How much does it cost to develop an on-demand app like Medscape

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand app like Medscape

In this new era of phones and technology, people are attracting to digital things rather than physically present things. Not only to pass their time but for work purposes too. One of them is health and medical facilities. Suppose we take a look at this department then. Right now, digitally, it has covered all aspects of what people want related to health. We can see many apps and websites related to this field, and the medical application market almost crosses $20 billion.

Today every person wants all the facilities related to health at one place in one single application. Similarly, Medscape is one of the best apps related to the health department. It is a leading online medical application that is useful for the medical professionals and physicians not only in India, but it works globally and offering its facilities like expert advice, latest medical news, like information related to disease and information about drugs plus professional education worldwide. Their goal is to give a complete package of clinical data to healthcare professionals to improve the life of patients with a single application.

Still, there is a scope of more applications like this in the health department, and in terms of business, to develop an application like this will be a huge profit for them. Overall if someone is planning to invest in an on-demand application like this, then you need lots of information to build it. So here on the Tech pathway blog, you can get all the detailed information about how much does it cost to build an on-demand app like Medscape?

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The business model of the “Medscape” App and their history.

This company was launched on 1st May 1995, and their business model and strategies are so simple and sorted they work on the criteria of an open-door policy. Here is the full detail about their approach:

  1. Global Access: First, Medscape focused on only the American audience, but slowly, they reached other countries also they called their strategy open-door because they opened the gates for everyone globally. People who signed up for their website give them full access to the site, whether they are physicians or anyone related to health departments. And belong to any country like India, the USA, Portland, etc.
  2. Equal treatment-  their most important criteria is that they welcomed everyone from the health department field. They treat everyone equally, whether It is customers or non-MD or higher level doctors. Because they give full access to read any kind of information. And doctors especially liked this strategy.
  3. Customer loyalty- by using an open-door strategy, they already gain the trust of non-US customers too.
  4. Medscape international: they are providing the commercial service for non-US members too. Plus, they chose the content and services according to the specific region.

Cost to make an on-demand health service app like Medscape.

We can’t give you the exact cost idea about the application. But we can give you an idea about the properties to keep in mind according to the health care department. First, the goal is to focus on the customer, so if we talk about a functional health application, the app  :

  • Has an attractive and good interface
  • Easy to manage and install 
  • Easy to locate, operate and navigate
  • Can carry the information and protect it.
  • It should be an active type so that it can be accessed on any device.

And if we see the development part of the medical application, then it contains business analysis, UI / UX designing, application development, and backend.

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Key Features of an on-demand app like Medscape.

Medscape is a leading medical service app. It provides related information to doctors, business people, serving consumers, and health care professionals. It is noted that there are more than 92 million different users access the Medscape health service every month.

  • Access to the latest Medical news
  • Learn about diseases and conditions
  • Drug interactions checker
  • Provides Information and overall procedures according to disease
  • Identify the pill
  • Overall health directory

Tech stack of an on-demand app like Medscape.

  1. DatabasesMySQL,Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and Memcached.
  2. Programming Language-  Java, Python, C++, C#, Scala, JavaScript,Objective-C,HTML5 , and PHP.
  3. Operating System-  macOS, LINUX, Windows, and mobile device operating systems like iOS and Google Android.
  4. Servers- NGINX and Apache server.
  5. Cloud storage and hosting provider-  Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, and Digital ocean.
  6. Business tools- G Suite, Slack and
  7. DevOps tools- Jenkins, selenium, Rollbar, GitHub, and Bitbucket.

These are the best healthcare technology which can work for you. It is up to you what you choose according to the market and other factors.

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