How mobile apps are bringing the revolution in healthcare Industry?

How mobile apps are bringing the revolution in healthcare Industry?

Ever since Android and iOS came into existence and made mobile app development a thing. It took most of the industries by storm and disrupted them. Today, mobile app development has helped many industries from e-commerce to booking, and turned them into billion-dollar industries. The healthcare mobile app’s development industry has not been an exception to this change and currently seen the changes. Ever since technology started affecting our lives, the healthcare industry adopted these technologies. This is because better technology means better chances for patients to survive as well as get well sooner. The global mobile healthcare industry is over $60 billion.

And even people have this common misconception about only patients using healthcare mobile apps. However, it’s not true and even doctors, as well as nurses, use these apps. In addition to this, other medical staff as well as pharmacists can also reap the benefits of these medical on-demand healthcare apps. For anyone who is thinking about investing in a mobile healthcare system but not exactly sure if you should do it or not. Please feel free to use this blog on how mobile apps are changing the healthcare system. Even inspiring entrepreneurs and hospital owners who want to take their hospital services to serve more efficiently can do the same. Welcome to the Tech Pathway blog, today we have brought this amazing informative blog on how mobile apps are changing the healthcare system. 

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Before diving into the benefit of custom healthcare app development, let’s check out some trendy figures. 

Before diving into the benefit of custom healthcare app development, let’s check out some of the trendy figures. 

The currency healthcare mobile app trend

  • According to recent reports, the mobile healthcare system has reached over $60 billion in 2020. 
  • There are over 318,000 healthcare apps in the App Stores and the Play Store.
  • About 200 new mobile healthcare apps are developed and launched every single day. 
  • The on-demand mobile healthcare app industry is going to reach 115 billion by the end of 2025. 
  • More than 75% of the surveys say that technology is important to manage good health. 
  • Most of the patients are open to the idea of smart technology that can help them improve their health. 
  • Over 74% of the patients that took virtual healthcare experience were satisfied and said they would definitely use it again. 
  • Over 50% of the total patients would choose a virtual and immediate visit to the doctor rather than an in-person visit. 

The benefit of on-demand healthcare app development

Allow immediate access

Healthcare apps allow patients immediate access to healthcare services as well as a consultant in case of any emergency. In addition to this, on-demand doctor appointment app development also allows patients to schedule the appointment for later. 

Helpful in handling emergency cases

Mobile healthcare apps allow the patient to send an alert directly to the doctor in case of an emergency. For example, for pregnant women in case of sudden complications, the patient can directly notify the doctor on the way to the hospital. And the doctor can also reach the hospital in time. 

Improved coordination

Healthcare app development also allows doctors, nurses, and other medical staff to take immediate actions. In addition to this, they also help to better communicate as well as coordinate among medical staff. For example, nurses and staff can get notifications about any ongoing treatment or emergency and take action.

Data collection from wearable integration

Healthcare apps have many features other than wearable integration such as they can collect user daily data from wearables like smartwatches or fitness bands. They can collect various types of data like plus rate and blood pressure during different times of the day. 

Excellent business opportunity

The Healthcare system also works for profit like any other industry. And like other industries, it can improve its services by using modern technology. Many hospitals have made themselves into a global brand using healthcare apps. This has been possible because of better services and patient experience. And everyone knows that a better customer experience always helps in the long run. 


Mobile app development can help the healthcare industry in many ways. One for example an on-call physician on telemedicine duty. The mobile application can allow the physician to consult with the patient without using any desktop computer. This will allow better service, accessibility, and bring quality treatment to the patient. 

Enhanced patient engagement

There are all kinds of medical mobile apps available in the app store. Some of these can bring all of the past medical records of a patient to a single place. Some can help with the patient feedback, appointment at the touch of a fingertip, changes in treatment patterns as well as schedules. In addition to this, since all of the data is updated in real-time. It can use AI and machine learning technology to manage the shifts of doctors and nurses. 

Easy payment of bills

Like every other industry, mobile apps have made payment transactions very easy. They allow patients or their loved ones to pay the bills without having to stand in long lines. In addition to this, they can also help with the payment alert reminders, online payment, or immediate billing. Also, patients can use these apps to download and store medical lab reports, as well as order medicines directly online. 

Which platform to use for your on-demand healthcare mobile apps


Thanks to all the hype about bitcoin and cryptocurrency you must have heard about the blockchain technology. Blockchain technology allows peer-to-peer data storage that continuously keeps verifying all the records of every single transaction, or any other information that needs constant tracking. It will also allow access to a large community. 

The healthcare industry really makes use of technology that can allow them to keep track of all the records of the medical history of a patient. It can also help them to store the records in an encrypted form that hackers will not be able to steal or hack. To sum it up, we can say that blockchain technology succeeds where most of the healthcare apps fail “retaining a security of the patient data”. 

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT (Internet of Things) is all about connectivity between electronics devices. The medical industry can use this technology to connect different medical devices with each other and allow seamless data transfer. The connectivity can be done between software, medical devices, and applications to allow secure access as well as management across platforms. 

The IoT development can help and allow doctors to keep gaining medical data of the patient using electronic devices. This data can be used to track the progress of a patient’s health during the treatment. This will allow the treatment to be a lot easier as well as doctors can monitor patient health much more closely. In addition to this, the doctor can also access the patient’s profile from anywhere and make suggestions regarding treatment, medicines as well as dosages. 

Augmented reality

Started from video games and Snapchat, Augmented reality has made its way to the healthcare industry. The AR technology allows the user to get a personalized interactive experience of a real-world environment using AI-powered computer-generated perceptual information. AR can be used in the healthcare industry by doctors as well as surgeons as a training practice and experience. It will allow the real-world practical experience with diagnosis as well as surgery. In addition to this, allowing doctors and surgeons to practice AR technology is not limited to numbers and can be used to train a large number of professionals. 

Big Data analytics

The big data analytics industry has the potential to provide a large amount of statistical information. that can only be accessed and processed using special softwares. Big data analytics can be a big help when it comes to managing and maintaining the hospital’s resources as well as records in an efficient manner. Apart from this, it can also be used in the development of mobile healthcare applications that will store all of the patient’s data and eliminate the need for excessive paperwork. This approach will allow the medical staff to focus solely on treating and serving the patient rather than spending hours trying to complete the records. The recent hype in the technology industry has allowed hospitals to use mobile apps for many different purposes. 

By looking at every single fact and point in this blog. we can be sure that mobile app development has really helped the healthcare industry. Every single person or professional related to the healthcare system including patient, doctor, nurse, and hospital management can gain benefit from it. 

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