How Mobile Applications help a startup to grow their business?

How Mobile Applications help a startup to grow their business?

Ever since the Smartphone and the Internet revolution began, the consumer market just flooded with on-demand solution startups. This was due to many opportunities that came with the Internet & smartphone and allowed small businesses to thrive. Another factor is when smartphone application development and startups come together they are said to have the power to change the market & business rules. Right now many people often question how mobile applications help a startup to grow their business and use the answered approach in their own business. With over a billion available applications published on the Play Store as well as on the App Store.

It has become a necessity for businesses to take advantage of them in business and further grow their business. Are you also thinking about launching a new business and want to take advantage of whatever the Internet, Smartphone, as well as on-demand solution development together have to offer? Well if the answer to that question is “Yes” then, Welcome to the Tech Pathway blog. Our Mobile application development company is going to share with you how mobile applications help a startup solutions to grow their business. New startups can take this blog and use it as a reference to boost their sales and increase revenue. 

Whenever someone is starting a business there are a few key touchpoints that are needed to be taken care of to achieve success. One of them is to find out these touchpoints, describe, and then prioritize them. There are 4 main touchpoints that you are going to take care of. 

  • Customer engagement
  • Service and support
  • Promotion
  • Online sales

According to a report by Deloitte consumer review 2017, the digital revolution led by a surge in the smartphone market is challenging. This means, your startup needs to change the way it interacts with the customers in order to better reflect the necessity of the technology. In addition to this, how fast you are going to transform your operations to gain a competitive edge over your competition. 

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Let see some of the startup trends stats

  • There are over 472 million entrepreneurs are working globally 
  • The total number of new startups annually is over 305. 
  • Over 135 of those startups are only technology-based. 
  • The funding received by these startups is over $17,830,705,214.
  • Over 65% of the new businesses are started from home.
  • The Over 75% of these startups are initially completely dependent on the owner’s savings.
  • Over 60% of small businesses are hiring employees. 
  • About 50% of the new startups survive their first year if they have their employees’ help.  
  • In the year 2018, about 35% of the total startups were related to the beauty, fashion, fitness, and health industry. 
  • According to a report by Kellogg Insight, a startup founder who is around 60 years old has 3 times more chances to successfully run the business than a founder who is 30 years old.  
  • There is over 170% growth in advanced manufacturing as well as robotics startups. 
  • According to a report by CB Insight, over 40% of the new startup app development fails because they are unable to provide and fulfill market demands. 

How to build your own mobile app startup

How to build your own mobile app startup

As of right now, the market revolution is owned by technology-based companies since they generate more revenue. We have prepared a few tips that are going to help you with the on-demand mobile applications tech startup. 

Find a problem in the market that can be solved

At the last of the above-mentioned stats, you could have seen that we have mentioned over 40% of the startups failed because they couldn’t fulfill or solve the problem. If you do not have a problem that can be solved using a mobile app and infrastructure then you are also going to fail. In order to succeed in the long term, you are going to need to have a problem and later solve that problem for your customers. 

Other than this, unless your idea has a market value as well as the potential to generate revenue, creating an on-demand app will be simply a waste. Even you can search that there are over 8 million mobile applications available on the Play Store. So maybe creating a new one will be hard for you. However, this doesn’t mean that your startup cannot succeed in the industry. All you are going to need is to find your audience, as well as predict their requirements. 

Choose a platform

After you have found out the problem and a solution to that. It will be time to choose a platform that will bring the most users to your application. Generally, startups like to go with Android app development as well as iOS app development. In addition to this, you can also research the market and find out the local preference of your customers. 

Choose the technology

After choosing a platform for your app, choose the technologies like which programming language and framework you are going to use. If you are thinking about Android app development or iOS app development then they are going to use more than one programming language. However, you are going to need to consider the programming language switching criteria before making any decision. In addition to this, remember that android app development does support more than one programming language like Kotlin and Android. However, this is not the case with iOS app development. 

Hire android app developers as well as iOS app developers who have knowledge about these things and can also help you to consider them. 

Time and Cost

The average development of both android mobile applications and iOS mobile applications is about the same. The difference comes during the testing. As you probably know that Android is open-source and has a high specification as well as a number of devices it is being used in. This means testing android app compatibility is harder as well as time-consuming than iOS apps. You are going to need to make a budget at the start and stick to it till the end. 

