doctors and in case of emergencies doctors can also connect with patients using video call or voice call features.
  • Telehealth mobile apps (doctor-on-demand apps): Doctor on-demand applications are in trend since not everyone can afford to spend the time to make a doctor’s appointment just to take advice. In such cases, doctor on-demand apps connect doctors with users whenever they need it.

Patients healthcare app

  • Patient medical education apps: These apps track patient health and keep previous records.
  • Diagnosis apps for preventive purposes: These apps are used for the prevention of further risks to patient health.
  • Healthy lifestyle apps: Applications like this keep users healthy by tracking their daily activities such as gym time, sleep time, walking, and running.
  • Monitoring apps for chronic conditions: These applications monitor users’ chronic conditions such as diabetes and others.
  • Meditation/mind health apps: These applications help the user to keep clam minds, sleep peacefully, and meditation.
  • Calories tracking apps: These applications track user’s daily calories intake.
  • Women healthcare application: These applications help women during pregnancy, feeding, and during the monthly calendar.

The market trend with mobile healthcare applications

According to PriceWaterhouseCoopers research 

  • 56% of physicians rely on healthcare mobile applications in order to make medical decisions for patients.
  • On-demand Healthcare Mobile App Development
  • 39% of professionals believe that a health mobile application helps to reduce the time consumed in administrative tasks.
  • 36% of healthcare workers think that they can improve their interaction with patients by using health applications.

Features of a Medical mobile application

User Panel

  • Register
  • Login
  • User’s Profile including Name, Age, Weight, Height, and Sex
  • As well as Special Healthcare Functionality for critical patients
  • Access to device hardware such as Camera, Microphone, and other devices
  • In-app GPS and Calendar to track the location and reminders
  • In-app chat, call, and video call feature in case the user wants to connect with the Doctor or an expert
  • Payment methods for advance features and app monetization
  • APIs and Integration with Social media such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter
  • Smooth UI & UX for better user experience
  • Push notification to send new offers and deals

Doctor Panel

  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • Select patient
  • Calendar
  • Check the record of patient past health such as heart rate, calories consumption, blood purser, pulse, and glucose level.
  • In-app call and chat feature
  • Push notification
  • Payment method
  • APIs and Integration with Social media such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter
  • Smooth UI & UX for better understanding of reports and charts

Admin Panel

  • Analytic tools
  • Content management system
  • User management system
  • Payment Methods
  • Push notification management system

Technology Stack for your healthcare app

  • For frontend- Web – React, Redux, WebRTC; as well as for iOS – Swift;  for Android – Kotlin.
  • Push Notification – WebSockets
  • Backend – Python, Django, Django Rest, and deployed in the cloud (AWS).
  • Twilio and Stripe were connected via SDK.
  • For data protection – HIPAA compliance
  • To store the encrypted data – PostgreSQL

How much it will cost to develop your mobile healthcare application

The final design and development cost will depend upon the following factors

  • The location of a developing country: Choosing an India based company rather than choosing a USA based company will be cheaper with compromising the quality and efficiency. Developing a
    On-demand Healthcare Mobile App Development.
  • The complexity of the app: The total number of features will determine the complexity of the app and the more complex your app development will be the more its cost will be.
  • The UI and UX of the app: Additionally, If you want your application’s layout and user interface to be smooth and user-friendly than the cost will be accordingly. In other words, the more user-friendliness you want your app the more you will have to pay.
  • The total number of platforms your app will run: However, If you want your app to run on both iOS applications and Android applications platforms then it will cost you more.

Identically, The total development cost of your mobile healthcare app will be almost anywhere between $5,000 to $50,000 dollar depending upon features and the number of platforms you want.

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Looking for a company to develop your mobile healthcare application

Identically, If you are looking for a development company then let me suggest a good one, In other words Tech Pathway is one of India’s top leading software development companies. As well as our team has prior experience in developing On-demand Healthcare Mobile App Development for both Android applications and IOS applications.

Here’s what we offer:

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