How much does it cost to develop an app like LinkedIn??

How much does it cost to develop an app like LinkedIn??

LinkedIn is a social networking site that is business-oriented and it is used for professional networking. LinkedIn has over 575+ million users from more than 200 countries. The LinkedIn platform becomes famous for professionals, students, and job seekers. This is one of the best job portal social media apps that brings companies and job seekers in one platform. 

Are you looking to develop a LinkedIn clone app and want to know how much does it cost to develop an app like LinkedIn?? Read this full article to know about the features and development cost of an app like LinkedIn.

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How to Use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a professional networking site, so everything is a career- and business-oriented. If you are looking to find a new job or want to change your job, keep in touch with your connections, or stay up-to-date with the latest feeds from your connections and your industry. You can start or grow your business with LinkedIn as it gives you an opportunity to connect and interact with other professionals interested in sharing knowledge about the business and industry success.

Key features of the LinkedIn app

Registration- It is the primary and main feature of any social media networking application. Users can create their profiles by registering with the site. They can register with a mobile number, a Google account, and a Facebook account. Users can sign up as a Jobseeker or a business person. 

Personalization of profiles- Users can then personalize their details after the sign-up process. The information is important as it helps to frame the relationships between job seekers and employers. You must provide your profile name, company name, education & experience, and geographical location.

Search engine- The search engine helps you to find the target populations. It’s an open-source application where you can search using specialization, name, and keyword. Make sure your mobile app includes this feature. It helps in matching employers with the right candidates, and vice versa.

Push up notifications- This is another feature you must include while developing the Job portal LinkedIn clone app. The development cost of an app also depends on this feature. This feature notifies users whenever they get some requests, trending news, and messages from the other users and companies. 

Live Chat- Users can interact with other users with the help of live chat feature in real-time. It eliminates third party interaction between the communications. You should consider this feature while developing an app like LinkedIn.

Newsfeed- Every social networking site includes this feature. The reason for introducing newsfeed is to increase user engagement. It includes pictures, breaking news, inspiring & informative videos, and articles. This feature will give users different outcomes based on user preferences, likes, and previous actions.

Live video broadcasting- This is the new feature of the LinkedIn app, you need to include in your social networking mobile app like LinkedIn

Factors that influence the cost of an app like LinkedIn

The development cost of the LinkedIn clone app varies on implementing advanced features. The development of the LinkedIn clone app needs a compelling interface and stable base platform to support high-level features and it stores tons of app-including details.

1. The development cost of an app like LinkedIn varies on the selection of different platforms; Android costs more than the iOS app because it has more devices to be tested against.

2. The development cost of an app like LinkedIn depends on the app sizes. A LinkedIn-like app has videos, images, and texts, which utilize space and lead to an increase in costs.

3. The cost of the LinkedIn app varies in the implementation of essential features such as user profiles, barcodes and QR codes, image posting video posting, and advanced features such as data sync, push notifications, messages, etc.

4. The development cost of the LinkedIn app depends on the professional and expert developers and their location and experience. 

How much does it cost to develop a Social networking app like LinkedIn?

If you are planning to develop a LinkedIn clone app, it would cost you somewhere around $10000-$15000. However, it depends on the features and functionality of the app.

The development of a successful app is an encouraging attempt and it requires the administration and maintenance of experienced and qualified developers. Discuss your ideas with us, and we will assist you to convert it into the mobile app. Our mobile app development team of experts will transform your idea into a mobile app to fulfill your customer demands or your business goals. 

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