Raise funds

Unless you are a millionaire, your startup cannot survive without raising funds. This means you will have to find some cash to keep your startup running until it makes a profit. Here the list of few potential sources that can help you:

  • Your savings and credits
  • Friends and family
  • Venture Capital
  • Angel investors
  • Bank
  • Crowdfunding

Prepare a sale pitch

No one is going to just hand you their savings unless you convince them. Do market research, find out your startup’s worth, and then make a sales pitch and go visit your angel investors. Your pitch shall show the development plan as well as your marketing strategy. The end product of your business shall grab the attention of your investors. And last but not least, do not complicate things with over showing market stats, and it’s better to just stick to your point.

Build an MVP for your application

MVP is essential for the success of every new startup as it will tell you whether your target audiences have the components and crucial features. In addition to this, you will get to know their feedback, requirements, and points to improve. Once you have launched your MVP, you will receive feedback, as well as a clear idea about whether your startup is going to work or not. On the other hand, your Beta users can also help you to improve the technology of your application. 

Marketing & Promotion

Once you have created your MVP, it’s time to launch and deliver it to your audience. You can use different marketing and promotional channels to do this. 

Use the benefits of Social media marketing

Social media marketing has many perks and advantages. Many startups use it to spread brand awareness as well as increase the engagement of the users to their application. The social media channel can surely help you generate enormous numbers of leads and later your application can turn those leads into sales. 


Social media Influencers are like spoken persons on Social media platforms. Their fan followings are more than happy to try out the products and brands recommended by them. You can contact micro-influencers, famous bloggers, industry experts, as well as celebrities to promote your product or services. Using influencers to promote your business is one of the most used techniques that have shown effective results. 

App Store optimization

App Store optimization

App Store Optimization is one of the best ways to improve your SEO. It is going to help your users to improve the ranking on the Play Store as well as on the App Store. By using this improved ranking you are going to gain more organic downloads and engagement on your application. You can use the following features to improve the ASO:

  • App name
  • Description 
  • Screenshot
  • Category
  • Keywords
  • Publisher name
  • Icon
  • Video
  • Demo use (recently launched feature by the Play store where users can use an app’s basic features without installing it on their mobile phone)

Now when you have done all the application development and publishing it on the Play Store. Let’s take a look at how you can improve your chances of making your app a success. 

Create customer loyalty programs

The key to attracting more customers to your platform is to provide value to them. This can be done using different ways such as providing cashback, coupons, discounts, and other methods. A successful business is all reciprocation. So try to provide a value that your customers cannot get anywhere else. Launching a customer loyalty program is one way to do this. 

Build successful customer relationships and nurture leads

Build successful customer relationships and nurture leads

In this era of rapid growth, increasing visibility, building healthy customer relationships, have become important for businesses to survive. This means to boost sales using CRM (Customer relationship tools) is like using currency. Without the proper use of a CRM system no business can survive for a long time. 

The mobile CRM is going to be extremely efficient for your business operations. Because it provides valuable insights on your customer’s behavior, likes, requirements to you. Also, you can say that CRM is a great tool to use for simplifying the management of your small business contact. 

You can use the information gained from CRM to improve leads, sales, and generate profit. 

You can use the information gained from CRM to improve leads, sales, and generate profit. 

Steps to follow:

  • Lead generation
  • The Lead management
  • Tracking and optimization

Build a stronger brand

Build a stronger brand

It is not a secret that having a strong brand presence is important for any business to survive and grow. If designed carefully and right then your on-demand solution can easily be your most powerful tool to create a brand presence and build customer loyalty. 

An on-demand solution can offer your customers a communication channel for your business. And having regular interaction and engagement with your brand will surely foster trust as well as credibility. The calculation is simple, the more your users and customers trust your brand the more sales you are going to make. Using an on-demand app you can build a platform to nurture trust and credibility. 

Integration with social media

Allowing your customers to share their experience on social media is going to be one of the greatest actions you would have taken toward success. Brands and businesses have adeptly used technology so much that they seem to forget the power of word-of-mouth marketing. If you are providing a great service and product that is helping your customers. Then allow them to share their experience with their friends, family. Even in the past few years, we have seen applications like TikTok, and Faceapp to become a sensation over social media. Social media is the most powerful tool in any digital marketer’s arsenal, use it wisely.  If you are looking to Hire mobile applications developers then keep reading.

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Wrapping up

Wrapping up

Anyone who is searching the Internet for Mobile applications developers for hire then we are going to suggest you Tech Pathway. To make your application successful in the crowd of on-demand solutions on the App Store, you are going to need a mobile app development company that you can trust. Tech Pathway is one of the top leading outsourcing development companies in India that has been serving clients across the globe for over 10+ years. Our prior experience with almost every modern technology has always allowed us to make a quality app that is destined to be successful. You can hire PHP developers to design a custom website for your business as well as hire android developers and hire iOS developers to create a mobile app. Contact us to get an estimation of the development cost of your application and to hire dedicated developers.

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