How much does it costs to develop an on-demand app like Medlife – India’s largest e-health platform

How much does it costs to develop an on-demand app like Medlife - India's largest e-health platform

The on-demand medicine delivery applications work the same as other on-demand shopping applications. Which means by connecting local and distance pharmacy stores and diagnostic centers. Customers can use the mobile application to order medicines, as well as diagnose tools & tests, and healthcare products whenever they want. We can say that on-demand app like Medlife – India’s largest e-health platform is an uber for medicines and medical products. The reason behind the success of on-demand pharmacies is simple, they saw a problem in the traditional market that no one thought of addressing and solved it using technology and by doing so made revenue.

Before Pharmeasy customers had to find medicine in different medical stores but even after that sometimes they couldn’t find the medicine that they needed. Now with Medlife, application’s users can easily upload the picture of their prescription and the medicine will be delivered to them. If you are also looking to develop an on-demand app like Medlife and wondering about How much does it costs to develop an on-demand app like Medlife – India’s largest e-health platform, then please let us walk you through the whole development process and discuss cost deciding factors. Welcome to the Tech Pathway blog, today we are going to share with you How much does it cost to develop an on-demand app like Medlife – India’s largest e-health platform.

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History and business model of Medlife – India’s largest e-health platform

The company was founded by Tushar Kumar and Prasant Singh in 2014. To enable Indian customers to order medicines online through their smartphones at affordable and accessible prices. The company first started shipping its services at 85 different pin codes and later expanded its services to over 150 cities including all the major cities like Bangalore and Mumbai. Currently, Medlife is serving in over 4000+ cities across the country with 2500+ deliveries per day. 

Medlife’s business model is simple as they come to the e-commerce sector. They take a percentage from the selling profit of the medicine, doctor consultancy, and testing and use that to make revenue.   

How does Medlife’s mobile application work

  • First, the user will need to register on the app using an email account and mobile number. 
  • Second, once the registration process is completed they will log in to the application using credentials. 
  • Third, once the user is logged in the platform you can search for the medicine. That you require as well as if the user wants then he can also take a picture of the prescription and then search for the medicine.  
  • In addition to ordering medicines through the application. Users can also order a type of In case of any kind of health test such as a blood test. a person will come to your home and take your blood sample. Once the testing is completed you will get the diagnosis report at your home.  
  • Now all the user will have to do is sit back and relax, a delivery man will come to their house and deliver you the medicine as well as the diagnoses report. 

Key features of an on-demand app like Medlife

User panel

  • Registration
  • Sign in
  • Search for product
  • Search for service
  • Take a picture of your prescription
  • Online payment integration
  • History 

Admin panel

  • Dashboard
  • Content management system
  • User management system
  • Push notification management system
  • Analytical tools
  • Revenue management system

Advance features

  • Doorstep delivery: The application should provide home delivery of the medicines or wherever they want them to deliver. 
  • Diagnostic test: Customers should also be able to order a diagnostic test as per their requirements. 
  • Healthcare product/ OTC: All the healthcare products should be available on the mobile application’s store for customers to purchase.
  • Consultancy with doctor: Medlife also allows its users to consult with doctors whenever they want and get the prescription. Later customers can order the medicine from the given prescription within the app. 
  • Automatic Monthly medicine refill/delivery: Subscription-based service that will send the monthly medicine refill to the customer before the last dose runs out. This feature is important for people who tend to forget their medicines as well as people who cannot order frequently such as elderly people.
  • Online easy lab test: Customers should be able to order online a lab test according to their requirements. 
  • Access to healthcare information: Apart from access to the doctor, customers should also be able to get access to basic healthcare information at any time they want. 
  • Medicine availability 24*7: The main point of installing a pharma app in your smartphone is to never have need to run to a pharma store again. This can only be possible if all the medicines are available on the app’s store all the time. 

The development costs of your on-demand app like Medlife – India’s largest e-health platform

The total delivery cost of an online pharma mobile app will be determine as any other on-demand solution’s cost. I am going to mention a few key factors which will decide the final cost of Android app development as well as iOS app development.

  • The country-wise location of the development company: Hiring a USA based company then will cost you anywhere between $200 to $250 per hour whereas a software development company from a developing country like India will charge you anywhere around $40 to $50 per hour.
  • The total number of Panels and Features of the app: The total number of required panels (in this case total 2 panels) with the total number of features you want in those panels will also affect your on-demand app’s design development cost.
  • The UI & UX of the app: A smooth and user-friendly UI and UX is a necessity for an app to get successful among users. Investing in a better as well as smoother Ui & UX is recommended in order to compete in the market.  
  • The total number of supported platforms: If you want your on-demand solution to support both Android app development as well as iOS app development then your app’s final cost will be increased.

The final design and development cost of your on-demand app like Medlife  will be anywhere between $5,000 to $50,000 depending upon the above-mentioned factors. 

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