How much does it cost to develop an on-demand app like Payzapp (recharge, pay bills, and shop)

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand app like Payzapp (recharge, pay bills, and shop)

People are becoming dependent these days, they want everything to be done in minimum time and in an easy way. Like for shopping, and some small things they don’t want to waste their time in malls. For example,  For a small recharge, they depend on their phone. There are lots of Ecommerce app in the market. But only Ecommerce apps are not enough to meet the demands of people.

So business people charge this Ecommerce industry with additional features and one industry added in this market called E-commerce finance. It took time for this industry to settle in people’s minds but after people understood the importance of these apps. Now they are fully dependent on these apps for small things also. Today we are going to talk about one such app called PayZapp.

PayZapp is launch by HDFC Bank. This app is combining the attributes of a bank with many e-commerce platforms so that the customer wallet will be protected and the bank got the chance to retain its existence in the retail segment. It works like a Paytm app. This app of HDFC Bank offers the customers to recharge their mobiles, send money through app to a bank account or other e-commerce finance app, book hotels, make bill payments like electricity, the consumer can book online movie tickets, make grocery purchase and book airline tickets. There is also an offer run by HDFC bank called smart buy- it is a virtual market place, from your small to large demands, everything is available on this app with discount offers on monthly purchase.

Now you can see in one single app we have a number of varieties available. Tech Pathway is a platform to achieve these types of goals. With additional services here we are providing you details about “how much does it cost to develop an app like PayZapp?

Business Model of an on-demand app like PayZapp

Aditya Puri the managing director of HDFC Bank has launched PayZapp for customers. In India, people are not easy adopters of new technology. But when companies start adding discounts and cashback schemes even for a single recharge people start falling towards this side. 

HDFC bank noticed that mostly 60% of all the transactions are conducted through digital channels. So realizing this thing they have started their own app called PayZapp for digital payments. They worked on various segments to achieve their business goals:

  • Customer relationship of PayZapp:- Their main focus is their customers, they are providing 24 *7 customer service to them also they provided some additional features where customers can take advantage of self-service if they want.
  • Launched Smart Buy:- HDFC bank launched a feature called smart buy through payzapp. It is a virtual marketplace for goods. The main motive to launch this feature was it allows users to transact through e-commerce sites like Makemytrip, Flipkart, Big Basket, DTH, and other bill pay facility sites.
  • Access with single pin:- When a user registered with payzapp then they have to give the same phone number which is registered with bank account. So two-factor authentication will be completed from one single pin. Customers only required to enter their credit or debit number only once when they sign up.
  • Security:- They have added the additional security to the app. They tied up with an app called NetSafe virtual international card.
  • No cash limit:- No restrictions are there for daily or monthly cash limits. because payments are done through linked cards.
  • Non-HDFC customers:- They are also giving services to non-HDFC bank customers. There are no bank limit criteria.
  • Key activities of PayZapp:- This app has is a digital platform, security issues can be a major factor for these kinds of apps. Keep that in mind payzapp has taken all the effective measures in managing customer’s privacy and money.

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Key partners of PayZapp

Payzapp main partners with HDFC bank. This app is basically a part of the HDFC bank. And it also partner with other banks that are providing payment gateways into the banking system. 

Features of an on-demand app like PayZapp.

PayZapp which is linked with HDFC Bank works according to the demand of customers, and for that, they research and realize the actual need, and according to that, they set their features. There are several features of PayZapp

  • Recharge phone.
  • Pay utility bills – electricity, gas, phone.
  • Buy movie tickets.
  • Book a cab.
  • Shop online.
  • Book a flight.
  • Send money to friends and family.
  • Track your expenses.
  • Apply for loans
  • Purchase insurance
  • QR codes
  • In-app camera

The cost of an on-demand app like PayZapp

To estimate the cost to develop an on-demand app like PayZapp, first, we will see what we need to develop the app. The most basic thing in-app is API development, it is used for the communication between the service provider and the application user. Next is we need tools to develop the mobile application and last tie-ups for offers and deals provided by different companies for your mobile application.

Here, we are trying to estimate the cost for the app development, but there is no fixed cost it varies according to the operating system. For the android users, the price is different and for iOS, it is different. If we talk about average cost then it will be approx $40 to $ 1500 per hour. But cost can be different according to the features.

Payment wallets: this is a digital payment app. Specially made for recharge and other services. So they don’t work without the wallet is an additional feature to the app. Which takes extra cost and time of developers.

App size: PayZapp and other financial e-commerce app has lots of features and security platform that makes their app’s size big. So developers take the extra cost to invest their time to build large apps.

Other features that affect the cost:

  • Reviews/ feedback 
  • Newsfeed
  • One time password
  • Third-party API
  • Report
  • Payments
  • QR code
  • In-app calling and texting

Tech stack of an on-demand app like PayZapp

  • For accepting payments- Braintree
  • Phone verification–  Nexmo
  • Push notifications- Bandwidth, Twilio
  • Data Management- Datastax
  • Scanning the QR code–  ZBar bar code reader
  • Database- MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgres
  • App platform -Android, iOS, or Windows

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