What Things to Consider Before Hiring a PHP Developer?


With the advent of so many new and efficient programming languages and their updates in the last few years, it seems like PHP is slowly losing its grip on the development market. However, though these new languages have gained quite a popularity, there’s no doubt that PHP is still holding its position as one of the most widely used languages for website development. So in this blog, you will get all the important points to consider before hiring a PHP developer.

The key reason behind the success of PHP programming language is the abundance of frameworks that are available with it. These frameworks significantly reduce the hassles of programming by allowing for different set structures in the way codes are written. Some of the most used PHP frameworks are Symfony, Laravel, CakePHP, etc.

Keep in mind that a PHP programmer has no compulsion for using any of these frameworks. Many developers still prefer to use the non-framework version of the PHP programming language, called the raw PHP. In any case, PHP offers a variety of options to explore for all other kinds of developers, like from amateurs to professionals.

In case you are going to hire a PHP developer then remember going for the cheapest one isn’t always the best choice. There are other ways to analyze a PHP programming language developer to meet your perfect match. We’re here to discuss the key things that you should remember when you are looking for a PHP developer. So, with further delays, let’s begin!

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Familiarize Yourself With Different Frameworks

Also if you think that you’re serious about hiring the right PHP developer for your project, a prerequisite knowledge of PHP and its different frameworks is an absolute must. PHP and its frameworks are so easy for a layman to understand that you’ll only need a few days to get a basic understanding of it all. Try to match your project requirements with all the frameworks available on the web and you’ll quickly be able to find an ideal framework for your project. This way, you’ll be able to filter out all the PHP developers that are not an expert in your required framework. The shorter the pool, the easier it is to find the right guy.

Decide on the framework you will go with

It’s extremely important to decide on a PHP framework you will go with before you start to look for a developer.

If you are thinking about posting a PHP job on a freelance marketplace or a job board without specifications, your inbox will be flooded with countless submissions, each in their framework claiming it’s the best.

To decide on which PHP framework you want to go with for your upcoming project you can do some research into hourly rates of developers, benefits of each framework, and how big the communities are to try and judge which PHP framework will be best for your project needs.


Expertise and experience walk hand in hand. An experienced PHP developer will have adequate expertise that should suffice your needs. Generally, there are three levels of PHP developers – first there are beginners, then there is mid-level and at last, there are advanced level developers. You can hire dedicated PHP developers in India depending on your requirements. If the website just requires a little tweaking, a beginner should be able to meet your requirements. However, if you want to build the website from scratch, then only an experienced developer will be able to fulfill all the requirements for your project.

While we are talking about expertise and experience, it is also important to mention that adequate technical knowledge is a must for a PHP developer. He must have the in-depth programming knowledge not only about PHP programming language but also about HTML. Other than that he must have worked on various frameworks such as CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend, etc.

Proficiency in Other Coding Languages

If you want to be able to count on a single programmer to handle an entire web or application development project, chances are they will need to be proficient in more programming languages than just PHP. Other programming languages that are used in web development include Javascript, Semantic HTML Coding, XML, and various other coding languages. If the PHP developer you are considering does not have any other coding languages other than PHP listed on their profile, you should ask them about their experience with other coding languages in your communication with the developer. If you can work with someone that has an understanding of a few key programming languages outside of PHP chances are your project will go much smoother.

Capability to deal with changing client’s need

Gathering requirements is an integral part of any project. It is essential for the developer to completely understand the business requirements, clients’ needs, and deliverables. He should be able to transform that technical specification into a successful project. He must be aware of how your business works. The developer must know to formulate a strategy for requirement gathering. As per the market demands and the user feedback, the requirement is always expected to keep changing based on the project’s needs, in such case the developer should quickly be able to understand, adapt to changing requirements of the project and must have enough patience to deal with those changes.

Quality Assurance Test

The small and medium-size businesses don’t have a dedicated team for testing, quality assurance of the application. In such cases, the developer should be well aware of the unit, user testing of the software, websites, and applications. To discover bugs in the code’s modules and classes, PHP developers should be able to use unit testing frameworks before they are integrated. The overall costs of application development can be reduced drastically with such frameworks. The developer must have an understanding of the bug tracking method and system.

The Three Tenants of a Professional PHP Developer

There are three basic qualifications that you should look for when first analyzing the prospects of a PHP developer – education, training, and experience. Professional PHP developers will almost always have a background in computer science like an academic background before moving on to additional training specific to PHP then on to real-world experience coding websites and applications in PHP. Ideally, you’ll want to hire a PHP developer that has all three of these qualifications.

Great Communication and Interpersonal Skills

In many cases, being a great at writing code is not going to be enough for a PHP developer to guarantee a successful project. To complement their coding skills, the best PHP developers rely on great communication and interpersonal skills as well.

These so-called “soft skills” help PHP developers better understand the goals and requirements of your project before they ever get started. 

Be specific with what are your goals of hiring a PHP developer

Once you have settled on a PHP framework, try to come up with a specific job description as possible. Describe your exact goals for your project and think of some other functionality that will be important to you.

For instance, if you wish to send transactional emails to the users of your product from the beginning, you should specify that in the job description. The reason is that PHP frameworks work on the sort of like content management systems type, where you’re able to have a lot of functions out of the box.

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