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React Native Developers
React Native Developers

If you’re trying to hire React Native developer, here’s what you should look for in terms of both hard and soft talents.

There have been more than 204 billion mobile app downloads globally as of 2019. Furthermore, in just the first quarter of 2020, customers spent over 23.4 billion dollars on mobile applications across all channels.

With such astronomical figures in mind, it might not be such a poor decision (if you haven’t already) to harness the potential of mobile applications for your company.

And if you believe your company will profit from the creation of a customized mobile app, you’ll almost certainly need to hire a top-notch React Native developer to assist you to realise your vision.

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Skills to Look for Before You Hire React Native Developers?

If you want to Hire React Native developers who will add the greatest value to your app development team, you must be able to determine whether they have the necessary professional and personal abilities.

Hard talents for a React Native Developer

The difference between an expert React Native developer and someone who still needs to learn more about React Native app development is outstanding technical expertise. Here are a few talents that any candidate for this position should be able to demonstrate.

JavaScript expertise.

Ensure the React Native developers you employ are well-versed in JavaScript. Everything in cross-platform mobile app development revolves around it.

Your obvious candidate for this job should be able to create components, structure application programming and services, and comprehend their flow.

Basic React assumptions knowledge

Native React app developers should be as knowledgeable with concepts like Virtual DOM, JSX, and component lifecycle as musicians are with treble clefs. It’s crucial to make sure the applicant understands these phrases.

Android and iOS 

A talented React Native developer understands the distinctions between iOS and Android app development. It’s also expected to be familiar with Objective-C and Swift in addition to making the app run on various devices.

Knowledge of useful tech tools

You can’t expect the person to know all there is to know about software development, but knowing at least a few additional tools like Redux, Enzyme, Hockeyapp, and so on will be a huge benefit.

Coding that is easy to understand

The source code for the apps developed by your development team should be consistent and readable. This is critical since you must be able to easily maintain and upgrade the app now and in the future.

Soft skills that are required

Because your React Native developer will not be working alone, make sure that when you recruit React Native developers, they are both exceptional experts and pleasant individuals to work with, especially if you are hiring them for a comprehensive position.

They must be excellent communicators, team players, and hard workers. They should also be able to give and receive constructive criticism, as well as be open-minded and curious individuals.

Finally, be certain that you only hire people that are compatible with your company’s culture. Even if you hire the best React Native developers in the world, it won’t work if the members of the team don’t communicate well with each other don’t feel at ease in each other’s company.

Save yourself the trouble of having to rebuild your team from scratch.

How to Hire React Native Developers?

There are three major approaches to hire react native developers. You can engage a developer in-house, contract with a React Native development company, or hire a freelancer.

Hire an In-House Developer

If you currently have an in-house development team and a large enough office, hiring an in-house developer is a fantastic option.

Traditional employment board websites like Glassdoor, Indeed, Technojobs, and Monster.com are the most common venues to hunt for a reputable in-house specialist.

LinkedIn is another option, as it gives businesses superior tools to discover the ideal employee.

You can engage with a recruiting firm to locate a great fit if you don’t want to spend time looking for and interviewing applicants.

Hire a Freelancer

One of the biggest benefits of working with freelancers is that you can discover specialists with a wide range of skills and experience for nearly any budget.

When you don’t get your in-house team or only need a React Native developer for a tiny, one-time project, this form of collaboration is advantageous.


  • More affordable prices
  • a larger pool of talent
  • Previous customers’ feedback
  • When you need a person just to make minor changes to an existing product, this is a great option.


  • There is no formal agreement;
  • the collaboration is built on trust
  • Various time zones
  • Frequently, there is a linguistic barrier
  • You’re in charge of all recruitment, administration, and finance

Hire a React Native Development Company

If you’re preparing a mid-sized or huge project but don’t have your staff, development business is an ideal alternative.

The primary benefit of hiring a software development business is that they may take charge of the entire project, eliminating the need to engage additional professionals.


  • Quality, expertise, and dependability are all guaranteed
  • You can expand your team as needed.

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Hire React Native Developers- Cost of Hiring a React Developer

You can design cost-effective and easy-to-deploy react native applications whether you own a start-up or are a seasoned entrepreneur running a company.

However, as with other frameworks, estimating the cost of developing a react native app is difficult. The cost of React Native is highly dependent on-

  • Project’s complexity
  • The app’s requirements.

The pricing may also vary depending on the needs of the company.

The cost of developing a React Native app per hour is between $15 and $25. Depending on the developer’s expertise, skills, and location, this could change.

A React Native Developer’s Responsibilities

One of the key things we demand of every developer is to produce clean code to ensure that an application runs smoothly. However, knowing how to write clean code isn’t enough. Regardless of how much experience a React Native developer has, a list of responsibilities must be given out for potential developers to grasp what is expected of them when working on a mobile project.

A React Native developer’s basic duties are listed below.

  • For Android and iOS mobile devices, create a smooth native-like UI.
  • Taking customer needs and turning them into clear, dependable, and maintainable code.
  • Monitoring performance gaps and detecting user experience errors before they occur.
  • Maintaining application quality with automated testing and performance checks.
  • Flexibility in integrating external tools and libraries across cross-platform apps using native APIs.
  • Following the full-stack development process as spelt forth by the company, in accordance with its norms and expectations.

Why Hire Experienced React Native Developers from TechPathWay.com?

Hire Tech Pathway’s React Native developers to create high-quality cross-platform mobile apps for your startup or business. Make use of our best React Native app programmers’ talents, knowledge, and experience to save time and money. Hire React Native developers from across the world.

The setup process for TechPathWay.com dedicated staff goes like this.

We begin by compiling a list of needs.

Our staff would want to learn more about you and your project requirements. We determine all project parameters, team size, job descriptions, and preferred workflow before bringing on the most qualified professionals.

We identify the most qualified candidates for your project.

Depending on the needs, we may be able to give you an expert straight away or take some time (typically a couple of weeks) to discover relevant talent. If you’re in the middle of a project, we’ll make an immediate hire from the talented employees.

We assist new employees in becoming productive members of your company.

We’ll make sure that our programmer gets on board with your project as rapidly as feasible and gets to work. You don’t need to consider anything else.

As a result, the missing jigsaw piece is sent to your development team.

You will be assigned a professional and qualified expert who will work on the same project as your in-house team but from a distance.


It’s not easy hiring a React Native developer for your big dream project. You’d have to sift through a slew of applications, pick the finest ones based on their qualifications and experience, then ask them the correct questions to assess their potential.

But, during the hiring process, what talents should you be looking for? This blog has given you a thorough overview of some of the most important factors to consider when hiring a React Native developer.

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