How much does it cost to develop an on-demand medical app like Netmeds

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand medical app like Netmeds

During the old day’s diseases are not so common in the human body, nowadays with the changing scenario and in this modern era, people have more tensions so as health problems. The health problems of people made this medical industry is the most important. Because of this changing scenario business, people started developing health care apps and websites.  The pharmaceutical industry start working in the direction of mobile app technology with the medical distribution system becoming online. This concept of online medicine delivery has crossed $28 billion till now. Today, we are going to discuss one such on-demand  medical app like Netmeds.

In other words, Netmeds, India ki Pharmacy, is launched by Pradeep Dadha. it is India’s most trusted online pharmacy app. This company is providing you the drugs which you need for your health problems. You can order medicine anytime and anywhere.  With the easy application of netmeds. This medical app will provide you the facilities where you can see a doctor online,  book a lab test online, top up your medicines, you can track your orders and many more facilities are available. Therefore. Netmeds also includes the wellness products which include vitamins, herbal products, dietary fitness supplements, beauty care products, maternal care products, and more. 

Identically, On our website Tech Pathway, you will get all the basic details about this company Netmeds on top of that we will let you know the estimated cost to develop this kind of app. We have done our research and with expert advice, we will let you know about the cost of developing this kind of app.

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Features of an on-demand app like Netmeds

To develop an online medicine delivery app like Netmeds there are lots of functions and features needed. And according to the demand of customers in the market, it is decided. Users just have to download the app, register, and start ordering. To create a mobile application like Netmeds, the company hired a skilled developer who knows what features to be included, some features of medical apps are:-

A user panel includes 

  • Search for medicine
  • User registration
  • expert s advice to take decisions
  • Information about trending fitness meals. In this option, you will get the different section of options like:
  • Track order
  • My order section
  • Refund and return policy
  • Loyalty points
  • Doorstep delivery
  • Medicines everyday deals and offers 
  • Free consultation with top doctors
  • Online lab test
  • You can have the refill of medicine reminders 
  • Free access to health-related information

Some advanced features are also there

  • Associate medical store: users will buy the medicines from recommended nearby stores.
  • Refined search: it will give you the option to select the category.
  • Upload prescriptions: customers can provide all the detailed prescriptions and medical reports to consult with the doctors.

The business model of an app like Netmeds and how it works?

Identically, Netmeds business is to sell the medicine which is prescribed by the doctors and health-related products online. The pharmacists who sell these medicines are certified pharmacists who want prescriptions first before they dispatch the order.the business model on which this company works is B2B (BUSINESS to BUSINESS) users get lots of benefits from this app because the company offers the wholesale price for medicines.on their app right now the company is offering 20%discount to its customers on prescribed medicines. The owner of Netmeds Pradeep says” it would work like B2B business, we will be doing wholesale business with them”. 


Additionally, Netmeds is working on a franchise model to expand its business in India. This company is also trying to give loans to applicants who are eligible for the franchise. Anyone willing to invest above 20 lakhs and 300 sq.ft area will be eligible to have the Netmeds franchise.

The revenue model of Netmeds

The revenue model of Netmeds is divided into three sections:

  • Marketing
  • Commission
  • Shipping charges

Their main source to earn money is commission. They act as an intermediate between customers and medical retailers.they are a service provider company. The company has almost earned Rs 4.46 crores from the commission. They also offer a great range of OTC (over the counter) and FMCG products apart from the medicines. 

Netmeds achievements

This company is one of the best-selling company of medicines in India. 

  • Currently, this company owns 13 warehouses
  • This company is providing medicines and healthcare products to almost 3,000,000 patients in all over India, including over 19,000 pin codes.
  • The stock keeping units are almost 35,000 across various tier Indian cities.

Cost of developing an on-demand app like Netmeds

 Moreover, the cost of developing an online medical app like Netmeds depends on the features list, clients requirement, and specifications. Also, the cost includes time taken by the developers, development platform and geolocation of the mobile app. In other words,  not a single section is included when we estimate the cost there are lots of elements on which we have to focus. Developing a medical app would take lots of time and money depending on the features and functions of the app.

Subsquently, A medical app like NetMeds will cost you around $20,000 to $40,000. This cost can vary according to the region and country. We have a different estimate of cost according to the region:

Development cost rates world-wide

  • Northern America – $50 to $250 per hour
  • Australia – $50 to $200 per hour
  • Western Europe – $40 to $170 per hour
  • Southern America – $20 to $100 per hour
  • Eastern Europe – $15 to $75 per hour
  • Asia{India, Middle-East} – $10 to $50 per hour

The technology stack of an on-demand app like Netmeds

  1. Databases – MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and Memcached.
  2. Programming Language-  Java, Python, C++, C#, Scala, JavaScript, Objective-C,HTML5 , and PHP.
  3. Operating System-  macOS, LINUX, Windows, and mobile device operating systems like iOS and Google Android.
  4. Servers- NGINX and Apache server.
  5. Cloud storage and hosting provider-  Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, and Digital ocean.
  6. Business tools- G Suite, Slack and
  7. DevOps tools- Jenkins, selenium, Rollbar, GitHub, and Bitbucket.

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