How much does it cost to develop an app like Class plus

How much does it cost to develop an app like Class plus

ClassPlus is an institute management technology platform for tutors, students, and parents to manage their day-to-day classroom-related activities much more efficiently. In other words, Class plus allows tutors, coachings, and institutions to manage their own classrooms using a mobile-based application. It helps them to create their own learning application and use it to manage the attendance, communication between parent & tutor, taking online classes, taking online tests, payment of fees, and other important features. The motto of Class plus is to push the traditional education system into the digital era while helping them to improve their quality of service at the same time. So if you are also thinking about developing an application like Class plus and wondering about how to as well as the cost then let me share with you a few key elements of application development and how much does it cost to develop an app like Class plus. Welcome, today we are going to share with you how much does it cost to develop an app like Class plus.

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The business model of Class Plus

Key features of an app like Class plus

An app like Class Plus can have a complex design and development process but it can be broken down in a few key features to add. Let’s discuss some of the key features of an app like Class plus.

Smart Attendance

This feature will allow coaching centers and institutes to add an online attendance feature to their application. In addition to that, this attendance feature can be accessed by the student’s parents. 

Insightful Student Reports

By adding this feature into their app, institutes, and coaching centers will have the option to make a weekly as well as a monthly insightful report for each student’s progress. 

Parent Communication Module

This feature will allow the institutes and coaching centers to connect with student’s parents. Moreover, when parents are allowed to connect with teachers it makes them trust in the institution more hence benefiting the coaching centers as well as institutions. 

Fee Records

The automatic fee generation feature is also beneficial as well as important to offer in order to give a tough competition to Class Plus. This feature will generate the fee receipt automatically at the end of each month as well as send a reminder to everyone with dues on their registered mobile number. 

Take Online Classes

Every single feature and option will not worth a penny if coaching centers and institutes cannot take online courses. So in order to make your application a success, adding this feature to your app will be important. 

Create Online Courses

Other than online classes, students as well as who are not registered with the institute should be allowed to purchase specially designed online courses in order to study for their goal. By using these feature coaching centers and institutes can create online courses to sell to their students. 

Secured Video Selling

Your database should be secure so that teachers can forget worrying about content piracy on your platform. In addition to that, adding this will motivate others to join your platforms.

Online Test

Since we are taking coaching centers and institutes to online platforms, it will only be wise to allow them to create online tests and conduct them. These online tests should be created with tools and powered with automatic checking and solutions.

Class Management

Managing a class is one of the main issues while maintaining a coaching center and institute. If you can help them to get rid of tons of paperwork and manage their institute digitally then you will surely get a nice response from your users. 

Privacy Control

Coaching centers and institutes can assign an admin to take control and manage their application whereas teachers and other employees of the institute will have access to their own panels and batches. 

Unlimited Cloud Space and Data Security

Since data security is one of the main concerns while taking any business online it will be better to provide your customers with the best available option you can use SSL AES 256-bit encryption to provide maximum security.

How much it will cost to develop an app like Class Plus

The Class Plus application is basically an application builder for coaching centers as well as for institutes. In addition to all that, the app provides various sorts of features and support to users which means the cost will be high. 

The final cost will depend upon various factors such as the location of the development company that you will hire to create your application, the total number of features and panels as well as the total number of the supported platform. In addition to all these key factors and features if you will also require a website then the final cost of your app will surely increase. 

The development cost of your app will be anywhere around $5,000 to $50,000. 

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