Hire Car Wash Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

Ever since the advent of mobile phones and app development, life has grown easier. Mobile phones are more than simply luxury goods that could be seen from your pocket; with their enormous capability, they help us all satisfy our demands and requirements with only a few clicks. You could relax back in the luxury of your rocking chair and accomplish nearly any daily job with a few touches.

Today, there is an app for virtually every imaginable activity or service one can think of. No industry is left out that does not have an app for its services.

When it comes to car wash mobile app development, cars, in all honesty, are an apparent need in our daily lives. They are used for such long stretches of time on a regular basis that it is obvious that it attracts dust and other pollutants from the polluted surroundings, which may result in an unidentifiable occurrence.

Attempting to take care of your vehicle is like taking proper care of a child, and maintaining it is a must since, as they say, “cars don’t come cheap.” One could always maintain their automobile at home, but at a certain point, a professional should be called in.

Take a step back, and relax – for, with the introduction of car wash apps, you no longer need to clear your itinerary or be expected to work for hours as you did previously. You don’t even need to put together your toolbox. The capabilities of a car cleaning app make the entire procedure quite simple. From the perspective of a consumer, the procedure of utilizing car wash app services is incredibly simple and user-friendly.

If you’re thinking of developing a car wash mobile app and want to know how much it will cost, you’ve come to the perfect place. This brief but comprehensive guide will lead you through the expenses of building and constructing a carwash, and the features of the same.

Features of a Car Wash Mobile App

Once it comes to developing a car wash mobile app, several unique elements must be included. Should you want to proceed with the creation of a car wash app for your company, ensure there are no gaps in the functionality.

The Customer Panel:

    • Sign-up/Login- This is the very first area that users will encounter. They may sign up for the app using their social media network and email credentials.
    • Place Service Request- Customers can submit a request for vehicle washing based on the solutions offered by various service providers.
  • Select Automobile Location- Users may choose the location of the car that needs to be serviced and washed. As a result, professionals may plan for cleaning properly.
  • Choose a Package and Services- Users may choose from the many service providers’ packages and services, and then choose the best one that meets their budgetary needs.
  • Check Technician Availability- The customer can check with the technician to see whether they are available to wash the automobile. This makes it easier for consumers to file a request for car cleaning in a convenient manner.
  • Make Payments- Users can pay for services using online payment models such as credit/debit cards and payment gateways.
  • View order history- Users can view the order’s history. They may examine all of the orders that have been requested and, as a result, submit fresh requests for vehicle washing.

The consumer will remain with your software only if it is rich in features, is easy to use, and provides the greatest outcomes in the shortest amount of time. If you want something interesting and user-friendly, you should hire an on-demand car wash app development company that includes all of the features.

The Detailer Panel:

This is another component of the car wash software that you must monitor. If the detailer is working properly, you can be confident that you will receive the greatest results in no time.

  • Sign-up- Just like the user panel, the detailer’s service provider may log in using the username and password supplied by the admin.
  • Add Service Location- Detailers can provide the location of the wash services so that the customer can place an order for nearby service centres.
  • Push Notifications- When orders are received, detailers can send a notice to the users. Users are also alerted when the car cleaning is finished.
  • Accept/Reject Service- The detailer can accept or reject requests issued by the user or admin based on the quantity of requests and those that are aligned with immediate deliveries.
  • View Completed Job History- Detailers may view the number of requests completed as well as the date and time requirements to keep track of the number of requests completed every day.
  • Request Payment from Admin- Depending on the amount of completed requests, the detailer can send a request to the admin for payment.

The detailer panel must be meticulously planned. It is critical that you add the finest car wash software features that will make management and functioning easy for both the user and the owner.

The Admin Panel

The admin panel is in charge of the app’s operation from the backend. Thus, who logs in, who does what, and the admin can keep track of everything and handle all the details.

  • Technician Registration- Admin can keep track of all the technicians linked with a panel, as well as their years of experience and physical location. The admin manages all of the on-demand car wash app services provided by the service providers, as well as the charges.
  • Manage Service Time Zones- When the app development team is working on car cleaning app development, it is critical that the operational time zones of the service provider or detailer are managed and monitored by the admin in order to manage user jobs. The admin manages and monitors all of the jobs assigned by the user related to car cleaning and servicing.
  • Manage User Payment- The admin stores the payments made by the customer through the online models and gateway in this section. Payments can be made quickly and services could be enjoyed more when using an on-demand car wash app.
  • Manage Ratings and Feedbacks- The admin reviews the ratings and feedback provided by users associated with the service provided. Allow your car wash mobile app development team to handle the admin panel features and provide better results.

Additional features:

  • Cloud management
  • Heat map view
  • Offers, promotions, and discounts
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Built-in chat or call features
  • Push notifications for users
  • Subscription offers

Cost of developing a car wash mobile app development

A few of the costs connected with establishing a car wash, such as site costs, are very volatile. The cost of the underlying real estate varies considerably depending on the size of the plot, the local and regional geography in which the carwash is built, and the location of the property investment. Let’s set aside the most variable car wash building expenses for the time being and concentrate on the more known (but still somewhat variable) costs to begin formulating a real solution to the topic at hand.

The actual cost of building an app is difficult to quantify. Nevertheless, the cost of developing a car wash app is determined by three elements: the app’s complex structure and size, the number of platforms on which you want your app to operate, and the location you choose as your app development centre. This is due to the fact that different nations have varying hourly rates, such as:

  • Developers in Eastern Europe: $30 to $150 per hour
  • Developers in the United States: $50 to $250 per hour
  • Developers in India: $10 to $80 per hour

The entire basic program architecture is shown below (An average app with basic features, developed to operate on Android platform, and the centre of development in India).

Let us break down the prices for various activities:

Technical documentation (between $1000 and $2000)

$1500 to $3000 for UI/UX design

Development of the front-end and back-end (from $9,000 to $12,000)

QA and Testing (80 Hours – $2000 – $3000)

Therefore, if we include all of the aforementioned overhead expenditures, a single platform should cost between $10,000 and $20,000 USD (either iOS or Android). Adding new features could result in a cost increase of up to $25,000. Nonetheless, paying about $25,000 ensures that your car cleaning app will outperform the competition.


Hire Car Wash Mobile App may be a game-changer for any car cleaning company; it has been shown via numerous statistics that this sector is leading; bringing your company online might be a bit of a job, but it is well worth it. Every firm that has entered the internet market has benefited.

Whenever it relates to designing an advanced car wash app, the first and most important step is to employ a top mobile vehicle detailing app development firm. If you’re looking for the greatest car wash app development features and services, be sure to deal with a reputable vehicle washing app development firm.

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