How much does it cost to create a Craigslist app

How much does it cost to create a Craigslist app

However, you all understand the development cost and features tech stack that you have must know that how much does it cost to create a Craigslist app ? Craigslist app is an online marketplace founded in 1995. This is a website for people to post ads, buy, sell, get updated about the latest news and book concert tickets and all. But you need to actively edit your add since it disappears after a week. So have you ever wondered How much does it cost to create a Craigslist app? Craigslist doesn’t usually charge from its users rather they actually believe in giving back to the community. However, they do charge from big ads like if you want to sell out your house or your music concert tickets. In this blog you will learn about the cost to create a Craigslist app.

In Craigslist app Users can simply enter their details to register and then enter their product’s details and photos. But you need to actively edit your add since it disappears after a week. So have you ever wondered How much does it cost to create a Craigslist app? This get covers.

Welcome, today we are going to share with you some information about websites like Craigslist and tell you How to create an app like Craigslist.

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How does Craigslist work:

However, craigslist app starts with email list what’s going in Sens-Francisco and any upcoming events that the website’s founder Craig used to send some of its buddies. Later Craig shows the potential of sharing information with people and growing that into an online website business model.

Craigslist app works like all the other classified platforms, firstly they send information to users and then add few ads into the relevant sections. Like facebook’s market place all the ads target users based on their locations and categories.

Classified ads are a new way to grow business than using native newspaper ads. The reason is digital ads have undoubtedly longer life as compare to newspaper ads. In addition, they targeted to specific users and can be seen worldwide by countless users. I can bet that your local newspaper doesn’t provide you this much of benefits.

They also have a great categorized section for users divided into locations, dates, and topics. The website supports up to 13 languages but users are able to post ads in any language they want.

Since Craigslist took a toll in the USA they brutally disturbed the newspaper industry.   

Craigslist recently launched its official on-demand mobile application in December 2019. And if you too want to create an on-demand service like Craigslist then your mobile application needs to have features mentioned below.

Features to add into the application:

User Panel:  

Sign-up: Users will be able to sign up and register from here by entering their information and email address.

Sign-in: Once the signup process is complete users will be able to sign-in to their account by using this feature. 

Dashboard: Once a sign-in user will be on this page and able to access all the user panel features from here like profile, settings, preferences, location, interest and all.

Profile: Users will be able to change their profile information from this option. 

Setting preferences:  Users will use this function to create their preferred list based on their interests.     

Search Bar: Users will use this to search for different keywords, category, and location. 

Communication Channels: it is use for communication between users by direct messaging or group chats.

Payment option: This option is used for users in case they want to support the platform or use premium services and support sales transactions.

Admin Panel: 

Admin panel used to operate applications and keep supervise.

Add/delete users: Admin will be able to add and delete new or existing users by using this function.

Block Users: Any user can be block from the application or directly from the platform by using this option.

Push Notification: Push notification is a great way to keep the user informed about upcoming events, deals, and offers.   

Payment option: This feature is use with the help of admin to accept payments from users.

Advance Features:

Rating and Reviews: Buyers should be able to rate and review seller’s services and products, by doing so trust will build up over time on the platform.

User verification: This feature will save the application from bots and also, user verification is an important step of signing up on any website or application. 

Geo-locator: Having a Geo-locator in your application will allow you to see the user’s location and use that information to target ads and process their feed. 

Machine Learning: Machine Learning is a great way to know your users over time. This allows applications to show better feed and ads to the user according to their preferences. 

Delivery feature: User experience can be better with this by simplifying the shipping process.

Social Media Plugin: This can be use by users to directly login to an application using their social media account and share products or information directly on their social media account.

Cost to build an on-demand classified application:

The cost of developing an application can be different based upon the geographic location for example if you hire a developer from the USA that will cost you at least $40 to $250 per hour and that is way more than a developer from India that costs $30 to $50. 

Apart from the developer, as well as the cost can also vary depending upon how many features you need into the application, for example, an application with basic functionality will cost $8000-$10000 as well as developing a premium feature-rich application will cost you almost $20000.

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