How Magento Mobile apps are better than Magento Websites

How Magento Mobile apps are better than Magento Websites

Magento was launched on 31 March 2008 as an e-commerce platform. The platform itself is written in PHP and uses PHP frameworks including Symfony and Laminas. The platform and its code itself are open-source however, in the year 2018 Magento was acquired by Adobe for about $1.68 billion. To understand it better you can say that Magento is like Shopify where Magento is an open-source and free platform and Shopify is proprietary. While choosing a platform to build your Magento mobile apps as well as the website, it is important to know all the factors including languages. Knowing the languages will make sure that you know what a platform can do for you and whatnot.

If you are thinking about developing an on-demand e-commerce app on Magento and wondering about how Magento mobile apps are better than Magento websites. You can bring the flexibility of the mobile app to Magento development using Simicart. To understand this better you need to know the difference as well as how they are compare in terms of efficiency and flexibility.  Well, in such a case welcome to the Tech Pathway blog, today we are going to share with you How Magento mobile apps are better than Magento websites. 

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Let’s take a dive right in to understand How Magento mobile apps are better than Magento websites

Let’s take a dive right in to understand How Magento mobile apps are better than Magento websites

It is open-source

Magento community is open-source which means the platform itself is free. 

Community support

Since Magento is open-source it has huge community support dedicated to dedicated developers, bloggers, CEOs, project managers as well as programmers. The platform itself also comes with a commendable structure, great features, user-friendly easy navigation, as well as huge community support. 

Comparison with other platforms

When Magento is compared with other platforms it comes as one of the best. There are many platforms like Magento such as IBM WebSphere Commerce, Opencart, Prestashop, Shopify, osCommerce, BigCommerce, Hybrid Online Stores, Volusion, Demandware, Oracle Commerce, Woocommerce, and Virtuemart. 


To maintain the database for its e-commerce websites and apps Magento uses the MariaDB relational database, elements of Zend Framework, MySQL, PHP programming languages. 

Programming Paradigm

Magento is based on MVC (Model view control) architecture and object-oriented programming model to its front-end code. It also uses JavaScript library Knockout.js in the code. 

Suitable for larger projects

Startups can use Magento to build websites according to their needs. However, for larger and much bigger projects they can also use Magento Apps. Magento apps are more suitable and advanced for bigger projects. 


Websites and applications built in Magento need their own hosting, installation, setups, and configuration. 

Needed programming skills

In order to develop an app or a website on Magento, you need at least high-level knowledge of programming languages. 

Community support

The community support for Magento is great as well as comes in the form of customizable options, extensions, phone support, Magento 2 extension, and many more. 

Setup time

The time to set up a website is so much that developing an app seems better. In addition to this, Magento mobile apps are easy to set up and come with many advantages to get things moving. 

Cost efficiency

Magento comes with almost unlimited products and features such as extensions, better site loading, checkout modules, shopping cart, collections, product pages host(server) performance, and many more. All these products and features tend to save lots of time and money. 

Powerful calculation

The platform also allows for powerful calculations that are needed to estimate delivery time in case you are selling physical products on your website. 

Discounts allow

You can also use a special code provided by the Magento community to provide discounts on your website. 

Payment gateways

Magento offers a number of different payment gateways and methods including net banking, credit card, debit card, and PayPal. 

Themes and Templates

Magento Commerce and Magento open-source community offer some of the most beautiful themes and templates to use in your websites and apps. The template for the app starts at $1. 


Magento offers suitable and better options to the developer to cut the cost as well as in addition to this, you can also use other alternatives offered by Magento including web hosting services to further cut the cost. 


The platform also comes in different forms as Magento 2 Community Edition (EC), Magento 2 Enterprise Edition (EE), and Magento 2 modules. Most of these editions are paid as well as have great features. 

Multilingual Support

Magento offers multi-languages support which means the content created in it can convert content, images, banner into its desired languages. 

Voice Search

Magento apps offer support for voice search as well as text to type support. 

One-Page Checkout

The platform also offers a one-page checkout for customers. This means the customer can also purchase products without going through the registration process. 

Catalog Management

The CMS offered by Magento is great. This comes with various powerful tools for management of the inventory as well as other tools to manage customer relationships. 


Customization is easier with App development in Magento. Here the developer has direct control over the online store’s appearance and designs. 

Tracking and Analytics

Launching the website is not enough for anyone. This is why Magento also offers tracking and analytics tools to track product sales, profits, customer conversion rates, and other features. 

Fast page loading

The platform also comes with features to enhance the offerings of progressive web applications with quick page loading and enhanced user experience.

Automatic synchronization

Automatic synchronization is another feature offered by Magento. This helps the developer by allowing them to get ahead without any juggle in between coding and manual synchronization. 

Quick search

Quick search is another feature offer by the Magento community to bring the best experience to your customers. 


The security offer by Magento is so great. It offers browsing across layers with SSL attached certification, and 2-step verification, as well as additionally applying with all the PCI standards. This makes sure that the website is not storing any of the customer data without warning them first or showing the notification to them.  

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Looking for a developer to help you with Magento app development

Looking for a developer to help you with Magento app development

If you are thinking about hiring a developer to create your e-commerce app on Magento then I suggest the Tech Pathway. Our developers have prior experience with creating a commerce application with Magento. In addition to this, our client satisfaction rates 4.9 out of 5.  You can contact us today to get an estimation of the cost of your new e-commerce mobile app. 

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