How to build an on-demand car rental mobile app know development cost

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This is no secret that on-demand applications are fueling the industries and helping businesses reach their sales target all around the globe. Car rental mobile app like the Zoom car rental app have shown the potential of the market. That even the car rental market can gain profit from allowing customers to book cars using their mobile phones. In the year 2019, the global car rental app industry was estimated at $86.3 billion. In addition to this, according to market forecasts, the industry is going to rise to $131 billion at a CAGR of 6.9% by the year 2025.

However, if you are thinking about developing an on-demand car rental mobile app then and wondering how to build a car rental mobile app and it’s development cost. Well in such a case, welcome to the Tech Pathway blog. Today we will share with you how to build a car rental mobile app and its development cost. In addition to this, we will also discuss cost deciding factors and other important aspects of the development process.

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What to consider before developing your app

Car Rental App Development

Before entering into the car rental market there are a few things that you should be aware of.

Your competition

You do not want to enter the market without knowing who your biggest competitor is. Research the market and collect information about your competition. In addition to this, also check their deals, charges, services, and other important things to be ready to give them competition.

User data

You can use digital and traditional marketing to grow your customer reach. However, using email, and SMS to inform potential users is also important. Even big organizations like Myntra, Amazon, and Bajaj Finance use users’ data to approach them directly by offering them cashback or deals.

Data security

Data breaching is one of the main issues in the 21st century. Since you are going to develop an on-demand car rental app, your users are going to share their sensitive documents. Some of these documents may include their bank details, Adhar card, driving license, and more with you. You have to take care of security by using the best available protocols and security technology to gain the trust of the users.

How to reach new heights in the car rental industry

Unless you know your end destination there is no benefit in choosing any path. You should first decide your end goals as well as milestones before you start investing in app development. Some of the few milestones that you can use are

How will you monetize your car rental app?

The first way to monetize your app will be the charges for the service that you provide. Here, in this case, you will be charging customers to rent a car. Now in addition to rent charges, you can also use Google ads or special ads to monetize the traffic that is coming to your app.

What operating system would you choose for your app?

Android is available on about 79% of the total smartphones around the globe. This means you cannot afford to leave this market segment. The other 20% is owned by Apple’s iOS operating system. Since there are millions of iOS users in the world, developing an app for iOS users is also important.

Do you also want to develop a website or just an on-demand mobile app?

Mobile applications alone are not enough to attract all potential customers. You will also need to develop a website. Having a website will build trust as well as help you build SEO.

Do you also want a desktop version of the mobile app?

In some cases, special in car rental apps business owners also prefer developing a desktop app too. However, choosing to develop a desktop app is your preference and not necessarily like developing apps for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Which major cities would you target first?

Before investing in the car rental app development, you should decide which cities are going to be your first target. If you want to catch the biggest chunk of the market then going for the major cities is important.

Choose a software development company

Once you have decided over everything above-mentioned, now it is time to decide over which company will be developing your on-demand car rental app. This is important because you will be working remotely with them. So you need to have trust as well as there should not be any communication gap between you and the company.

You should also focus on the country of the development company since that will affect the development cost more than anything else. For example, let’s assume that you decide to hire a mobile app development company from a developed country like the USA. They will charge you about $200 per development hour. On the other hand, if you decide to go with a company from a developing country like India. Then they will charge you about $40 per development hour. So by choosing the right company you can cut the cost 5 times and spend the rest of the resources on other aspects like marketing.

Let’s check who to hire for your car rental app development

  • Software developer
  • Testing and quality team
  • Business analytics
  • Mobile app designers
  • Digital & traditional marketing team

The nice thing about this list is that once you have found a decent development company, they can provide you all of the services.

Decide on the tech stack of the app

For payment: Braintree SDK, Stripe API, PayPal API

Push notification: Firebase SDK

For Database: Europcar, Hertz, Avis, Alamo, Thrifty API

 Navigation: Google Map

For Framework: React Native

Things to keep in mind while instructing the development team

Now let’s dive into some of the keynotes to keep in mind while instructing your team of designers and developers to create the car rental app.

The UI design of the app

Your customers are going to spend most of their time using your front-end. This is why to create a compelling app that users love, you should go with customized graphics, animations, and transitions. Do not cheap out on the front-end of your app.


You do not want customers to get confused while making a booking and leaving the app. To stop this from ever happening ask your designer team to keep it simple. In addition to that, also ask them to not use anything that confuses the customer or stops them from making a booking.

Compatibility with different devices

No software development company can check their app compatibility with every single device in the market. The reason behind this is because android is used by tens of different international companies on their hundreds of different devices. All of these devices have different specifications and features. To make things more interesting mobile companies have started using their light operating system on the android. However, you can ask your testing team to check as many as devices possible using emulators.

Key features to add to your car rental mobile app

Key features to add to your car rental mobile app

User panel

Registration: Users will be able to register on the platform using their mobile number and email ID.

Sign in: After the registration process is completed your users can sign in using their credentials.

Push notification: This feature will allow users to receive push notifications from the admin. These notifications may contain information, cashback, deals, or other important notifications.

Timeline: Depending upon how long you want to rent the car, you can choose from here.

Full model mode: Full model mode will allow the customer to check their desired car in full 360- degree mode to decide whether to rent or not.

Payment methods: Your application shall have different payment methods to allow user-pay using their debit card, credit card, net banking, or pay on the pickup.

In-app GPS: In-app GPS will allow your customers to check the nearby available place they can pick up the cars based on their location.

In-app customer care contact: This in-app customer care contact feature will allow the application’s users to connect with customer care whenever they require any assistance.

Admin panel

Dashboard: Dashboard will allow the admin to access all the features of the admin panel.

User management system: The admin can add or remove users using this option.

Manage payment: The admin will be able to manage all the payments from here.

Content management system: The Content management system will allow the admin to access and change the app’s content. For example, the admin can use this feature to add or remove cars from the list.

Analytical tools: Analytical tools will allow the admin to check the application’s growth and activities of users on the application.

Payment management system: This feature will allow the admin to manage the receiving payments as well as initiate new ones.

Push notification management system: The push notification management system will allow the admin to send notifications through the app.

The total development cost of an on-demand car rental mobile app

Car Rental Mobile App

The total cost of your on-demand car rental application will be anywhere between $10,000 to $100,000. This estimation is dependent on various factors. Some of those factors are 

  • the location of the development company you hire
  • the total number of platforms your application will support
  • the feature & complexity of your app.

Looking for a development company

car rental app development

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