A Complete Guide on how to build a Radio FM Application like Pandora

How to develop a FM radio app

Internet radio is a digital audio broadcast streamed over the Internet. Radio FM Application is an application that is used to play Radio stations. It is the most trusted app all over the world. This Application permits you to concentrate and luxuriate in a spread of genres like classical, rock, pop, instrumental, hip-hop, songs, talks, news, comedy, shows, concerts and several alternative programs offered by numerous Radio Broadcasters across the planet. Internet Radio is changing into an additional in style among smartphone owners. As a result, the internet has become a major approach for radio trade to succeed in its audience. These days you’re not restricted by the antenna, internet affiliation is the sole demand for your listeners to remain in contact along with your station. Hence, they are accessible twenty-four hours daily.

Benefits to develop a Radio FM Application

A Radio FM application is accessible to every person with an internet connection. This app assists to search the listener’s trend that means it has full control over the various things that people listen to like: songs, news and comedy shows, concerts, etc. It is an app in which listeners get everything that they want. Users have to spend a lot of money to avail of this type of service from any other Radio application.

For Radio FM, users do not have to buy new equipment or there is no need to subscribe to any satellite services.

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Features required to add in a Radio App

  • Cross-Platform: The app should have cross-platform support. Radio station app development is easy for IOS, but the version for other platforms is not available, therefore, listeners using those platforms can not use that app. Now it is much easier to build a radio station app for other platforms.
  • Streaming feature: The app needs a streaming feature. The streaming should be of high-quality, as well as it should be ‘background-streamable’. It means: When users use another app, the audio continues.
  • Downloading feature: Often people want to download content and do not want to listen to streaming music, Consider offering podcasts and MP3 as downloadable content.
  • Alert and Push notifications: It notifies the users about their interesting content on the basis of users tracking behavior. Push notifications increase the user’s engagement, hence this feature plays an important role.
  • Add schedule: In this feature, users can play their favorite songs at their scheduled time.

How to develop a Radio FM Application

Proper licensing and permissions required: A License is required to launch a radio station app. For developing music streaming app such as Pandora, music edging licensing is required.

Radio apps UI/UX design: This is a very crucial factor that how your apps look like. It is important to design the app as per the user’s requirement, it will engage more users. The development of a professional app is required and there is a need for adding new elements to design the app rapidly. 

Choosing a database for music streaming: An effective database is required to play music. Cloud-based storage and sourcing solution is used for a huge amount of data. AWS is used for doing advanced search and streaming tools functions.

How to make money by developing a Radio FM app

Paid subscriptions and advertisements are the conventional revenue generation models.

Advertisements : 

You can add advertisements on your app screen. You can add ‘ads’ smartly on that screen, where ads can be easily visible to the users and in this way the ads can be run without any interruption of the music. If the listeners like ads, then they can click on it.

Subscriptions : 

Do the freemium users know about the best features of the membership?

Are they aware of the incredible benefits they are missing out on?

You can do that while playing a song or looking for a piece of music. For instance, if a user is looking for a particular song, Your app shows the song but as he/she tries to play it, drop a voice saying “If you want to listen to this number, just subscribe”.


A Radio FM app is not only the source of entertainment and business but it also attracts the people with the changing time towards itself. Through online radios, communication in the future is bright. It can assist in setting your journey to becoming famous. Radio app acts as a platform to remove the communication gap between the business owner and the users and it can take your selling to a higher level. online music streaming is a rapid factor in the entertainment industry. It also provides new business prospects.

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