One-stop Solution for all Hospital Management Needs

Hospital management net & app ready-to-use solutions offered by technical school Pathway have already helped plenty of clinics and hospitals to show their processes into digital ways. Now, creating doctor’s appointments, checking informed patients, aid record storage, and different essential things may be done by victimization solely the hospital management answer.

Let’s take a glance at the modules of the on-demand Hospital management net & app ready-to-use answer.

Patient Management.

The patient management feature can enable the admin to manage all this registered users. The admin are going to be ready to add, remove, block, invite, or edit any user yet as their data. additionally to the present, the admin also will be ready to check the patient’s medical record yet as in progress treatments.
Appointment Module in Hospital management


The appointment module in your hospital management can enable your patients to create a rendezvous with the doctor. The module also will enable patients and doctors to possess online/ on-demand appointments and practice.

Facility Management
Facility management can enable the admin to manage all the facilities. The admin are going to be ready to check, add, take away any facility that your hospital is giving.

Inventory Management
The inventory management feature can enable the admin to manage the inventory information. this may enable the automation of inventory management at the hospital and contour the processes.

Staff Management
Staff management can enable the human resources to manage and check all the workers at the hospital. Human resources also will be ready to perform payroll tasks.

Accounting Management
Accounting management can enable the accounting department at the hospital to handle customers yet as hospital medical and nonmedical staff’s accounts. All the money records are going to be hold on within the info for backup functions.

Reporting module can enable the admin to form and analyze the weekly, monthly, and yearly reports of on-demand doctor appointment app’s growth and different things.

Help & Support
Help & Support can enable the patients and hospital workers to succeed in client care. it’ll conjointly enable the client care workers to handle and manage all issues.

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