How much does it cost to develop an on-demand app like 1mg- online Medical store and Healthcare app

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand app like 1mg- online Medical store and Healthcare app

The software industry is booming right now, because of the competition between businesses. Now in the market, you will see various applications from a single industry, whether related to health, fashion, and, we are going to talk about the pharmaceutical industry. This industry has already stepped up in the market in the case of mobile application and software development. In this modern world now people can order drugs online instead of going to hospitals and medical stores. Even in this pandemic, the online healthcare industry as well as people are taking full advantage of mobile applications. Today, we are going to talk about on-demand app like 1mg- online medical store and healthcare app.

1mg provides you an online platform. Where you can access this platform for all your health needs. This company is making your health better because through this app you can have all kinds of medicines on your doorsteps whether it is related to homeopathic, ayurvedic, allopathic, vitamin and nutrition supplements, and other health-related products. You can also book the online lab test from this app. Also every single time you don’t have to rush to the doctors you can get the doctor’s advice this app is not only for the delivery of medicine but also it will provide you other facilities related to health.

Tech pathway is the right destination to know all the details about the app development whether it is the cost of developing an app or business model and features of the app. Here you will get all the related information. As for now, we are going to discuss the cost of developing an on-demand app like 1mg.

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The business model and history of an on-demand app like 1mg

1mg was introduced by Prashant Tandon, Gaurav Agarwal, and Vikas Chauhan. It was launched in the year 2013. There is a website called HealthKart, so first, they started this company which has all the information about medicines but later they got the demand from the public to start the delivery of medicines apart from health details. And then they started 1mg. This company has crossed over 3 million monthly visitors over the platform.

How does this company work?

1mg has tied up with various pharmacy so any order which comes to the 1mg app or website then it automatically passed to the pharmacy partners to fulfill the needs of the customers. When customers request to order for the particular medicines then they have to upload the prescription before completing the order. Because there are various medicines which 1mg didn’t allow the customers to take without a prescription.

After uploading the picture of the prescription 1mg verifies the order and after the verification, 1mg search the nearby pharmacies and verified pharmacies who have this particular drug will be assigned to the customers. a delivery team of the company then picks up the order from the pharmacy and the 1mg delivery team delivers the medicine to the customers.

How does 1mg generate revenue?

There is one simple criterion for almost every service company they make the money by charging the commission. 1mg also takes the commissions from the partner pharmacies they are tied up with. This commission process is based on the number of medicine sold by the chemist. In almost every city, 1mg deals with various pharmacies, and according to the area, orders are assigned. The billing process is completed by the medical stores. The company normally charges the commission to bring the customers. Also, 1mg companies deal with labs that offer diagnostic tests. The commission is charged according to the number of booked tests.

Key Features of an on-demand app like 1mg

Features of the User Panel

  • Return and Refund policy
  • Loyalty and Referral points
  • Upload of prescriptions of scheduling refills
  • Registration of user
  • Locate nearby pharmacies
  • Lab tests
  • Ask doctors
  • Coronavirus prevention

Features of the Admin Panel

  • Dashboard 
  • Controlling and regulating inventory 
  • Order scheduling
  • Analysis of the patient’s provided data
  • Save and secure patient’s health data and maintain the privacy
  • Manage payments

Some advanced features are

  • Availability of CRM (customer relationship management software)
  • News trendings of fitness meals
  • Reviews and feedbacks
  • Affiliate marketing’
  • Expert’s advice
  • Doorstep delivery
  • Refined search
  • Provide prescriptions
  • Chain management of supply

Cost of developing an on-demand app like 1mg

The cost of developing an app like 1mg is based on the requirements we need on our app. You can start by listing the requirements of features, functions of the app, regions on which this app is available, what are the various factors involved in your app? , the marketing you are targeting, and more. Also, you need the team to develop every special feature for your app like:

  • Quality analyst
  • Testers
  • UI/UX designers for interface
  • Experts for app development
  • Marketing and advertising specialists
  • Associates and managers
  • Doctors and other health experts to provide the medical assistant

So the cost also depends on the team you are working with. Suppose you hire a mobile app developer then they will charge you around 25 to 60 USD per hour. Cost also affects according to the developing platform, if you are developing it on a platform like Windows, Android, and iOS then it will cost you around 18K, 23K, and 28K in US dollars. Overall the developing cost of app like 1mg is $30k to $50k.

Developing an app like 1mg is beneficial to both sides whether it is for customers or the retailers.

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The tech-stack of an app like 1mg

  • Application and data: JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Nginx, Node.js, MySql, Bootstrap, Angular JS, Amazon S3, Express Js, Backbone.Js, pug
  • Utilities: Google Analytics, ElasticSearch
  • DevOps: GitHub, Grunt
  • Business tools: Gsuite and

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