How Much Does it Cost to Develop an On-Demand Matrimonial Web and Mobile Application?

Today internet platforms can fulfill your each and every need. You are just a click away and whatever is your requirement, are fulfilled on your doorsteps.

Be it Apps like Zomato and Swiggy, which can help you beat your hunger anywhere and anytime or if you want to travel from one place to another just book an Ola or Uber cab for yourself and there are many other apps which are always there to fulfill all your needs.

Therefore, in this world of technology where everything is available online, why marriages should be left behind? These days, matrimonial websites and apps have become a trend in the online matrimonial platform. These matrimony sites have all the little details which help people to find their soulmate.

The matrimonial websites have become a profitable online business as people are more engaged on the internet to find their partner. The matrimonial websites and applications will help people to search and select a suitable match.

Some popular matrimony sites and apps:

  • launched in the year 1997, is the largest network of matrimony services. It has over 20 million of profiles of ladies and gentleman who are looking for the correct life partner. It allows users to create their profiles and search for the bride/groom as per their cast and community requirements.
  • Bharat Matrimony: They provide Elite and Assisted matrimony services. Elite is for the wealthy and rich family, whereas Assisted matrimony is for people who cannot take out enough time to search for the partner and hence, they are provided with the relationship managers.
  • It is one of the leading and trusted matrimonial platform in India serving people since 1998. This is the most secured and convenient platform to help you find a perfect match.

Features of a Matrimonial Web and App:

A matrimony application and website should offer a secure and convenient platform to help people connect and find a suitable match for themselves. Let us have a detailed look on the features related with the matrimonial website and application-

Features of online matrimonial website:

  • Login: Users can easily register using their email id and can create a free profile for themselves.
  • Search: After completing the above process, now people can start searching for a suitable match by sorting their search on the basis of Mother Tongue, Religion and Community.
  • Connect and Interact: This feature allows you to select and start a conversation with the matches you like.
  • Privacy protection: There is the option of protecting your privacy and you can modify it as per your requirements.
  • Customer support: This feature provides user a 24/7 customer support and resolve their queries. Customers can contact them at anytime and from anywhere.

Features of online matrimonial applications:

User Panel

·    Login/Register ·    Ask user for horoscope and pictures
·    Profile verification ·    Real-time chat
·    Create desired profile ·    Membership packages
·    Add horoscope ·    Make payment
·    Upload pictures ·    Customer support
·    Send interest requests ·    View success stories
·    Add users in favorite list ·    Add your success story
·    View profile of selected user ·    Privacy and visibility settings
·    Check astrology compatibility ·    Manage profile
·    Share, block and report user profile ·    Notifications/Alerts
·    Accept interest requests ·    Manage alerts

 Admin Panel

·    Login ·    Manage promotions
·    Dashboard ·    CRM integration
·    User profile verification ·    Payment gateway integration
·    Manage users ·    Third party API’s integration
·    Manage invites ·    Manage profile
·    Manage success stories and user   requests ·    Reporting and analytics
·    Manage membership packages ·    Notification/Alerts
·    Manage promotions ·    Payment gateway integration
·    CRM integration ·    Third party API’s integration

Advanced Features:

  • Add pictures from the gallery: With the help of this feature, you can allow your users to upload their pictures fro their phone gallery as by this way it would be easy for them to share their pictures on their profile as well as with the users they are interested in.
  • GPS-enabled city search: This feature allow users to find relevant matches near their location.
  • Matrimony messenger: Users can stay online and start a conversation with the preferred matches.
  • Multiple payment modes: This feature allow users to make payment using multiple payment modes such as Braintree, Stripe, PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, etc.
  • User privacy and blocking: This feature enable users to protect their privacy and block or report users which they find inappropriate.
  • Social Sharing: This feature enable users to visit the social media account of the user profile they are interested in and can share pictures and other stuffs as well.
  • In-app calling: This feature help users to make calls to the interesting profiles within the app itself.

Cost of developing an On-Demand Matrimonial app and web:

The cost of developing an app and website is affected by numerous factors, but a simple feature app and web may cost you around $3000 to $5000. However, the cost may increase if you wish to implement more advanced features.


Development of a good website and application requires a skilled and dedicated team of developers, project managers and designers as well as use of latest technologies. So, hire a right app and web development firm to make an awesome design for your matrimony app and web.

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