How much does it cost to develop an on-demand app like Coursera

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand app like Coursera

There was a time when the education system was bound with bricks and mortar of the Schools. But since the inception of the Internet, a lot of traditional things have changed. Most of us do not realize but everything that we learn in schools and colleges can be learned through the Internet for free. But the information available on the Internet was too scattered and we needed on-demand eLearning platforms to provide all the knowledge related to topics at one place and with on-demand platforms such as Coursera, however, it was time to change the education system in order to make it more effective and efficient. On-demand learning platforms such as Coursera have made it very easy for students to learn anything they want in order to understand a topic as well as gain useful skills in order to excel in their career. So if you are also looking to develop an on-demand app such as Coursera and wondering about how much it costs to develop an on-demand app like Coursera, then let us walk you through the whole development process as well as look into a few cost deciding factors. Welcome to Tech Pathway blog, today we are going to share with you how much it costs to develop an on-demand app like Coursera. 

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Let’s check at the market trend of MOOCs

Applications such as Coursera and EDx are taking the whole on-demand e-learning market by storm and making profits. These companies even partner with famous universities in order to provide free as well as paid courses with certificates directly to students after completion of the course. 

  • According to Statistica, in the year 2011, the global on-demand online learning market was over $3.4 billion.
  • In the next two years, the market went up and reached $4.4 and $5.6 billion respectively.
  • Once it was clear that the online learning platform was here to stay people started showing more interest in them and by the year 2020, the on-demand education market went up to over $38 billion.

Top on-demand learning platforms in the market

  • Udemy: The online learning platform is over $2 billion in valuation.
  • Lynda: The online on-demand learning platform is over $1.5 billion in valuation.
  • Code Academy: The total valuation of Code Academy is over $500 million.
  • Edx: With over 20 million users Edx market valuation is over $500 million.
  • Udacity: The company is over $1 billion in valuation.
  • Coursera: The famous on-demand learning platform is over $2 billion in market valuation.

How does Coursera make money

The main revenue stream of Coursera comes from its 3 of the most famous types of courses that are 

  • Signature Courses
  • University Degrees
  • Specialization Courses

Key elements of an app like Coursera 

Now let’s check out some of the key elements that are going to be useful in your app in order to compete with big MOOCs like Coursera itself. 

  • Target audience: There is no need to waste quality resources over advertisements to people who are not interested in taking online courses rather the wise thing here to do is find out your target audience and get them.
  • Ease to use user-interface: Hard to use user interface is the biggest turn off as well as an obstacle when it comes to the success of any app. Unless your platform, as well as an app, is easy to interact with and understandable people are going to uninstall the app as soon as they install it.
  • Wide range of available courses: Having a wide range of available courses to provide students with the best learning opportunity is surely going to turn your startup into a success. But one thing to remember is that having a wide range won’t be helpful if you do not provide quality courses. That means having a wide range of quality courses is absolutely necessary for the success of any on-demand e-learning platform.

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Must-have Features in your app like Coursera

Users Profile 

  • Personal and payment information
  • List of present and completed courses
  • Information about the earned credits or points or certificate
  • History of purchases
  • Wishlist
  • Profile settings
  • Contact admin option
  • Rating and Review

Teacher Profile

  • Personal and payment information
  • Create and Submit courses
  • Dashboard with details of the performance of their course
  • Contact admin option

Admin Profile

  • User management system
  • Courses management system
  • Get daily, weekly, as well as monthly statistics reports
  • Assign roles to the users
  • Help with a change in the existing subscription plan of a user
  • Manage newsletter and notification

Advance features

  • Description of the course
  • Information about the creator
  • The instructions of usage
  • Material required to study the course
  • Duration of the course
  • Rating and review
  • Monitoring of students counts, conversion, and revenue earned
  • Insights into what the students are looking for.
  • Letting teachers upload course-related files in PDFs, Audio files, Video files,Slides, Text, Coding exercise, quiz, etc.

How much it will costs to develop an app like Coursera

The final development costs of an on-demand app like Coursera will be decided by a few of the following factors.

The location of the development company

  • The USA based company: $200 – $250 per hour
  • Eastern Europe based company: $150 to $200 per hour
  • India based development company: $40 to $50 per hour

The total number of features and panels

The total number of features will also affect the final cost of your application. The more features and panels your app will have the costlier it will be. 

The complexity of the UI & UX

Depending upon the complexity of the UI & UX, your on-demand e-learning platform development cost will be decided. The more user-friendly and smooth running app you want, the costlier it will be.

The total number of support platforms

If you want to attract the biggest user base available on the planet then you will need to develop an app for both Android as well as for iOS platforms. 

  • Web apps: $10,000+
  • Hybrid apps: $15,000+
  • React native app: $25,000+
  • Native app: $30,000+

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Looking for a company to hire

In case you are looking to hire a development company for your E-learning app like an on-demand app like Coursera then you are in the right place. Tech Pathway is one of India’s top leading companies in developing websites, mobile apps, and software. We have a team that is experienced in both Android development as well as IOS development.

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